What is going on with these dumb athletes? First Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress shoots himself in the thigh inside a crowded nightclub and now ex-Falcons player Jamal Anderson is busted in a Peachtree (Atlanta) tavern bathroom stall snorting cocaine off a toilet???

Now watch his few endorsements dry up faster than Chris Brown's ashy lips. He will find out quickly that he is no Michael Phelps when it comes to getting a pass for stupidity.

TMZ has learned former Atlanta Falcons running back Jamal Anderson was busted inside a bathroom stall -- with another -- at the Peachtree Tavern after a patron heard someone making a "snorting noise."

The patron reported the "noise" to a bar security guard -- who happened to be an off-duty Atlanta Police Officer.

The Atlanta PD tells TMZ the security guard went into the bathroom to investigate when he heard the suspicious noise. We're told the guard then popped over the top of the stall and claims to have seen Anderson and another man doing lines of coke off the toilet tank. He immediately arrested both men. [LINK]

I hate to do this, but my girl Taraji P.Henson gets a 'D' for this effort. I'm so tired of this Hervé Léger fitted bandage gown. This look was hot for a minute but can we find something else to wear in the '09? Please let this look go! Love the sandal heels though!

Tiny looked beautiful as usual, but T.I. looked a homie-the-clown mess at the 51st Annual Grammy Awards Red Carpet. What in the world was he thinking???

The legendary Diva Whitney Houston wore a blue and beige strapless Zuhair Murad Resort 2009 gown with a revealing split up the side. Morose is a good word to describe this look.

I LOVE British Superstar Estelle so I'm not going to crack on her silver metallic futuristic George Jetson getup. She should have learned something when they did this to Jennifer Hudson last year though.

M.I.A. was laughable in this sheer House of Holland Spring 2009 dress, with her favorite black and white polka dots.

I wanted to love this look Jennifer Hudson put together for the Grammys, but Lord HAM-mercy! She looked elegant, but depressed in this 3-tone black, white and pewter Roland Mouret Trenet high neck dress with mismatched Christian Louboutin blue Suede Pumps.

The salty look on Ex-Destiny's Child member LeToya Luckett ruined the vibe of the red carpet. She knew she was wrong for wearing this loud fuschia pink dress and mismatched shoes with that multi-color snake skin clutch. I guess she thought she was making a bold statement. She thought wrong.

We love you Janelle Monáe, but DAMN! The equestrian look is so 1930s.

The Best Big Bird Imitation Award went to Solange Knowles. She also gets a 'F' for that multi-colored bag with those strappy heels and that ridiculous pose.

Photos: Wireimage/Getty

Grammy award winning singer Usher canceled a Pre-Grammy appearance late Saturday to rush to Brazil where his wife Tameka Foster-Raymond suffered "complications from plastic surgery."

A source close to Usher's camp told Sandrarose.com last night that Tameka suffered "an emergency related to the plastic surgery," but she is "fine now."

According to published reports, neurosurgeon Dr. Gabriel Hunt of LA's Cedars-Sinai Medical Center was flown to Brazil to consult on the case.

The most likely reason that a neurosurgeon would be consulted is if the patient fails to wake up from the anesthesia. This type of emergency can occur when the patient receives too much anesthesia and not enough oxygen during the procedure.

Artists and adult entertainers routinely travel to Brazil to have plastic surgery performed by skilled surgeons at upscale clinic/resorts which offer both privacy and a luxurious setting for the patient to recuperate.

Brazilian doctors are also favored for the cheaper rates they charge.

Usher and Tameka have two children together. Naviyd Ely Raymond, was born in December 2008, and the couple’s first child, Usher Raymond V, was born in November 2007.

Details are still sketchy, but according to online reports, singer Chris Brown hauled off and punched singer Rihanna in the face during a heated argument in their limo after they left the Clive Davis Pre-Grammy party in LA.

x17online.com reports that Brown turned himself in to police Sunday evening and was released on $50,000 bond about 90 minutes later. He was accompanied by his attorney Mark Geragos.

