Juelz Santana celebrated his birthday last night at the Hiro Ballroom in NYC. Reality tv personality Tocarra came out to help him celebrate.

Both Miss Info, on the left, and Angie Martinez, have popular Hip Hop shows on NY's Hot 97. But only Miss Info has a blog -- and it's poppin' too. By the way, Angie Martinez has a son with Nokio of Dru Hill. Judging from the recent pictures I've seen of him, I doubt they are still together. It looks like Nokio has finally stopped resisting his inner female - and there is nothing wrong with that. I just wonder why women pretend not to notice when their men are a little effeminate. Anyway, Nokio is featured on Keith Sweat's new reality show "Platinum House" which airs every Monday night on Peachtree TV at 10 p.m.

New Jersey Nets star Vince Carter and multimedia personality Egypt were in the house.

Ne-Yo was the headliner at the fabulous Fox Theater in Atlanta last night. "This is my first time headlining, so with that comes a whole lot of responsibilities," he told Access Music Scene's Sonia Murray. When it comes to stage presence and style, Ne-Yo is the man to beat. Everyone from Usher to Chris Brown has copied Ne-Yo's stage routines and wardrobe. That's a true sign of success.
Photo by Nikki Harris/AJC.com

Multimedia personality Free posed with reality tv personality and model Tocarra at the Launch of VIBE's 2009 Vsessions LIVE! at Joe's Pub in NYC last night.

Mariah's husband Nick Cannon and VIBE editor Danyel Smith attended the Launch of VIBE's 2009 Vsessions LIVE! at Joe's Pub in NYC last night. I wish I could tell you about the email I received yesterday offering an opportunity for me to work with Nick. But I can't tell you the details 'cause I've been sworn to secrecy. Can you imagine ME of all people working with Nick Cannon??? Lol.

Legendary rapper-turned celebrity photographer, D-Nice and Atlanta tv personality Kenny Burns attended the Launch of VIBE's 2009 V Sessions LIVE! at Joe's Pub in NYC last night.

Photos: Wireimage/Getty

  • Daisy

    Morning Fam!

    Juelz and D Nice have always been a cutie to me.

    I have a friend who use to date Danyel from Vibe mag and he always says she is the one who got away.

    Tocarra has been looking FAB lately.

  • mizzdallas

    GM fam! hey daisy.... Juelez Santana looks good! I like Neyo style, and sandra if you do start working with Mariahs husband congrats in advance...

    oh btw free look like shes been crying since her last paycheck at bet thats why she look tired

  • iscream

    More pictures of Free. I listen to her on the radio in the am. I'm always so sorry to see pictures of her.

    Tocarra my favorite top model. That girl stay working.

    I like the fact that D Nice is married to Bird.

    & its nice to see Nick without is Ballchain.. I mean Bride.

  • ReadTheBlog

    I thought Tocarra lost weight? If she did, Free found it.

  • Dhoward1913

    What is the deal with Free? She has bulked up since we last saw her. I guess sitting in a radio studio is as bad as sitting behind a desk all day. She looks a HAWT mess and not just because of the weight. I guess those comparisons to Mary J are far and few now.

    @ReadTheBlog.......you hit that one on the head!!!!!!

  • kcicero

    Sandra I loves me some Neyo but lets keep it real...Neyo probably got a lot of his moves, swagga, style from Usher. IMO Neyo looks like he stepped out of Usher's video "Caught Up" so I think you got it twisted, lol. I mean I'm just saying...not like a Uber Usher fan or anything...okay maybe just a little :)

  • brwnsugga4you

    that is the best i've seen angie martinez look in years!! poor free. i wish ed lover would give her a d*mn raise. that girl should not be going out looking like that.

  • speakinmymind

    free is a prime example of what good lighting and a "glam" squad will do for you...lol

  • Daisy

    @Speak you betta say that again..lol

  • iscream

    I agree about Angie. She be looking like a man, baby.

    Where is Egypt? I liked her as a radio/TV personality. She should write a book. She has gotten played by ppl in the industry.

    @ MizzDallas do u remember when Wendy Williams got Egypt fired from WBLS. I believe she spilled the beans about Wendy not going on a sponsered trip they were having.. (& there was some behind the scene beef).

    Then Ed Lover stole her shine on Her morning show. Next thing you know his name was @ the top and her name was gone. (More behind the scene beef.)

  • KaraZ

    Angie Martinez looks like she's had some nip/tuck done, her face just looks different.

    Did Free have a baby? I miss her big ole afro.

    Danyel Smith has a cute grin, I rarely see her pictured without it.

    Tocarra is just so pretty to me... is she still with that dude?

  • ReadTheBlog

    Free looks a little like Kym Whitley. I can't stand Kym Whitley

  • http://thechoklitfactory.wordpress.com/ ChokLitFactory

    @Speak, thats the truth. I'm sorry, Free is lookin SO horrible nowadays...

  • http://FreshFromTheStreetz.blogspot.com Zuley

    Tocarra better watch herself next to my baby Juelz. His swagger is so mean and his sexy ass lips. I'm sorry but thats my baby!

  • http://myspace.com/eastpointvet eastpointvet

    yeah neyo got down last night i enjoyed the show and free is looking a little extra thick

  • Tiffochris11

    Free Looks A Natural MESS!!! SMh

  • http://myspace.com/mzmekpage T’Mekio

    #11- I'm sooooo with you on that! When I saw that pic, I immediately said 'Nip/Tuck'... Looks good on her though!

  • http://myspace.com/mzmekpage T’Mekio

    Oh! And Free...... Im just mad wit her. Who told her that LONG weave looks good on her with that FAT face?!?!?!... She's definately making money on Power so I'm trying to understand WHY- she can't get a personal trainer or call the plastic surgeon that Angie Martinez went to!

  • mjoylaw

    cosign zuley

    damn juelz is thuggish-ruggish as hail but

    if ain nobody lookin

    and we strapped up

    HE CAN GET IT....hee hee!!!!

  • candycane

    Awwwww dayum look at D Nice, taking out you suckas and you dont know how I did whaaaaaaaaaat. It's good to see him. I wonder what's up with Ms. Melody (remember KRS1's girl). I shoooooooooo hope Free is pregnant, cause DAYUM! she put on weight.

    Usher copying Ne-Yo??? Now you do know that Usher has been out over 10 years right?

  • masonmom

    RESPECT Ne-Yo's swag! he's such a gentlemen, he still looks like the John Q boy! i dont think i've watched 106 n park since free n aj left. rocsi is whack n terrence j is a bamma! angie martinez n nokio were a fling gone wrong in the 90's! juelz is soooo cute!