None of these famous women gave Dwyane Wade an STD

One thing is for sure: women in a legal battle for their husbands millions will lie about anything!

The estranged wife of Chicago native and NBA star Dwyane Wade on Thursday dropped her charge that the Miami Heat guard gave her a sexually transmitted disease.

The charge was included in a divorce filing against Wade being heard in Cook County. Wade's attorney James B. Pritikin told the Sun-Times that the accusation by Siohvaughn Wade (right) "was never true" and that his client was pleased the matter was removed from the divorce case.

Siohvaughn Wade, whom the basketball star met when they were students at Richards High School in Oak Lawn, accused Wade of infidelity and sought the names of "All of his sexual partners." [LINK]

The judge should throw the book at her for lying.

  • KaraZ

    Sandra, in this case I agree with you (Jesus are you coming tonight?). Her accusations were defamatory and could have potentially hurt his livelihood, she shouldn't be rewarded for this behavior; Dwayne should sue her for that too.

  • Anna

    I wonder what made her change her mind, of course a defamation of character suit is a sure thing to slow down any divorce process and being we are in a recession who does not want their alimony and child support payments ASAP. LOL.

  • starr

    If it wasn't true, he should sue her for defamation. cuz i know i would. And for all we know, he prob has some nasty std....shyt, i believe nearly half the NBA does.

    And how do we know that her dropping these charges weren't part of the the divorce agreement?

  • Shauny

    Well I think the 10 million dollar payment he gave her last week is reason enough for her to agree to retract the story.

    I still believe it because I bet you if it weren't true the Dwayne would've had his lawyers sue for defamation but then she would probably be able to come up with the papers from her doctors showing that it was true and Dwayne knew that. He paid her shut up money. He's still nasty.

  • carmelita79

    he apparently paid her so...... she dropped it out the of divorce complaint that doesnt mean she was lying. two different things

  • missmiami

    Maybe she withdrew everything and they were able to settle out of court. Who cares anyway, he is still nasty.

  • missmiami

    Maybe he gave her crabs or something like that

  • Doc Jam

    D. Wade is the truth! His ex wife is a pretty lady and all, but look at all the pine fussy he is in that picture with! Man...I need to get my money up..

  • hottieplus313

    I dont think she lied, 10 million bucks would have a whole lot of folks retracting there included. :)

  • donnia

    Unless you have seen the medical files, you don't know if she was lying then or if she is lying now. I think she is lying now to save face and he may be paying her off. I wonder if the team doctor test for STDs - just asking.

  • iscream

    The caption under that Picture.. Priceless.

    "None of these famous women gave Dwyane Wade an STD"

    I just watched the BET honors.. Excuse me while I yawn. Boring & they honored my girl MJB. Anita was the best thing to brace that stage. Sorry Sandra, but ya girl Monica was a hoodmess. Keisha Cole sounded like she had a something stuck in her throat. Glad I DVR'd it so I was able to ff through most. So happy MJ shouted out her sister who I see has a single coming out.

    Damn, I wish Kwallce was still on here she watched Big Love.

  • jazi65

    the fact that the allegation was withdrawn should tell ya the chick was lying...dam shame to try & defame the man this way..if he cheated ok, handle your biz and make sure you and the kids are taken care of, but to lie like that? down right triflin.

  • donnia

    Folks withdraw statements all the time in legal cases. News Flash, this is not an indication the statements are untrue. However, it is an indication there may be work/deals going on behind the scene.

  • eastpointvet

    yeah i think this more of a money issue

  • MissGauzzz

    I don't think she's lying...I think that 10 million dollas hushed her azz up real quick! Sorry...but he just seems like he spreads himself real damm thin!

  • Krysi J

    It must've been one helleva STD, if she wanted the names of all of his lovers...something like HERPs or WARts or HIV...had to be something incurable to want that type of info. Why would she need the names if it was something that could be treated....what was she going to do call all da bytches up and say "one of you hoes gave my husband VD"??

  • ReadTheBlog

    lol@ you trying to call Gabrielle Union out, Sandra withthat little quip under the photo. We know that b*tch is nasty.

  • teecee

    yea her check cleared the bank, im sure that amount will buy alot of valtrex....

  • precious1

    I really doubt if she lied about the std. I think she probably figured it would be more trouble than it was worth. She put it out there before and I truly believe it was the case.

    Girly, probably realized that she was messing with his money, which in turn was her money. Some people opt to do what's best for THEM, which is why she recanted the whole claim. She wants to get this divorce over and get paid.

    She probably got a little something extra to recant her story. Better she look like a fool than him huh? Things money can buy!