From Fox News:

A man from President Obama's hometown of Chicago has been arrested for allegedly sending Obama and his staff envelopes containing HIV-infected blood, in the hopes of killing or harming them.

In the weeks leading up to Obama's inauguration, Saad Hussein, an Ethiopian refugee in his late 20's, sent an envelope addressed to "Barack Obama" to offices of the Illinois government in Springfield, Ill., according to court documents. The envelope contained a series of unusual items, including a letter with reddish stains and an admission ticket for Obama's election-night celebration in Chicago's Grant Park. Court documents said Hussein, who takes drugs to treat a mental illness, later told FBI agents he is "very sick with HIV" and cut his fingers with a razor so he could bleed on the letter.

Hazmat teams were called in after the envelope was opened, and offices of the Illinois Department on Aging and the Department of Revenue were locked down for nearly two hours, locking 300 staffers in their offices, court documents said. READ MORE...

  • Terry .W

    What an Idiot

  • pinky2083

    Oh heck naw.. that's too much.. WHY??

  • Kymystry

    ok ... but according to some medical reports ... the Virus dies once it hits the air ...
    Folks are just Looney ...

  • yvonne79

    Certified nut!!!!

  • Krysi J

    WTH?........SMH....Lord help us all...NOW half of the HIV infected population is going to take this idea and run with it.

    "I don't like dat bytch, im gon send her some HIV blood thru the mail"

    Its the end of the world as we know it.

  • Doc Jam

    This n!gga oughta be shame!!!!

  • terika83

    What is wrong with some people?...

  • melinla

    After reading the entire article, I have one question - why is he still here? Shouldn't he have been deported a long time ago...

  • missnee


    this is in regards to the most recent comments off post about obama

    when the country was going to hell in a hand basket for the last 8 years you didn't have hardly a thing to say about any of it, but now every 5 minutes you have a post about obama and his administration that was pulled from, of all places...FUCKING FOX NEWS!! and other obviously slanted websites and news sources. you're the crazy lady that talks shiiii to someone from inside her house (re: comments off BS).

    Seriously...What is your issue with obama? Don't come at me with kool aid BS or treating him like a messiah, because that's not where i'm coming from. You put up these crazy posts and don't even allow us to comment on them. What are you afraid of? People calling you on it?

  • masonmom

    people need to stop making stuff up! i work near the dc fire and ems and we heard NOTHIN about no hazmat teams (which would have to be arlington, va) about no bshyt like this...nor was it on the news!