Rihanna and Chris Brown, the most dysfunctional industry couple since Ike and Tina Turner, are back together again, according to online reports. We can now add Rihanna's name to the long list of weak women, who crawled back to their abusers because they lack self esteem and don't feel they deserve better.

No doubt Rihanna believes CB beat her azz out of love for her. And I'm sure she thinks if she had only stayed in her lane, and kept her trap shut, he wouldn't have had to put those two knots on her head. So she's convinced herself that the vicious beating she received at his hands was all her fault for making him lose his temper the way he did. I'm sure she reminded herself that he was just being a man and she should have known better.

Someone with some common sense needs to explain to Rihanna that a man (or a punk, in Chris Brown's case) doesn't have the right to put his hand on her for any reason. And saying sorry doesn't quite cut it.

Keep in mind that, according to insiders, this is not the first time these two have gone toe to toe. Anyway, I'm done with this story. Good luck to both of them:

From MTV.com:

If a series of reports breaking on Friday night (February 27) are true, Rihanna and Chris Brown have reunited and are staying at a house owned by Diddy near Miami – and Rihanna's father has already said he'll be "supportive" of their reunion.

Just before 8 p.m. ET on Friday, People.com published a story citing an unidentified source as saying of Brown and Rihanna, "They're together again. They care for each other. While Chris is reflective and saddened about what happened, he is really happy to be with the woman he loves."

Approximately two hours later, UsMagazine.com cited a "Rihanna pal" as confirming the reunion and saying, "She's not listening to anyone. And of course Puff [Diddy] got involved in this."

The site also reported the pal as saying that Brown has been seen "smiling, riding a jet ski, and flexing his arm muscles," and that Rihanna arrived four days ago.

Not an hour later, Us quoted Rihanna's father, Ronald Fenty, as saying, "I love my daughter with whatever road she takes. I'm behind her win or lose. I will be supportive. If that's the road she wants to choose, I'm behind her. I hope to see her soon. I talked to her after her birthday, and she told me she's OK." Fenty had spoken with both magazines earlier this month, and told People that he hoped Rihanna would "stand up for women all over the world" and added of Brown, "You think you know somebody, but you really don't."

At press time, reps for Chris Brown, Rihanna and Diddy had not responded to MTV News' requests for comment on the reunion reports.

Friday's news comes less than three weeks after the couple's alleged altercation early on February 8, which caused both to miss scheduled appearances at the Grammy Awards.

In recent days, many media outlets have reported that the couple have been in contact, citing unidentified sources. Rihanna issued a statement last Friday saying that she "remains strong [and] is doing well." Brown issued a statement the week before saying he's "sorry and saddened ... over what transpired." [LINK]

  • http://myspace.com/bettathaniwasb4 2bme

    As a person who was this dumb, it's easy for someone outside of the relationship to give an opinion. Love or lack thereof is truly blind and if you don't have enough self worth you will feel getting your azz beat is a misunderstanding, you will find fault within yourself and not that person, and you will continue with a toxic relationship. We have to let them be, the more her family and friends voice their displeasure the further she'll run into his arms.

  • omina-homina

    Oh, at Diddy's house? Diddy, someone rumored to have battered a number of women over the years, including Kim Porter and Cassie? Oh, and her batterer dad 'supports' the union. Unfortunately, Rihanna hails from, and is surrounded by, a certainly poor quality of men that nature has unfortunately allowed to evolved.

    So, she thinks it's love because this is the sort of thing she saw transpire between her parents. And he thinks this is love because this is the sort of thing that transpired between his parents. And while neither set of parents are 'together', all parties involved are still alive.

    This is what's normal to them. This is the background they both come from, dysfunctional. It's the reason they attract each other; it's just the way it is.

    I'm glad that's not my life.

  • LilMissRed

    The sad part about this is kids (their fan base) will look at this situation and think its 'ok' or 'acceptable'.

