Rapper T.I. is making the rounds trying to promote his new reality show that premieres on MTV tonight.

I won't be watching because reality shows bore me, but I'm sure my readers will let me know how it was tomorrow.

Anyway, T.I. spoke with woman beater Chris Brown on the phone and he tells Carson Daly that Chris is "worried about what's going to happen" to his career. Good stuff.

  • http://happynappyhead.blogspot.com Seattle Slim

    He should be worried if he did hurt her as bad as TMZ reports. I'm going to need Rihanna to get it together and let the world know what the deal is. Her silence is dedafening.

  • Krysi J


  • Anna

    1Seattle Slim Says:

    He should be worried if he did hurt her as bad as TMZ reports. I’m going to need Rihanna to get it together and let the world know what the deal is. Her silence is dedafening.

    Anyone wanting to speak on his behalf should include that he is worried about Rihanna, whether he is or has mentioned it or not. It's better PR.

  • donnia

    He should also be concerned with how he beat this young woman, not just how the media attention may affect his career. I really hope Chris seeks help because he really needs. I try not to speak ill of the dead, but I have to say it. Ike Turner was once a young Chris Brown. The only good in this situation is he didn't kill her and he has a chance at redemption.

  • http://myspace.com/eastpointvet eastpointvet

    actually the entire first show is already online and i think its a really positive show im interested in seeing how the season plays out

  • Fenix6376

    I don't know if it is right to equate Chris Brown with Ike Turner. At least not until all the facts are out. Thats an ufair association since you know nothing about the incident other than the bits and pieces reported.

    Tina was not violent toward Ike. He beat her unprovoked both physically and emotionally. This incident with Chris Brown and Rhianna,as far as we know, is not the same.

  • donnia


    There are a few things we do know through the media from information leaked from police and the hospital. We know he beat her down. I don't believe a woman can ever provoke a beat down from a man. As someone said in another thread, restrain a woman if she is "trying" to attack you without a weapon. Men a stronger enough to "handle" the situation without giving a woman a beat down.

  • Fenix6376

    @ Donnia
    And like I said in a earlier thread on another post. We don't know why he pulled the car over. Maybe he was trying to walk away. Maybe he tried to restrain her but she bit him, which is why he may have had bite marks on his hand. There are too many "maybes" and not enough fact to equate him with Ike Turner. Anybody, man or woman can only take so much!!

  • ReadTheBlog

    He should be worried about his career. TI should too f*cking career jailbird.

  • KaraZ

    Doesn't TI also abuse Tiny? Hmm. Blind leading the damn blind.

  • http://myspace.com/cocoasister kkizzle

    I guess I'm not as interested in the blurb about Chris Brown as T.I. I love T.I. and commend him for this whole "Road to Redemption"; although, I've heard folks criticize this journey as an all out marketing ploy to make T.I. look good in light of his legal issues. The fact remains a lof of folks love him and kids idolize him. If he can help someone choose a different road, then that's a good thing. Way to go T.I.!

  • Shauny

    It really irks me that people try to somehow find a way to blame or explain why Chris would put his hands on this young lady. I've been on a lot of urban blogs and it seems that Rhianna is being portrayed in more a negavitve light that Chris. I'm hearing "she was jealous", "she probably hit him first","she has a bad/nasty attitude", "she is a island hot head anyway"...SO WHAT!!!

    The truth that we know so far is that she definately got beat up or at least hit and with the pictures of his knuckles we know who connected.

    Rhianna needs to realize that he doesn't give a damn about her anymore. The fact that he is only concerned about his career and not about his action towards her is disturbing.

  • donnia


    Let the church say amend!!!! When I saw the suppose bite mark on his hand posted by Sandra yesterday, I thought "bite mark", it looked like a hand that hand just served up a knuckle sandwich.

  • Daisy

    @Shauny how do we know he isnt worried about how Rihanna is doing just because TI didn't say it? That is a big assumption to make. TI just spoke on one part of the convo he had with Chris. For all we know Chris and RiRi are talking right now. What Chris is accused of doing is wrong. I want him to get help sooner than later as well as take responsbility for his actions. I dont feel any of us will ever know what really went down that night but beating a woman is not ok. Now a man can and should defend himself against a crazy woman but that does not mean or require using fist per say. Both of them are in my prayers. I feel he made a HUGE mistake but I am not ready to throw him out with the bath water just yet. I pray RiRi get's counseling as well once she is well enough.

