Studies show that black people as a community tend to search the Internets more for gossip rather than hard news, which is why urban media outlets such as BET no longer has a news program. Isn't that sad?

I understand that black people want to fantasize and "get away" like in those Southwest airlines commercials. But for me, reality is so much more fun than fantasy and gossip.

Anyway, I'm rambling because, yesterday, one of my favorite readers (and contributors) emailed me to ask my thoughts on one of Necole Bitchie's posts about Dwight Eubanks, who was featured on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Dwight was a recent guest on The Wendy Williams Experience where he supposedly spilled the tea on who is gay in Atlanta.

My reader wanted to know if I believed Dwight's allegations that rappers T.I. and Ludacris are gay.

I like Necole. I think her blog is a refreshing change from the hate and the BS gossip on other blogs. But, no, I do not believe Dwight. I think Dwight is a shameless opportunist who will say and do anything to stay in the spotlight.

It's so easy to say who we think is gay, but here at, we prefer evidence. And there is no evidence to support Dwight's allegations. None whatsoever.

I recall the time when one of Dallas Austin's former employees attempted to kiss T.I. on the lips at a party -- mafioso style -- and T.I. went ballistic! T.I.'s boys had to physically restrain him from wildin' out on this guy. T.I. was heated -- and understandably so.

A brother like T.I. works hard to maintain his swag -- especially here in Atlanta where real men are outnumbered by back packers 3 to 1.

Trust me, neither T.I. nor Ludacris could be gay in Atlanta and I not know about it. There are certain high profile gay men in Atlanta who throw intimate, exclusive, men-only parties in private homes where they can be discrete.

As I told you before, I was invited to one such party years ago. Everyone was there, from the guy who carries the mayor's water bottle, and even one of Usher's employees. Most of Atlanta's top entertainment attorneys were also in the house.

I met a famous playwright/director for the first time at a different party in the same home. My point being that the circle of prosperous gay men in Atlanta is a very small one -- and they all know each other, including Dwight.

Anyway, if I need to know who is gay in the industry, I simply call my friend, the home owner, who knows all their identities, or knows someone who does. Yet he has never mentioned Ludacris or T.I. The thought of T.I. or Ludacris being gay is simply absurd. Especially since I know who their favorite scrippers are. I've already told you about a few of the females that these guys have generously "served." Shout out to Sophia!

Listen to Dwight Eubanks on the Wendy Williams Show at Necole Bitchie via Wendyista blog

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  • ReadTheBlog

    Dwight juts wants them to be gay so he can have a go.

  • Alana

    Dwight has alot of heart to get out here running his mouth like that. Thats how people turn up missing...

  • shunda

    I liked Dwight at first but after seeing him as a party planner on Sweet 16 and now this mess, he needs to be inducted into the sitchoazz down club.

  • KaraZ

    I've always thought that people who have "strong" reactions to homosexual/lesbun advances "doth protest too much," kinda like the hit dog barks the loudest. TI has been to jail before right? As cute and petite as he is, I find it hard to believe that someone didn't try to wife him up and is eagerly waiting his return.

    Just because they watch women take off their clothes doesn't mean they don't thirst for men; and as long as you're not with anyone else every waking moment you have no idea what they do.

    Sandra, you know you need to stop! What hard evidence do you provide when you mention that you "hear people are family?" You

  • dblaq

    That's crazy, I guess gay people want everybody to be gay. I think it is mad disrespectful to call someone gay when they are not! Gay people have their panties in the bunch when someone calls them faggot or dyke but yet they think its cool to label someone gay when in fact they are not. I've been around Tip a lot and there is no homo gene in the area and if it is he must be a hellafied actor

  • T’Mekio


    I heard the LIVE interview and he made NO MENTION to who it was. Wendy wrote it down and he 'co-signed' on what she wrote.

    NOBODY named names unless this was somebody in the room who actually was there and SAW THE NAMES ON THE PAPER.....SPEECHLESS....