  • daninicole

    I don't have anything to say about this because I have never witnessed or experienced domestic violence. I do agree with 2bme about her family pushing her to him so they need to let her be. She is young and immature and hopefully she will grow up and realize the error of her (his) ways and get out of the relationship. Hopefully.

  • Daisy

    Ihave never been one to nail chris to the cross he is young enough where he can get help and never hit rihanna or another female now. I would also like to add none of us were in the car that night and know what happened. I say continue to pray for them and let them work this out

  • http://urbancurlz.blogspot.com urbancurlz

    BIG ass sigh...

    First, as a victim of domestic violence, I have walked in this same path. My boyfriend (at the time) and I were around the same age as these two. So I know it's very easy to forgive your attacker because for one-you're in shock and really can't believe that someone who say they love you, will harm you. This is an extremely emotional and confusing ordeal. So I am not surprised she took him back. Please don't judge, but pray for her and other women like her.

    The saddest part is that, IT DOES NOT END! And the more you go back the worst it becomes. Until you can't take any more. There are only a few ways out-walk away (early), jail, or death.

  • lialin

    this is a VERY touchy subject. i agree with urbancurlz... we shouldnt judge. its so much easier for us to look in and say "she needs to go!" "he needs his azz whipped" etc..
    but in all actuality none of us will never REALLY know what happened, how it REALLY transpired or how THEIR relationship is... because we're not them. i dont condone any type of domestic violence... i have both witnessed and experienced it myself.

    in all instances the relationship does not end or continue on the same... some people actually see it as a turning point for themselves. Its a touchy subject because when i saw the pictures my jaw dropped because i couldnt believe that he went that far... however the reality of it is that we dont know what happened... we know what the media tells and shows us... *sigh* i dont know... i wish them the best in life

  • KaraZ

    Welp... I'm not surprised, I just thought her handlers would have made sure this didn't happen. She just put the nail in the coffin of her own career as well. If this rumor turns out to be true, I know CoverGirl is going to drop her ass. I am not surprised Diddy is allegedly involved in this either, himm being a batterer and all.

  • kitty4shigady

    So again I will say what about rocko? Does that mean you feel your girl monica is a weak woman cause her man is a woman beater. He beat up one of his four fans.

  • Anna

    Even if they both get anger management classes it does not change the fact that the trust was broken. You never look at that person the same again. Being they don't have a healthy realtionship they will outgrow each other. What we think we want at 21 is not what we want at 25-30.

  • starr

    Not surprised.

    This is what people do, when there young, dumb and think your in luv. I knew all the negative press would come full circle. The two of em are in there own lil world. I think this is actually worse for their careeer than the actual incident. Smh Rih is going ot lose alot of respect from fans if this is true.

  • cocoa49

    some women feel a good old ass whipping is proving he loves her.......so sad

  • Buttercup417

    I have been quiet through this whole Chris Brown Rihanna fiasco and even thouhg yes it is wrong for any man to hit on a woman I am still left where I started. And where I am is what actually happened that night? I kept quiet because I was waiting for all the facts to come in. So I will just say this until I get all the information I need to make a educated comment. Because on here I have been chewed up and spit out!. One more thing for the record. I do feel bad for women who get abused daily by men who can't keep their hands to themselves. I personally have never been beat by a man and if I get the feeling that one my try to go that route I inform them that they will get the worst ass wooping they have ever had. And I mean it !:)

  • http://myspace.com/bettathaniwasb4 2bme

    I said that to Buttercup...then i fell in love(so i thought) and my prince charming became a nightmare. We have all had a toxic relationship in one way or another some worse than others. It's really easy to say I'd kill him if he'd hit me or what have you..but until you get into a relationship and this comes along you won't know what you will do. it comes from knowledge of self, believing, self worth and love to stop this before it begins. Most women don't find that until its too late and some never do...it's more than just talk it's walking the walk as well

  • Shauny

    It's not shocking that she went back to hom because I knew she was going to anyway but I am suprised that she took him but so quickly. This is not the image sponsers want young fans to be looking at so I can see this affecting both Rhianna and Chris too in regards to endorsement.

