Ciara's video for her collabo with Young Jeezy, "Never Ever" premiered yesterday. I'm feeling it. Shout outs to producers Jasper Cameron and Big Reese who you see at the beginning of the vid.

Love the throwback reel to reel machines, the Janet Jackson vibe and the pooch eating out of a bowl bigger than he is, lol. It's the little details that makes this video cute.

The song: meh.

  • Avanti

    The song & video are cool. I could get w/ that. I'm loving how chick can move in those heels cuz there ain't much more than a two-step coming from me when I'm in mine! lol

  • masonmom

    bout time she came back, im tired of seein rih-rih and bey! CiCi aka lil janet be gettin down wit her moves!

  • knockkey


  • Mimiluv2

    The video is really good! but the song really sucks!

  • iscream

    Love the song, love the video and most of all love Sandra's comments of the video. (I knew you had a soft and pink side)

    Go CiCi!!!! 09 can be your year girl... Get'em

  • Charles


    RIP CIARAS CAREER 2004-2006

    this song is at #70 on the R&B

    even brandys flop songs did better than this mess

  • Seattle Slim

    See, she's counting on the younger cats not remembering Janet's "That's The Way Love Goes". I do remember however and this video is like one of those designer imposters perfumes: a cheap knockoff. I will give her extra points for doing the damned thing in her heels. I was a little weary of the clothing. God knows I won't hate, because I wish my abs were like that, but damn Ciara, we GET it. Your abs are off the chain. Let's move along...

  • starr

    I still don't like the song.....sorry.....videos don't get my $$

  • cocoa49

    i am not a fan of ciara's vocals but she can dance her butt off. i like the video. the videos save her songs. she even shedded some tears....hmmmmmmm

  • cocoa49

    oh and i can see this video making it to the top 10

  • istandbehindtheIam

    Wowww! I'm fixin' to get me some heels like that!

  • istandbehindtheIam

    @ Seattle Slim

    You nailed it!

  • leat

    LOVE the VIDEO, LOVE the song! did anyone catch the Fine A$$ Al Harford from the Atlanta Hawks dancing behind her at the end! He use to play for the Florida Gators, they look like a cute couple if both of them were available!!!

  • SylentDreamz

    Nice video, I'm not a fan of the song tho'. Ciara can dance her butt off!

  • missmiami

    She's a very talented dancer but it's time for her to take it to the next level. Notice how she has changed her image over time (i.e. very feminine and leaving her original aaliyah image behind). I've never purchased a Ciara album and doubt that I will but good luck CiCi.

    Get some counseling.

  • brownsugar2874

    Ciara brought it when making this song and video... I WISH I could move in heels that way! Her dance moves were SICK. Her body especially her legs and stomach are off the CHAIN. I can't hate... I haven't ever been a big Ci-Ci fan but when someone brings it I have to give it!!!

  • yvonne79

    Yes, the video is a LOT more entertaining than the song. Love to watch CiCi dance. Definitely killing it in the heels. Still don't like the song though. For some reason it's boring to me! By the way, what was she crying about in the video? Was she remembering how Bow Wow dogged her out? Did 50 say something to hurt her feelings? What's the deal?
    Someone spill the beans......

  • Smokie

    Too bad Ciara's career goal isn't to be a back up dancer.

  • KaraZ

    The song is irritating to say the least. Nice weave though.

  • Daisy

    I would show my abs 24/7 as well if they looked like that GET IT MA!

    Love how she got UP from the back bend. She can dance her behind off yes indeed but as a dancer I want her to do more than winding/grinding that I am getting a little tired of we know you can pop lock n drop it and now we know you can do it in heels but get back to a full out dance routine next time!

  • Hermosa

    I just saw the video and I LOVE IT. I love the song too. I can watch this women all day any day. Her dance moves are sick. Very reminicent of Janet.

  • KAT

    i like the song and the video. ciara be dancing her azz off.....who can touch her on the dance level? maybe mya, but she ain't doing nothing with her career. ciara is the bizness when it comes to dancing.