Last week rumors swirled that Chris was cheating on Rihanna with another woman -- Trey Songz's ex-fiancee, who Chris recently hired as one of his dancers.

The former lovebirds strived to give the appearance of still being a loving couple at Clive's party, but as you can see by Brown's body language above -- he was already over the relationship.

An inside source informed us that the trouble started when Chris considered Rihanna to be "damaged goods" after he discovered she had contracted Herpes. [LINK]

There are also rumors circulating that Rihanna contracted Herpes from another popular rapper who performed during the Grammys telecast Sunday night. They say Brown was acutely aware that Rihanna was getting her back blown out often and repeatedly by this married rapper.

The LAPD say a warrant was issued for Brown's arrest after an "unidentified" female filed domestic assault and battery charges against him following that early morning brawl. But sources say the woman, who sustained "visible injuries" on her face during the attack, was Rihanna.

This story exploded all over the Internets on Sunday just hours before Chris and Rihanna were scheduled to perform during the Grammy Awards telecast.

Grammy reps announced both artists canceled their appearances by late Sunday afternoon, and that's when rumors began swirling wildly.

Rihanna and Brown began dating in 2007 soon after the story broke of the scandalous relationship between the teenager and his 30-something manager. It all seemed so convenient at the time.

Once Rihanna found out that Chris was cheating on her, she should have packed her things and bounced right then. But instead, she made the same innocent mistake that many young women make by sticking around and hoping their man will get over his cheating ways.

Photo: Getty Image

*BUMPED* (Ya'll gon' learn to listen to your auntie when I tell you something!)

My regular readers know how much I detest gossip. Especially when it's untrue and reckless.

A loyal reader hit me up with these pics of Chris Brown and a chick who isn't Rihanna. She said some things in her email which led me to believe that she knows the chick intimately.

She also said that ever since Chris spotted a suspicious lesion on his boo Rihanna's upper lip, he's been having second thoughts about her. My source said CB's eye started roving and landed on this butter pecan beauty.

My source said the mysterious chica has been showing up wherever Chris performs -- most recently in Paris. And Rihanna was nowhere to be found.

I don't want to believe any of this but the pictures speak louder than words. I almost feel bad for RiRi but maybe this is for the best. That boy was too geeky for her anyway.

Comments Off on Mom of Black Cole Victim: “Obama Is Sending the Wrong Message”

A former Obama supporter -- and the mother of a black USS Cole victim, voices her displeasure at Barack Obama's decision to sympathize with Muslim terrorists by dropping all charges against the terrorist responsible for bombing the USS Cole.

"My son... was blown up along with 16 others. I buried body parts for three years. I'm still suffering.... Nothing he could tell me to make me feel any better."

-- Diane McDaniels, mother of James Roderick McDaniels

UPDATED: (Scroll down)

I found this over on Byron Crawford's blog. It's a snippet of a thuggish Barack Obama from back in the day -- before he realized he would run for president.

In the snippet, Obama can be heard saying, "You ain't my bitch, nigga. Buy your own damn fries!"

So in other words, if the "nigga" was Obama's "bitch" he would have copped for those fries? I'm just asking.


Thanks to loyal member Missnee for confirming that the voice in this audio clip is in fact POTUS Barack Obama.

Byron Crawford also posted this House remix of the POTUS Obama saying such gems as "There are white folks, and then there are ig'nant muthafuckas like you." And my personal favorites -- "Shit's gettin' way too complicated for me." and "Sorry ass niggas ain't got nuthin' on me."

Officer Ricky's attorney sounds like this is more personal than business. Everybody hates a trifling trick who gets knocked up and refuses to get a job to support herself:

Statement from Rick Ross Attorney Allan Stephen Zampren

"My name is Allan Stephen Zamren, I am the attorney who is and has represented the Platinum Recording Entertainer whose stage name is Rick Ross. Mr. Ross is currently involved in a child support; paternity case with a woman who is claiming he is the father of a three (3) year old male child.