    I just grow more disgusted with Diddy every time he's reported. This must be the same house he took Kim and Cassie too after he whipped their asses. I am a believer that if you hit me at all it will NEVER be just a one time thing. I look for the fighting to continue between these too. Hopefully it wont end badly.

    So much for all the reports that Chris didn't want RiRi anymore etc.

  • http://sandrarose.com Sandra Rose

    Shauny Says:

    I just grow more disgusted with Diddy every time he’s reported. This must be the same house he took Kim and Cassie too after he whipped their asses.


    I used to live in Miami in a luxury high rise overlooking Star Island where Sean Combs owns a home. I'll never forget the custom 4th of July fireworks displays they put on every year (an errant rocket almost landed on my balcony!!) I still don't know how I lucked up getting that 22nd floor apartment surrounded by millionaires on my nursing budget, lol. I sure couldn't afford to live there now! But anyway, I also think it's shameful how that attention whore Sean managed to inject himself, once again, into a big story.

  • http://myspace.com/erikamagaly Hermosa

    IF THIS IS TRUE...then this is where I stop feeling sorry for both of them and call them stupid asses. Yes, STUPID MOTHA F*CKERS! You got a whole gang of people who want you to do whats best for you and you still go back to something you know is not good and will harm your career even more....AND EMBARASS YOU EVEN MORE...HELL NO!!!

    These kids are stupid!

  • mjoylaw

    Hope everybody is enjoying their Saturday

    Well I have a little son and daughter who both love Chris Brown and Rihanna and I have become a huge fan of both as well. What would I counsel my own children in this situation, Chris and Rihanna are young enough to be my kids:)

    They were a beautiful couple but now we know their relationship has been dysfunctional and unhealthy.

    They are both young and this is primetime for making stupid decisions in life. They are not going to listen to anybody just because they're getting advice, they are going to make their mistakes in life just like we all have.

    IMO what they need from everyone is love, understanding and support to help them pick up the pieces.

    I think Chris is way too young for this relationship, and Rihanna should let him go do his thing til he's ready to be committed, then come back if she still wants him then.

    He also needs, they both need to get some intense counseling.

    That said, again they're both young and experiencing very strong emotions maybe for the first time ever. It is possible that this could never happen again. My ex husband choked me once, never laid a hand on me again. But we were both grown azz folk.

    Since Chris and Rihanna's relationship is serious and they might well get pregnant/get married at some point, I hope they both get help and ongoing treatment to ensure there will be NO VIOLENCE OF ANY KIND in their relationship.

    I think the public will forgive them, but they need to come clean about what happened, maybe on Barbara Walters or Oprah, then make amends by speaking out on the issue and doing whatever they have to so this does not happen ever again and their relationship will be healthy from now on.

    Or just leave each other's foolish butt alone. I pray for them to both be well and prosper as young human beings, together or not.

  • marshefen

    I just pray for her sake that he does change and it doesn't happen again. I won't judge her for taking him back because we don't know the whole story. Regardless, I think it was too soon. She should have waited til he went thru counseling like he told the media he would. Why go now if she just easily forgave him?

  • iscream

    She isn't the only stupid one in this he lost a lot behind all of this and now he's running back to her.

    I won't be judgemental about the situation because love will make you do crazy things. They are both young and your youth is there to make mistakes and grown and learn from them.

  • kcicero

    I am so over this whole story.

  • http://myspace.com/thegameoncw Bird

    I definately don't condone what Chris did, but I feel strongly that if anyone can get help he can. Other abusers don't have to deal with the scrutiny a lot of times. Chris's career will depend on him getting help pretty much publicly and possibly becoming a spokesperson for domestic violence by talking about his experience and issues. Now that Rihanna has taken him back she's in the same boat with him. Folks on TMZ are talking about boycotting both of them. I just hope Chris deals with his issues and Rihanna as well if she has gotten violent.

