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Belvedere Vodka and Jeezy released this video for Jeezy's track "Circulate" yesterday on Jeezy and T.I. are set to perform in Miami either tonight or tomorrow. It must be a big deal because people who normally don't leave Atlanta flew down there for this concert. Maybe I should have gone too. "Circulate" was produced by Don Cannon, who used to be my neighbor in Buckhead until recently.

  • eastpointvet

    not his hottest video i like the song though

  • masonmom

    even though his album aint sell he still puttin out videos! way to go!! im sure miss cole will there hiding behind bushes in a trench coat, fadora hat n sunglasses! LOOOOOOVE, never knew what i was missin but i knew when we start kissin i fooound jeeezzzzy!