  • dblaq

    @Kara Z

    Just because you in jail doesn't necessarily mean that you always get tried. Also there enough n***as in jail that have love for T.I. and I am pretty sure would go any length to protect him. Plus he was in the County or City jail and not in the Bing. Big difference there.

  • dakotab

    This just brightens my day!

  • ReadTheBlog

    D, have you ever been to jail several times and have or have not been tested? If not, I suggest you keep your jewels of wisdom to yourself :-)

  • iscream

    As much as I love Wendy she is a fag hag and she wants everybody to be gay. Necole only linked an interview done w. Dwight and Wendy she didn't say she had proof of anything.

    I guess that playwrite/actor just had a # 1 movie at the box office playing a cross dresser.

    The only person needing to worry about TI being gay is Tiny. Don't worry Sandra nobody but Wendy and Dwight is saying this. You're home boy swag is still in tact. You defended him like he was blood, lol.

    "Don't nobody go talking about Ms. Jenkins."

  • Peachizz

    "Dwight is a shameless opportunist" LOL

    "I met a famous playwright/director for the first time at a different party in the same home."
    Is that T.Perry??? (With my pinky in my mouth)Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Kymystry

    I used to Watch BET news ... on the regular ... UNTIL they FIRED Ed Gordon and Jackie Reid .. and Dismantled their news Program to put on BET after Dark wasn't for lack of viewership .. it was a money moved AFTER BET was sod to Viacom (the white man) .. and Viacom decided that a News program wasn't profitable.

    as usual .. half truths to promote sensationalism ....

  • Nina

    Hmmm if I could be a fly on the wall at one of those discrete men-only parties....and I am sure half of them are married to women.

  • Kymystry

    I was watching a Program on TV one with the 2 Stew's ..Black Men talk or something like that ... they had a panel of 5 brother's .... 2 Openly Gay ... 2 Straight and One who Used to be gay ... well the Gay Brother's on the Panel ... said ALL men are gay .. and this that and the 3rd. I then Lost ALOT of repect for Gay's who thought that way ...Those are the ones who are screamin and hollering for equality to be treated fairly .. and Not judged... but they will come out of Pocket abd disrespet a Straight man in a Heart beat .

    This society is a hot dayum mess ... I don't agree with homosexuality ... And I WILL be respected for my point of view ... just as I respect the point of view of the person who is gay...Don't agree with it .. but I'll respect it.

  • Naima

    For all you bloggers who claim to know the inside story, none of y'all knew CB was whuppun Rihanna azz. And how you know we don't read politically blogs? You post your ridiculous Obama post and then turn the comments off so when can't correct you, so you must think we are informed

  • brenden

    I know not who Dwight is nor do I care. I didn't hear him mention TI nor Ludacris either. Now I cant speak on prison, but yes Ive been to jail several times, and no it's not a booty fest as some would like to think. Once word spreads that you partake in analinguisistics you lose all respect immediately,,,,No matter how big or bad you are...I don't know about prison but I'm sure its the same. Now before yall go casting stones my stints in jail were usually minor. You used to be able to do a weekend in jail vs paying the fines on moving violations...Jealous nukkas always wanted to test me cuzz I was so damn handsome (lol) so yeah I had a few assault charges. My longest stint in jail came courtesy of my ex home girl kymmystry. She had devised the perfect plan where shed go into the dollar store, steal items, then wed return them to the store for store credit. Well Ms this plan is fool proof started getting lazy. Started trying to return old items from her closet cuzz she didn't feel like utilizing the 5 fanga discount. Long story short we got popped at customer relations. The sales associate knew damn well their store didn't sell Rick James wigs. What made her think she could return her easter Sunday hair for store credit? Messed up a sweet deal we had going! Long story shorter we both did a 9 month bid in the county. Kymmy got lucky for she was bonking with Martha Stewart. I on the other hand was not so lucky. I mean yeah DMX is a star, but homeboy smells like open ass.heehee

  • iscream

    @ the points you made on black ppl searching goosip sites over news sites. @ this point they are all interchangable. If you go to news sites they talk about gossip and gossip sites talk about news.