    Diddy is a womanbeater who got away with it. I know for a fact that he boldly beat Misa's ass at a party in front of people who didn't even know him like that. So he's probably thinking this is just normal boyfriend/girlfriend stuff and it's too bad their situation is on blast. He's an idiot for getting involved at all and the couple and their handlers are stupid for accepting his offer.

  • Daisy

    Bird when you say you know for a fact that he beat Misa were you at the party? Just asking all this Puffy being a woman beater is news to me I have a gfriend who danced with him for years I will have to run all this by her lol

    I can't believe how judgemental some ppl are on here I'm glad somebody said ther ex hit them ONCE but never did again its called making a mistake good gracious n we still don't know what happened in that car

  • missamerica

    I just didn't think Rihanna would be so quick to reunite only because its not just family & friends who are watching, its people all over the world. Everybody knows what happened and you can't play it off.

    If anything comes out of this situation, I just hope parents got a chance to talk to their children about domestic violence, its serious.

    I was hoping Rihanna wasn't dependent on the relationship being there, but I see there is a deep emotional attachment. She's still young and this is something I hope she will look back on and learn from. We have all done things in our relationships that we look back on a realize how stupid of me. This will be on of those for Rihanna.

    Chris still needs to get his butt whooped.

  • Prissydiva71

    I am gonna leave this one alone. But, OMG, where I have been? Although I cannot stand Puffy/Sean/Diddy/Pdiddy or whatever he calls himself. I never knew he was a woman beater. Ok, I am really done with Kim Porter now! Not only does he beats on her, but then cheats and then get another woman pregnant? Hmmm, maybe that's why Sarah isn't really tripping off of him like that??

  • Kymystry

    Not condoning abuse .. but why is he any different than Billy Dee Williams ... Don Cornelieus ... Yanni ...

  • Kymystry

    cont. Al Green ... Jason Kidd ... Wesley Snipes/Halle ...Ike Turner ... .

  • starr

    I heard puff beat kim once.....i don't know if its true...but tats what i've heard....

  • ggouch

    I have to agree with the above statements about having all the facts before passing judgment on Chris or Rihanna.

    Seriously though:
    I offer a prayer for both of them, both of whom are experiencing life in the most accelerated manner in the eye of the public, who believe to know these kids based upon the information the various media outlets provide.

    I pray for their careers, their state of minds, the people they sound themselves with, and their strength to endure public and clandestine mockery and judgment. I pray that both of them have the ability to move on responsibly and at the will of God.

  • intensemocha

    I'm confused I thought that previous posts speculated that rihanna's azz whuppin wasn't that bad and her injuries weren't that severe

    and now there is a spin and a play up of the situation because they reunited-can you say flip flop

    like I said from day one-I don't give a fug if this is chris and rihanna or be be and shanquita-abuse is abuse-if you are fighting like that leave one another the hell alone-and the injuries she sustain based on the picture prove she got the worst end of the fight and that alone speaks volumes-if you were going to take the azz whuppin only to take him back then you should have never called the police

    and i'm sick of people straddling the fence on morals-either you have them or don't and if you say your against domestic violence-damn all this don't rush to judge shiat-stop being whusses and take a stand on the issue

    if it's wrong, don't all of a sudden back paddle because the people involved are two young, black, rich enterainers-

    po-ta-toe po-tae-to in the end rihanna got her azz whupped and she's obviously no different from any other woman in an abusive relationship-they usually fault themselves and go back to their abuser.

    It's a damn shame that society is co-signing this bullshiat

  • ReadTheBlog

    They are both setting quite the fine examples for today's youth. He is going to beat her from now until either she beats him back (good) and leaves, or he kills her.

  • ReadTheBlog

    And then to put Diddy into it just makes it that much worse. He is THE LEAST bit of an example and role model, and he couldn't say anything to me about anything.

    Sandra, don't make this about you, OK!?!?