PICS: Rihanna @ Pepsi Smash

It was all about Rihanna last night at the Pepsi Smash Super Bowl Bash in Tampa, Florida. Everyone’s still talking about her performance. Did anyone else perform?

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  1. 1
    kcicero says:

    Sandra did you two kiss and make-up?

  2. 2
    SnootyPooty1 says:

    I did not hear about her performance last night!!!

  3. 3
    keely107 says:

    So over the stripper phase everybody is going through……..

  4. 4
    ReadTheBlog says:

    she looks fat in the booty – what is going on – Chris, is that you?

    Did you all see Ciara Harris in the Feb 2009 Essence? She doesn’t look N E THING like her usual self.

  5. 5
    Daisy says:

    As the resident RihRhih fan/stan GET IT MA!!

    @Keely that is not a stripper vibe/look to me. I think of something else when I think of stripper.

  6. 6
    yvonne79 says:

    I didn’t hear anything about the performance either

  7. 7
    kcicero says:

    Rhianna’s way to covered to be a stripper, Daisy I’m a fan…border line stan. She’s not the best singer but she has her niche and she’s knows how to work that.

  8. 8
    Daisy says:

    @KC yes she does! Luv her! Ppl love to say she cant do this that and the 3rd, whatever she isnt alone on that list. She came in and made a name for herself and her own lane. Her fierce sense of style doesn’t hurt either!

  9. 9
    Daisy says:

    Hey Snooty! (waves)

  10. 10
    keely107 says:


    Well it doesnt entice me so I guess we see through different eyes.

  11. 11
    ReadTheBlog says:

    Keely, you have been on a roll this week :-)

  12. 12
    mizzdallas says:

    @ Sandra
    Everyone’s still talking about her performance.

    Yeah everybodys still talking about how bad of a performance it was I never thought that she was bad until I saw her in concert mind you Kanye west was headling she was such a bore OMG! no talent, no dance moves, no singing no nothing…. smdh

  13. 13
    keely107 says:

    I just been peeking in…….what u talkin bout Willis?

  14. 14
    whyohwhy says:

    I’m sorry she was terrible from start to finish, dont believe, go over to her site and see the proof..

    I did have the pleasure of turning away when the cat really got bad. They was talking alright! about how bad she was.

    Rihanna is cute an all and she knows that SEX sales and she was def advertising last night. Girl cant steal a tune not alone a good dance move. I see why she is so tight with her backup singers they do all the work for her.. She’s terrible and I will truly be glad when this count down starts..

    98% of the people in the crowd was drunk and she was really making them dizzy by walking back and forth across the stage (dancing). Stop looking and start listening!!!

  15. 15
    KAT says:

    i hadn’t heard a thang about it…….

  16. 16
    bk2atl says:

    I like Rihanna too for what she is…an entertainer, definitely not a singer. I think she’s a pretty girl and has good style/fashion sense, but that’s about it.

  17. 17
    mizzdallas says:

    I honestly dont know what the chile can do I just hope she has a real nice savings

  18. 18
    Daisy says:

    @Mizz she will be around for awhile but saving money is always a good thing. She is to cute in her new cover girl commerical!

  19. 19
    Daisy says:

    keely107 Says:


    Well it doesnt entice me so I guess we see through different eyes.


    You lost me?? I know she does nothing for alot of ppl so if thats what you were saying then im with you otherwise I have not a clue what you

  20. 20
    kitty4shigady says:

    All I have been hearing is that it was bad

  21. 21
    eastpointvet says:

    dont knoe about the performance she look good though

  22. 22
    SMALONE says:


  23. 23
    Krysi J says:

    DamN!! those look like Alien vs. Preditor boots??

  24. 24
    Krysi J says:

    predator…sorry :D

  25. 25
    KaraZ says:

    Sandra you didn’t mention a thing about Riri breaking records for most “legally” downloaded song, 3 million downloads for disturbia, unmatched by any other artist!
    Rihanna might not be a balladeer or break dancer, but she’s working what little she has and I can’t hate her.

  26. 26
    Mimiluv2 says:

    But Sandra RiRi killed it! and whoever is dressing her is really DOPE!!! That knee pad look is crazy!!!and she got a little nasty wit it!…..

  27. 27
    Mimiluv2 says:

    OMT…..I just think she is gonna hurt herself doing that Ciara move all the time!

  28. 28
    ndwflorida says:

    ok i saw it, booooooooooo. was not impressed at all. sorry ri ri. nice outfit though.

    even the crowd looked bored.

  29. 29
    mjoylaw says:

    Don’t know how she sounded, but she looks awesome, she has her own style that works for her. Anyhoo I hope she and Breezy did not break as some FAKEOUT other site is half reporting!

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