    Once upon a time the National Enquirer was viewed as trash now there are more gossip mags (which is geared towards yts entertainment) then there are newspapers. Shoot, even the Enquirer has turned to a creditable newssource within the past few years.

  • iscream

    Brendan u r a nut....

    & to add onto what I was saying. TMZ & fat azz Perez Hilton are two of the most famous blogs around.... & I know that mess is not because of black people.

    But since this is Sandra Rose . Com where she fact checks all her story's before they are printed. I'm sure this story came with some type of poll.

  • Kymystry

    I SOOOO Hate you Brenden ... I LNY got them wigs for our "dress up night" ... We would be Fire and Desire ... You used to LOVE it whenI said .. Give it to me baby !! ... lol .. lol

    Boy .. u'sa NUTT !!!

  • Terry .W

    Lol @ Shout out to Sophia!

  • dblaq

    @ REadtheblog

    If I have or haven't is not the issue especially yours and how about you you keep my "jewels" of wisdom out your mouth. thank you! God is good.

  • pinkscorpion

    Alana Says:

    Dwight has alot of heart to get out here running his mouth like that. Thats how people turn up missing…


    Terry .W Says:

    Lol @ Shout out to Sophia!

    I know right? LOL

  • Daisy

    I hope we see more of Dwight on the housewives when their season starts back. Everybody has been called gay in the industry at one time or another this is nothing new under the sun.

  • Charles

    I dont even know what to stay atlanta annoys m glad i moved away

  • Charles

    I dont even know what to stay atlanta annoys m glad i moved away

  • Charles

    And you said discrete hunny its not a secret

  • ChokLitFactory

    What PROOF have we seen of Jay-Z being gay as you continue to allude to, Sandy?
    Also, I agree that if T.I was 'so angry' at this dude tryin to kiss him mafia-style, its prolly cuz it wasn't the first time he had been kissed against his will. That being said, I don't think either Luda or T.I are gay.
    And you ain't slick mentioned T.Perry as being at one of those parties you attended lol.

  • missamerica

    When did "back packer" become a gay term? I just started hearing it referred in this manner. A back packer used to mean you were like a hip hop head, not really into wearing labels, Africa medallions, incense waving, artsy, neo-soul type. It didn't mean you were gay.

  • KiKi So Fresh

    Sandra, just because you know that T.I. and Ludacris have favorite strippers doesn't mean that there's no way possible that they can be gay. You have absolutely no clue on the fact that some of the main guys that we least expect to be on the D.L. actually are!

    Now I'm not saying that T.I. and Luda are gay, and I'm not saying that I think they are.

    And you also mentioned that T.I. was wildin' out on a guy who attempted to kiss him. Just because he popped off like that doesn't mean there's no way he's not gay. If a dude is on the D.L. and he's with his homeboys and a guy walks up to him and tries to kiss him, then of course he's gonna put on a serious front and act like he's so upset because he's on the D.L. He doesn't want his boys to know that he doesn't mind a guy kissing him on his lips...duhhh!

    But as I stated before, I'm not accusing T.I. or Luda of being gay and I'm not saying I think they are. I'm just saying that just because someone wilds out like and has favorite strippers doesn't automatically rule out homosexuality. D.L. guys are very creative with their cover-ups. And just because the "homeowner" didn't mention it to YOU still doesn't mean a thing..smh. You have a LOT to learn about down-low mean. I know several of them and I know how the game goes. I'm just letting you know for future reference...that's all.

  • masonmom

    ki-ki i totally agree! there are men with wives that are on the DL. so your right strippers and etc doesnt mean your NOT gay. the main ones trying to prove their not homo are the main ones bending over! im not saying TI n luda are gay but trust me i wouldnt be surprised. i want to read that book by terrance who "outs" his lovers who are undercover but he didnt name names like ms. vixen did. what else do you expect in ATL when half the men in atl are suspect and/or gay!