Music mogul, Baby, of Cash Money celebrated his 45th birthday at the Velvet Room this weekend. Also attending his birthday bash was Usher, Devyne Stephens, Keith Sweat and rapper Gorilla Zoe.
Photos by ATL PICS

Photos by ATL PICS

While his daddy Baby partied in Atlanta this weekend, Lil Wayne was preparing to go to court today in Manhattan to answer to gun charges. The judge set his trial for April 20.

Photo: Splash News Online

  • Daisy

    I want to see Wayne's newborn

  • Anna

    Is Usher Benjamin Buttons, he looks like he is aging backwards. He better not look too young all the time, it's gonna seem weird seeing him and his wife standing side by side. LOL. I like Tameka but Usher is looking like Usher of 10 yrs. ago.

  • Krysi J

    Baby look pretty good for 45....I mean...I thought he was like in his thirties??? Late 30's yes, but not 45.

  • Terry .W

    Baby is 45?..well DAMN!..

    Usher looks good in these pictures...more youthful like back in the day!

  • Daisy

    Now yall know Sandra likes to exaggarate at times. Did anybody verify that baby is really I mean he may be im just saying

  • Daisy

    @Terry yes Usher is looking younger cause he dropped that extra weight he was carrying in the middle and in his face. Looking good again

  • ReadTheBlog

    Is Usher auditioning for Light It Up 2.0 or something? He looking real suspicious like he may even be trying to get Baby to front him some 'work'.

    lol...I call my nephew Baby, but he is two - not 45!

  • dakotab

    45! And he acts like that?! And allows people to call him BABY. Wow!

  • KaraZ

    Looks like yet another party by and for the DL crowd.

  • aqtpie

    45? LMAO

  • dallas214

    That Usher is some kinda fine!!! Damn

  • Songbird27

    dallas214 Says:

    That Usher is some kinda fine!!! Damn

    *hi-fives Dallas*
    Word! Usher look like he's ready to kill somebody? LOL... It's kinda sexy... I see u Ush! LOL

  • MissGauzzz

    @Anna...Is Usher Benjamin Buttons, he looks like he is aging backwards.

    Too funny!!! LOL..Not Benjamin Buttons *snickers

  • teecee


  • pinkscorpion

    Usher is indeed a cutie pie. Maybe he got a hold of some hgh. I'm kidding... he's still young, so he should look it. Baby looks pretty good for a rough life and to be 45. Thats that good ol black...never cracks.

  • masonmom

    usher is stuck up n snooty and thinks he's hot shyt n better than everybody! ok we know u got hits usher but dont act like u never started wit that song "just call me a mack/cuz i got it like that/u gotta play by the rules or ill be dont wit you! i remember those shiney suits n the wet jheri curl high top fade usher..dont start wit me!


    I was at that party and the pictures don't tell the whole story, there was tons of women there.. all qawkying to try and get into

  • KAT

    i had no idea that baby was 45.....if he's really 45. and usher does look cute and youthful on these pics.

  • UrbanBeauty

    The chicks were definitely there. I guess security was just ON POINT. I could've sworn Lil Wayne was there too. Or somebody who looked JUST like the middle of VIP near Baby...when they started playing his music...IDK, coulda sworn...