There are statements being made alleging Mr. Ross is the father of this child but not taking care of the child financially or otherwise; that is absolutely *NOT TRUE.*

As a matter of fact and for the record, every month on or about the first of the month Mr. Ross pays a substantial amount of money, in excess of State of Florida, Child Support Guidelines to this child's mother for the support of the child. This child support money is in addition to money Mr. Ross pays the mother for clothing and other expenses for the child. Mr. Ross has also established a pre-paid college fund for the child and paternity of this child has not yet been determined.

A motion to return the motor vehicle that has been the subject on various internet websites was provided to the mother prior to 2009 for various reasons including but not limited to being charged for aggravated battery, battery and contributing to the delinquency of a minor when the mother used the vehicle as a deadly weapon. The mother failed to put the child in a car seat and purposely drove the vehicle into another while the young child was in the car.

The mother is currently unemployed and has (2) other children from another man whom she receives limited child support for. Statements made by or on behalf of the mother to disparage, defame, libel and slander Mr. Ross as to the child to obtain additional child support payments are untrue. Mr. Ross is an excellent charitable member of the community. I have known him for years. It is my pleasure to represent him and to know him."


E. Mason & Associates


Superstar singer/ songwriter Ne-Yo is on the west coast -- along with every other star in the universe -- to attend the Grammys this weekend.

There are so many parties in L.A. this week it's hard to keep up with them all. People.com has a list of the notable ones. [LINK]

Ne-Yo is set to host his Annual McDonald's midnight brunch at the upscale Kress restaurant in Hollywood tomorrow night.

People mag is calling this one of THE elite events of Grammy Week. Although it's a small intimate brunch, I hear people are RSVP'ng like crazy. Even those who didn't get one of the custom invitations. Speaking of custom invitations, Ne-Yo's invite looks like it's cut out of a single block of solid gold.

If you're in the L.A. area and you would like to attend Ne-Yo's intimate brunch, email Jamahl King of S.T.E.P.S. at jamahl @ stepsevents.com (without the spaces).

Or visit his website Stepsevents.com.

Photos (Ne-Yo): Wireimage/Getty and S.T.E.P.S. Events

British singing sensation Estelle performed last night at Radio City Music Hall in NYC. If you missed it you missed a great show.
Photo: Getty Image

Singer Lloyd joined rapper Yung Joc over in Italy for a live performance. ExclusiveAccess.net got all the shots of the concert and dinner.

Ginuwine showed up at the Westwood One radio remote at the 51st Annual GRAMMY Awards yesterday in L.A. I guess that means he has an album coming out soon? I sure hope so. I need to add it to my Emergency Survival kit in the ride.
Photo: Wireimage/Getty

Actress Lindsay Price, left, attended the MAC Cosmetics and V Magazine Host "Hello Kitty Commotion!" party last night in NYC.
Photo: Wireimage/Getty

British star Leona Lewis hasn't been in the states that long and she's already packing on the weight. That's because American food is processed with artificial fillers and chemicals that are fattening. Have you noticed there are far fewer overweight people in England than over here?
Photo: Wireimage/Getty

Kanye West was spotted out & about in L.A. last night. He loves that jacket doesn't he? Thank God he's the only one. I would hate to see anyone else wearing that repulsive looking thing. Kanye has no taste in clothing. Speaking of repulsive, last night while shopping at the Louis Vuitton store in Lenox, I bumped into a friend whom I haven't seen in 3 years. She has more money than she knows what to do with and she wanted to buy those repulsive looking Stephen Sprouse tribute boots on the right which are similar to the ones rapper Lil Wayne recently wore at a concert. She thought they were part of Kanye West's line. Thankfully she changed her mind and decided not to purchase those monstrosities after all. I wish I could tell you who pulled up at the front of Lenox Square Mall in his beautiful Bentley to scoop her up. But I promised her I wouldn't.
Photo (Kanye): INF DAILY