Here is a video of your typical black, ignorant, simple-minded, wanna-be gangsta who thinks he's cool 'cause he wears fake diamonds and talks tough.

Is anyone really impressed that Mighty Mouth threatens to slap up a 5-foot-2 rapper?

I look at cats like this and I see no hope for the future. Our young men are so lost.

How embarrassing for his mother to see her son conduct himself in this manner. He acts like he was raised with no home training or good sense. He can't even string a coherent sentence together. Yet females flock to idiots like him.

I look at "men" like this and I am so glad I don't have any daughters. We have to do better.

  • intown51

    you couldn't pay me to watch the above coonery, but speaking of fake diamonds, they arrested the killer of the young man at the spring st gas station. A crimestoppers tip reported him to be in Houston.

  • Avanti

    Wow! I'm witcha on that San.

    Did he really just shout out to the guys he served time with in the county? Really?

    He's talented of course but I'ma need dudes to step their game up when it comes to communicating a message and also when choosing what message to communicate. Why is he so stuck on trying to be 'ruggish' in this clip? It would be sexier if he came across as intelligent!

  • MissGauzzz

    @ Sandra...
    I cosign on everything you said!!! Don't make no damm sense! I hate this shyt! I have a 21 year old son, and bless God he CAN string two sentences together and talks like he got some damm sense because his father and I would accept no less! Pure damm foolishness!

  • kcicero

    I'm with you 100% Sandra! I have a daughter but I am not worried. If I do my job right she will know her self worth and value and will not bring anything close to this dude home!

  • Imalover

    I watched all of 15 secs of his thug performance and he is so not convincing. We're celebrating my parents 44th wedding anniversary this weekend, and I'm just so thankful that my father provided an example of what a real black MAN is and my mother boldly portrays the essence of woman's worth. Sandra I'm glad I don't have kids too, but I do have young neices that I'm very concerned about. I'm sooo proud of Angela.

  • dblaq

    This chick on the radio said it best. Women of today are responsible for the way men act because if their standards were higher than half of the stuff men do to women won't happen but if we can getaway with it, why not?

    I say 90% of all the things men do is to impress women bottomline the clothes, rims, cars, money, acting tough etc.. and obviously if it wouldn't work we wouldn't do it. If women were like I want me a computer programmer, video game designer.... I guarantee you there would be a lot of programmers and video game designers

  • Deep Thoughts

    We must do more than be sad, but laugh these guys into feeling a sense of shame for change, weak people do what they have been taught is power. This was so stereotypical it was comical.

  • Avanti

    @ dblaq:

    I beg to differ with one thing you said...I feel the majority of what men do isn't for women but rather to impress other guys. Think about if from this perspective: If a guy's girl needs money, he's not too quick to give it to her but if his home boy wants to commit a home invasion (also known as "a kick doe") he'd be up for it. He probably didn't want to do it but for fear of looking like a chump in front of his boys, he goes along with it...and is the one to just so happened to be murdered by the homeowner protecting their domain, rightfully.

    Thats actually what happened to my cousin after he'd said he didn't want to go out with his boys that night. He went anyway and it turns out the home they broke into belonged to an off duty cop at home with his son. I don't blame the cop! But thats another story. Just a point to show why I think a lot of things guys do is to impress other guys.

  • Krysi J

    I haven't even seen the video and im already cracking up off Sandra calling this dude "mighty mouth" back in a sec...

  • Krysi J

    Oh hell naw....who does this lil boy think he is?? Ain nobody on that gang shyt anymore he seriously needs to grow da fukk up. For once Sandra and I agree, this is a chump ready to pick on somebody im sure he can easily defeat----WELL, PICK On SOMEONE YOUR OWN SIZE. BOw Wow gets on my nerves too, but niccas always calling him let a real nicca get at dey azzez and it ain no beef, go figure. Dblaq I almost agreed with what you were saying until I read Avanti's response...she's right, half of the time niccas are trying to impress their boys not us....for example who u think T-cake (or whatever his name is) is trying to impress with this lame as video...surely not Angela.

  • eastpointvet

    but the supras are oh so fresh

  • Krysi J

    yea the supras are tight, I can't deny it. :)

  • BayArea

    Unacceptable! Rev Run, Russell Simmons, check this fool! Hate to say it, but this is some bitchassness!

  • Kymystry

    Supra's ... umm ok ... last time i checked... a Supra was a toyota not some ghetto plastic azz sneakers .... glad i am older ...

    Congrats to Imalover's mom & dad !! whooo hoooo

  • miamore73

    Sandra I agree with you 100%.

    Kymystry I'm with you a supra was a cheap as Toyota at that!!

    This boy needs to go to school and head directly to the English dept.

  • vipatlstyle

    TK you a dumb a$$ dude. I want to fight you and I don't know you like that. You trying to sound all hard and sh8t. You a lame one bruh... You trying to get some publicity on you or something? Who cares you don't like him...Don't tell us, call that dude and tell him yourself. Are you even still relevant wait I mean hell were you every relevant? Man come to Flint Michigan trying to act all hard like that...You won't last a day

  • Krysi J

    Kymystry Says:

    Supra’s … umm ok … last time i checked… a Supra was a toyota not some ghetto plastic azz sneakers …. glad i am older …

    Baby you don't have to like 'em, but that son of yours MIGHT, ghetto plastic and all...T-cake is LAME and acting hard but he's a fukking skater where is the harm in letting your son wear those?