  • shunda

    I agree with Seattle Slim. This is Janet's video all over again. I wish they showed the nba dance teams on tv. There is a girl on the Cavs scream team that could mop the floor with Ciara. Ciara is a great dancer but the same old rock your hips and booty roll is getting tired.

  • Daisy When did NBA dance teams start throwing down in the dance They have always been to busy being cute and swinging hair/weave to and fro to really get down to Oh and I can't forget they must "look" sexy doing their cheerleader type dance moves as well. I need to see this chick you are talking

  • 2thick4u

    She is the best dancer in her field & she knows it!!!

    I love to se Ciara dance. She makes me wanna move in soem heels like that.

    I never liked this song but this video really made me listen to it!!!

    Good job Ciara!!!

  • shunda

    Girl you need to see the ones for the Cavs. Not the cheerleaders. They are the ones trying to be cute. She is on their scream team it is a group of guy and girl dancers. This chick made my legs hurt and I love to dance. This chick dances like dancing will save her life lol.

  • Daisy

    I know they have dancers and cheerleaders but the NBA dancers do cheerleading type dance moves. My gfriend use to work with the Hawks dancers. She also use to dance with Ciara when she 1st came out.

  • shunda

    @ Daisy
    The scream team are hip hop dancers. not the same as traditional nba dancers. They do not do cheerleader moves. I see them all the time.

  • Daisy

    Ok the Hawks dancers call themselves doing hip hop moves as They also do alot of booty shaking since this is the A.

  • Shauny

    Hey everyone,

    I don't like the song but the video is hot.

    I think Ciara is underrated as a dancer. If Bey can do the same gyrating and shaking everywhere then CiCi can get her hood wine on. haha

  • Anna

    The comments are off for Phelps and George Obama. George was realeased and basically guilty by association. Phleps, why is this a surprise. He is 23 and didn't he get a DUI a few years ago. Should he be stripped of his medals? I don't know, did he use drugs when he won the medals thus giving him "super powers"?

  • ReadTheBlog

    Those girls are prancing around for the men, and the guys too. Big bouncy hair, false eyelashes and tons of makeup are uniformed rquirements for performance dance teams.

    Ciara is a good dancer and I wish her well. Did you all see her spread in the latest Essence (w/ Tyler Perry on the cover)?

  • Shauny


    I'm at the point that I don't even bother to read the post when the comments are off because it's just crazy. How can you post something with your opinion and then turn the comments so no one else can give theirs.

    Linking Micheal Phelps and Olympic Medals and President Obama and his brother's situation is retarded.

  • ReadTheBlog

    The differenc is Obama admitted it before hand, Phelps has not.

  • keely107

    Get it Ci-Ci...........

  • kcicero

    I like the song the video not so much, though she can dance her butt off!!!

    And who hasn't smoked a little weed? Leave the boy alone!

  • Daisy

    @Shauny I have always said Bs "dancing" skills were overated.

  • Daisy

    Sandra we have NOT seen pics of Pres Obama smoking weed!! He has admitted to smoking weed in his past but the pics you are referring to is NOT weed and you know it.

  • shunda

    I haven't smoked jack I have asthma :)

  • Shauny


    I'm also on that never smoked train. For me it's more about being grossed out by someone putting their lips on this same piece of paper over and over again and ever worse, letting others put their lips on it too and then putting it back to your mouth I gets moist then their hands are on it and you don't know where their hands have been.....ewwwwww Makes me want to throw up just thinking about it.

  • brwnsugga4you

    loved the video cici. the song...won't be running to go get...but, she definetly puts all the R&B girl artist that dance to shame...!


    The video is nice because she looks good.. Def a rip off of some old Janet video.. I think the song is sampled from something old.. The song is garbage, she doing that whisper

  • shunda

    I am with you it is gross. I walked into the bathroom at a concert once and this chick asked me did I want to smoke. I called her nasty and walked right out.

  • Amulet

    The white box went away.
    What's the tear for? Who was it dedicated to?

    I like the song, I like CiCi, but ummmmm, I can't put my finger on something.