Yesterday a loyal reader, who shall remain anonymous, emailed me a link to an online photo album that she said belonged to Kanye West's new arm trophy, bisexual "model" Amber Rose.

Initially, I thought she was punking me, so I dismissed the email. But she emailed me back last night and urged me to take a closer look at the pics on all 9 pages in the album, which I did.

Among the numerous lesbo-erotic pictures were some of a woman who closely resembles Amber in various erotic poses with a cute Dom. The pics look like they were taken before Amber cut her hair off.

What do you think? The other pictures of Amber with Luda, Rihanna and Chris Brown are from the same album.

  • h0tsauce

    That short haircut looks good on her!!! She's cute! I don't believe that is Kanye's girl, I think they just bluffin know how ya'll do.

  • Avanti

    May or may not be. No not my business.

    What catches my attention is her hair. That low cut works for Amber! I wouldn't dare have enuff courage to do that but chick is rockin' it!

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    Hey SR fam :-)

    I'm with you Avanti...if it is her I wouldn't be surprised though. I don't know how many people I know that is bi and on the low-low...

    Moving on...
    She is very is such a disguise the fact she can go without it speaks volumes. Go gyrl!!!

  • Krysi J

    Damn, she like Chris don't she....that smile a mile wide in her pic with Rhi Rhi....SMH

  • Doc Jam

    Approx half of my ex-girlfriends/insignificant others have been with women before being with it's just a sign of the times. no big deal. i think she's hot.

  • licia

    well u keep saying she's bisexual so what's the big deal about the pics of her with another woman ? i could care less anyway. that's for her and kanye to deal with .

    good to know i am not the only one who digs her hair. i want to do that so bad, but i won't look like that lmao

  • aqtpie

    She's pretty, I think she actually looks better without hair.

  • teecee

    kayne is a self admitted sex addict, so he dating a freak, isnt that what freaks do ? i would expect him or her to date a nice Christan girl or boy with self respect, good character and high morals. let them have their lil freak fest and std situation.......

  • Daisy

    @Doc that is not a sign of my To each their own but not every girl has or wants a girlfriend not even for one

  • DivaMama

    Good Morning Fam!

    Does it matter? It's not like she denied it and we are trying to disprove her statement. Either way, I think she's very pretty, and I agree, that cut looks good on her.

  • KaraZ

    thanks licia... I mean if she's bisexual what's surprising about her being hugged up on a woman too?

  • Avanti

    co-sign @ Daisy.

  • Hotstuff

    Yeah she's bi, it's not secret


    she's cute and fine..he has a good catch!

  • KaraZ

    Doc, why do you like so many lesbians?

  • licia

    off topic: did ya'll see the picture of the new african american doll for the new disney movie? they have pictures on another blog that has the word concrete in it . lol

  • kcicero

    She's cute, I'm with everyone else love the short hair...when I cut my locs off we'll see whether I can pull the hair style off or not...

    @licia I wish they'd kept the afro puffs or at least the texture but I hated the name Tiana is a lot better.

  • licia

    ^^ you know they can't make the doll too ethnic . lmao

  • Kymystry

    who cares .... side-eyes docjam ... intresting ... and nasty ...

  • kcicero

    Yeah...I guess but it's a cute doll so I'm not going to complain. I'm glad that my daughter will have a little brown princess of her own...growing up I always wondered why there wasn't but I thought I was a real life princess anyways so it didn't have a huge impact on me.

  • Peachizz

    Ohhhhh Sandra...
    The cats out the bag.. LOL
    Did you see the tattoo on the "girl" neck I Love A...

  • Peachizz

    You Enlarge pics again today? LOL
    I think it says TLovesA with a red heart.. wow!!!

  • stylerazzi

    ok so the photo with Luda and Chris Brown reminded me she is in the video for that song "What Dem Girls Like" with Luda, Chris Brown, and Sean Garrett.

    I remember her haircut because super short hair doesn't work for everyone but it works for her.

  • mizzdallas


    Your baby is soooooooooooooo cute!!!! :)=

  • Daisy

    Hey Mizz

    @Sandra were those kids or anybody for that matter impressed by anything Bush did?? I am not a fan of the bill either but I do hope it works and I support my new Pres. I don't know who sent you a memo saying everybody would agree with eveything President Obama said or did. Please shred it ASAP! Enough already. I need to find you Sun at church and lay hands on you in the name of Jesus.

  • Bird

    I don't know if that's her, but if she's bi that only adds to her swagger. She's not putting off ultra female vibes like Beyonce. She's on her own level of ultra sexy and being bi just makes her sexier in my book. I may be developing a bi-curious crush on her or something. She reminds me of an older friend of mine, Millie Fernandez. Now that's a bad b*tch. She rocked the short blond look about a decade before it became cool and her sway was also so ultra sexy that you couldn't mistake her for a man under any circumstances. Lovin this chick for real.

  • NYC

    Not impressed by this chick at all.

  • mizzdallas

    *** waving @ Daisy ****

  • speakinmymind

    sandra might want to leave the political stuff to huffpost, politico, or any of the other myriad websites solely dedicated to political news. is this an entertainment blog or what?? just asking

    anyhoo, on topic: i think she's a bad b#tch. agree with Bird that her swagger is def sexy and i just might have to cyber-fight you about her!! lol


    Yeah, her hair is just right for her. Very good look.

  • KaraZ

    Wait a minute, how come Sandra has referred to her as "biracial" yet?

  • terika83

    Why am I not suprised?....

    On another note she has a very pretty face now that I can actually see it. I say she grows some hair and lose the glasses.

    Now on to day it's his bill and the next someone else is the brains behind it when it suits the point you are trying to make...stop flip flopping...people tend to forget that he is cleaning up a mess that he didn't create. Nothing will be fixed overnight. How can you be skeptical about something without giving it a chance first? I think that's pure negative energy right there...give something a chance first before people go running their mouth about how they think things should be. One person complains they aren't doing this or that for blacks...another claims it's only 13 dollars...well guess what...he can't please EVERYONE and I'm sure he's brushing off those haters because he expected this... I'll take my extra $13 dollars a week...would you like to hand over yours as well since you aren't happy with it?....give me a break. It's a shame that the same people that build you up....tear you down later. Those same blacks that were SO excited about having a bi-racial president and screaming OBAMA...OBAMA! are now his biggest critics....and we wonder why we are one of the most divided races...but that goes back to's embeded in our history.

  • Shauny

    She is a cute girl. I think the short cut gives her more appeal othewise she'd blend in with every other LS girl.

    If she's bi and Kanye know's she bi who cares? Has it even been confirmed that they are now boo'd up yet?

  • Dhoward1913

    Media stunt all over it. Kayne is the biggest attention whore in the world. That hair is the first indicator of that. On the Tom Joyner Morning show, Huggy low down called it an afro, mohawk, mullet, shag. He said he looks like Kurtis Blow's son. Too funny!!! However, the chick is really cute.

  • ggouch

    Is is me, I just don't see LONG Term with Kanye and this girl. Kanye, due to his ego and IMO needs a female out of the limelight to give him a balance and an oaises. I hope he finds himself a nice graduate student like LUKE did.

  • ReadTheBlog

    I've got a riddle for you: If Amber Rose likes stud chicks, and now she's dating Kanye, does that mean that she thinks Kanye is a masculine girl/b*tch-made nigga?

  • intensemocha



  • intensemocha