  • terika83

    I just read the "other side of the story" and it seems like it makes more sense...he broke up with her because she is extremely jealous and insecure...she punched him and continued hitting him which caused him to crash the lambo (which is why it was towed) he tried to pull her out of the car and she continually hit and scratch him and he got fed up and slapped her (once) and walked away....read she's crazy and ALWAYS beats up on him...I'm not suprised that he finally got sick of it.

  • mjoylaw

    The word is that a lot of the negative comments toward Rihanna on the blogs, especially the black blogs, are planted by Chris's fixers/pr people. So let's not buy into all that, hey if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably a duck. If Chris didn't beat Rihanna then who did and why hasn't that information been brought forward?

    What could possibly be a valid reason that this young man would beat down anyone, including any man, woman or child, or Rihanna in particular? There is none, it doesn't matter what they "did" to "provoke" the beating. If Chris's career was really that important to him he would have stayed away from this volatile relationship..but no he obviously wanted to control her.

    The hearing date is March 5. Developing.......

  • Daisy

    @Terika where did you read that version of the story from?

  • teecee

    ti needs to be worried about the yr he doing in the joint......

  • Shauny

    He doesn't give a damn about her because he put a beat down on her azz and left her either in the car or on the street screaming and crying. Witnesses called the police (I wish they would find them so they could tell us what THEY saw) so eff what T.I did or didn't say after talking to Chris because that alone says he doesn't care.

    Should we think he started worrying about her...while he was hitting her, when he ran and left her, when he was turned himself in, or when he thought about DAYUM I just fugged up my career after hearing the reports of the damage he'd done to her.

    The big assumption I have a problem with is all of these excuses being given as to why it was o.k for him to hit her to a point of a bloody nose, split lip, and contusions. I can't wait until someone gets their hands on those picutes to see if it's as bad as they say it is so we can see just how much force he used to "defend himself " from her 105lb butt.

    IF and I repeat IF she was trying to come at him then muff her so she gets the message to calm the eff down, push her down and jump in the car and pull off, shake her until she's dizzy but don't just beat the chit out of her like that. I just don't understand it but that's just my opinion.

    If you put your hands on a woman you DO NOT care about her.

  • http://happynappyhead.blogspot.com Seattle Slim

    If kids idolize T.I. I'm going to need their parents to go to parenting classes because something is wrong.

    Terika, are you serious? You're condoning domestic violence bottom line.

  • terika83

    @daisy.....media.take.out.....they said CB's friend reached out to them to tell his side of the story...I'm not saying its totally true...but it sounds more valid then the other stories I've been hearing...and I heard she's overly jealous plenty of times before this incident.

  • Daisy

    @Seattle I work with teens and trust me the best of the best parents can't control who their kids look up to. I will say idolize is a strong word but I got what she was saying I think.

  • http://happynappyhead.blogspot.com Seattle Slim


    If other demographics read these urban blogs they would be horrified and some would be justified in their prejudice because in their mind the response these CB fans give is indicative that something is wrong with our people. No words...

  • Daisy

    @Shauny I guess you MISSED where I said he was wrong and a man should defend himself but that does NOT require fist. Reading is fundamental after all.

  • Shauny

    girl depending on where you look its:

    1. Chris new girlfriend and her friends (the one who is supposed to play Aaliyah in the move) actually beat her up OR was the one who called the police on Chris after she saw how bad he was whippin RhiRhi's azz. They actually say he has been seeing her on and off for almost 2 years even though he was with Rhianna.

    2. Chris actually called this girl/girls to go on a date after the Grammy party in front of Rhianna and the girl/girls met up with Chris and either the girl was IN THE CAR with them or following behind and Rhianna snapped because she couldn't believe Chris was disrespecting her like that and went off on him and he beat her up.

    There is also this story coming out about a girl from South Africa who is saying that Chris became aggresive with her after she declined his offer to go to his hotel room. They are saying that he grabbed her by her wrists and wouldn't let go and security had to step in and make him let her go.

    So there are tons of stories out there, all or none are probably true. We will never probably get the details of what really went down that night.

  • Daisy

    I am not even a huge CB fan either for the record and yall kill me saying people are defending him.

  • http://happynappyhead.blogspot.com Seattle Slim

    Terika, I heard you were a druggie who likes to eat babies from like, some people. I heard you also dance with the devil at midnight. Does that make it true? I mean if someone clotheslined you based on these rumors, would that be okay then? By your logic, yes.

    Good point. But T.I.? The guy's a loser ignoramus. I mean, really? they can't idolize someone who's a little smarter?

  • Shauny

    I didn't MISS anything you posted. I comprehend just fine. ALL of my reply wasn't directed towards you and your previous post. Reading and comprehension sure is fundemental isn't it.

