Singer Usher was spotted strolling through Rio's airport on his way back to the United States. Usher was leaving Brazil after visiting wife Tameka who was in a Rio hospital recovering from a heart attack following a botched liposuction procedure.

Usher refused to answer questions from the paps, but we hear Tameka is doing as well as can be expected.

I'm told Usher didn't accompany his wife to Brazil last week because he doesn't exactly approve of plastic surgery. Friends say Usher loves Tameka just the way she is and thinks she's beautiful. But everyone who knows Tameka knows how obsessed she is with her looks.

And, no it isn't because of what bloggers or the public thinks. That's just the way Tameka is.


  • Daisy

    Hang in there Usher. I saw the you got it bad video yesterday, that was my JAM, loved him and Chilli back in the day.

  • Nina

    He looks like he has a LOT on his mind...rightfully so.

  • iscream

    Vanity will kill you. I guess @ least you'll good in your coffin.

  • Daisy

    @iscream be nice I want lypo or a tummy tuck after I have

  • ReadTheBlog

    It's a given, about her looks, now that the surgery thing has been put out there. But based on that stank interview she gave Essence, commenting on how everyone thought Usher could have done better, I would think that she was a very humble person.

    Hold on, can you use 'stank' and 'humble' in the same sentence?

    I feel sorry for him. Her health will probably never be the same. She needs to pray.

  • brwnsugga4you

    yeah he looks worried. i hope she can recover soon. but, clearly she is not a happy person. very sad.

  • aqtpie

    Nothing but best wishes for the Raymond's!!!!

  • KaraZ

    If she's so worried about her looks, then why does she still look "mannish?"

    Anyhoo, there's nothing wrong with the mommy makeover, Lord knows I might need to lift and tighten more than my breasts and abs if I wait until my thirties to start a family, but she just had this baby two months ago w/complications, even the younger and healthiest new moms aren't ready for elective surgery so soon after giving birth.

  • iscream

    Lol @ Daisy girl first push that baby out then think about getting some work done. That Labor and delivery may kick your butt till you are afraid of the pain the lypo and tummy tuck will cause.

    Are you plan'n to only push out one puppy then get worked on? What happens if you get preggo's again? If I had the extra cash and the guts I would certainly tighten up my mid area. Sadly, I don't so it'll be another one piece or tankini for me this summer.

  • Daisy

    @Isc I want to have more than one. I would wait until I was finished. I am size 6/8 but I have never had a flat tummy so I know it will be a wrap after kids. I already workout 4-5x a wk. Going to the gym today as a matter of fact. I watch what I eat the whole 9 this belly pudge does not go

  • Songbird27

    Poor Ush... he looks stressed...smh hang in there brutha... I don't know how they plan on making this marriage work if she is so insecure within herself... my intution was right...Usher didn't approve of this. Common sense should tell you that you have no business even thinking about no plastic surgery 2 months after having a baby... what's wrong her??? smh She ain't wrapped too tight! SHe better thank God she made it.

  • Daisy

    Who watching all the kids? One more thing for him to discuss on his next media tour...

  • missmiami

    she's a beautiful black woman and it's great to know that Usher is still standing by his wife. His last cd was underrated. Keep both of them in your prayers as there marriage is for better or worse and in sickness and in health.

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  • Krysi J

    Po thang...he looks kinda down....I guess he really likes that woman huh? O well, hopefully its nothing that won't heal with time.