  • donnia

    According to PerezHilton:

    Thankfully, new reports state that Rihanna is cooperating with police officers after reportedly being viciously beat up by her (hopefully) soon-to-be ex boyfriend Chris Brown.

    A police source confirmed that Rihanna is providing "ongoing" cooperation with detectives who are busy compiling a domestic violence case against douchebag Brown.

    An industry insider who knows the pair said, "Everybody's sick about it. She's so beautiful and nice. How do you hit her?"

    The pair got into a heated argument very early Sunday morning in the ritzy Hancock Park neighborhood in Los Angeles. That's when a witness spotted the altercation and called police. That witness will be key to the case.

    Another neighbor who lives on the same block said, "The screaming woke up my neighbors, but I slept through it. My son saw them tow away the silver Lamborghini. I hope she's okay. It's a shame."

    As for the events leading up to that awful night, one friend said, "They looked lovey-dovey, laughing and hugging, whispering in each other's ears."

    However, it's said many noticed Brown carefully watching Rihanna dancing with other guys at the party Saturday night. "Both of them are young and prone to jealousy," says a source.

    Yea, but jealousy should never lead to violence!

  • hottieplus313

    We all really want to know what happened because we are nosey as hell. But really they dont have to confirm or deny anything to us, which leaves us panting like dogs waiting for a bone. If I had just gotten beat down, or in an accident or whatever, telling the the world what happened would not be my priority. How many times have we all said "none of your business" to someone. Lets face it, we are all sad.....at least I am, I will admit it. :)

  • terika83

    @Seattle Slim...what are you talking about my logic??? I just said I heard she was a jealous girl and I actually said idk if the story is true so that comment can kick rocks. I'm not defending the boy I'm just telling yall what I read and bringing a diff. side of the story into the comment section. I'm entitled to comment just like everybody else and yes I could see him slapping her once and walking away (if that's what happened) did I ever say it was ok? NO...I just said I'm not suprised that he got fed up with being hit on.

  • speakinmymind

    @ donnia

    and i suppose Perez Hilton's sources, close friends, yada yada yada are more credible than Sandra's, Media Fakeout's, C.oncrete Loops, etc.?? smdh

    bottom line is we don't know what happened.

  • Krysi J

    at Shauny,mjoylaw, and seattle slim

    its your opinion, and your business to support a violence

    I for one, do not support violence at all...I SAID THAT WOMAN NOR MAN SHOULD PUT THEIR HANDS ON EACH OTHER IN A VIOLENT WAY...unless its in DEFENSE...so If Rhianna was abusing Chris....NO I DON'T GIVE HER AN EXCUSE...if Chris was defending himself WELL THERE IT IZ SHYT!!! DEFENSE. NOw if Chris put his hands on that girl just because he was being LESS OF A MAN and ABUSING HER, SO BE IT, HE SHOULD ROTT IN JAIL....BUT I WANT SOME DAMN PROOF FIRST!!!! and nothing online that is NOT oFFICIAL is going to CONVINCE me to help RUIN this boys career UNTIL I GET IT!!..........so the HELL with that shyt you tombout, and thats all I gotta say up in here...cuz honestly it looks like yall are looking for somebody to argue with, we already agreed to disagree in the other post, sO WTF??

  • terika83

    @Krysi J......I agree totally...don't touch me and I won't touch you....period.

  • terika83

    P.S.....minus the chris hit her back part. lol. But I see where you were going with it...

  • starr

    I"m thru speculating.....I'll wait for the facts

    ON all these blogs, everyone seems to know what happens.

    And this is just my Opinion....if a wowman hits a man, she should expect to get hit back. I would never even think to raise my hand to a man....knowing what he could do to me just because of their strength. thats just my opiinion. Sometimes women think that they can get away with it, and then end up looking all shocked and shyt when he knocks her into tomorrow.

  • Shauny

    Now here I am going to have to go back on my word not discussing this.

    Why are you directing your comment at me specifically? Where do you see ANYWHERE that I am discussing anything YOU said? I never commented on a word that you said. The only person I personally responded to was Daisy and that is because she responded with comments directly to me about what I posted. That was addressed and has been over with.

    I have been on here for a minute now and sweetie I have never argued or tried to argue with anyone so you have the wrong person. I come her for entertainment not for combat. Maybe you should scroll up again and reread, you may have me mixed up with someone else.

  • Krysi J

    You right, I had you mixed up with somebody else...my bad

    *keeps it moving* dueces!

  • krhwiggins

    See if you want to get some facts, stick with sites you know are going to have facts. We like the drama, so we stick with sites full of drama. I'm getting my stuff from CNN.com. They don't print any gossip that I can tell.