Page Six has a story about a celebrity publicist named Amanda Silverman who, like other publicists, makes a fabulous living fabricating lies for their clients.

They write that when news broke of a woman being assaulted by Chris Brown, Silverman was asked how Rihanna was doing:

Silverman claimed Rihanna, her client, had only been in a traffic mishap, and said she was “fine.” She told another reporter the “Umbrella” singer was “well. Thank you for your concern and support.” [LINK]

The fact of the matter is, some publicists are paid ridiculous fees ($6,000 and up per month) to basically lie their asses off and keep the public in the dark about their clients. The more money they make, the bigger the lies they tell and the happier their clients are.

The tide began to change for publicists when shock jocks like Wendy Williams and celebrity bloggers like Perez Hilton came along.

Purveyors of truth like Wendy and Perez are the anti-publicists. The public is hungry for the real low down on celebrities and that’s what drives millions of listeners and viewers to Wendy and Perez daily.

It would be wise for publicists to recognize that fact because some in the mainstream media are already bypassing publicists and going directly to the blogs to pull information for their stories.

Pretty soon, lying publicists will be a thing of the past and the blogs will be in total control of disseminating celebrity information.

  • babysoft15

    Wouldn’t that make you a happy camper Sandra :)

  • Bird

    You’re right Sandra, but it’s not just the blogs. The paps and even the public play a very large part in putting celebs on blast. Had one of the neighbors who supposedly heard Rihanna screaming filmed the incident they would have been PAID. That’s why I think it’s a great idea that neither one is talking. There is nothing they can say without admitting to everything. Heck if Rihanna ever gets broke she can sell her beat up pics for a grip if someone in law enforcement doesn’t get the money first by leaking the pics which I have a funny feeling will eventually wind up happening anyway.

  • leat

    i dont have a problem with the publicist fabricating the truth for the clients safety. we dont have to know everything about these people. but in a serious case like this as long as the law knows whats going its all good. the truth will soon be available for the public.

  • Krysi J

    I hope by now yall see that Sandra is taking from the comments people are making in the posts and making them topics…keep the fire HOT sandra, get ya money Mane.

  • Vegas Dice

    I’m a Publicist, and WE’RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE.

    I understand your frustration, but don’t publicist bash!

    Some situations depend on the publicist and the celebrity client. Many times, media finds out about a story quicker than the publicist does – which is why you get “no comment” or they lie. Our job is to protect our clients information, as well as be a mediator between clients/press.

    Don’t blame us for doing a job we’re paid to do.. Whatever my client’s personal business is, that’s their business so if they want the public to know about it – you’ll either get a true statement, or whatever we want you to hear.

  • dblaq

    Publicists suppose to do much more… It is their relationships to media outlets that gets them work and make your story stick. However, Blogs are full of lies, garbage, stolen stories, made up crap. Hell you can only believe 5 -10% of any blog that you read.

    Photoshopped images, twisted stories because that is what the blogging technique is to drive traffic to the site so that bloggers can get money for ads and google adsense. Simple and plain.

    What qualifies a blogger? nothing. Doesn’t need to be an expert in anything, doesn’t need to have any type of skill. You can get a free blogging account and now your are blogger. At least publicists have produce real results for their “clients”.

    Celebrities are made by the public, the same way that people spread lies about them, publicist try to counter it. Name of the game.

    I don’t see any of of it but pure entertainment purpose. Not as a source of news because who QA’s that anyway. You suppose to have sources that double check for truth before it is being put out. But in reality nobody cares about the truth the more drama you can put out the better for ratings!! The public loves it, no need for the truth.

    For instance on the CB and Rhianna incident, some bloggers put out that Rhianna gave CB herpes and that’s why he beat her ass!!!

  • KaraZ

    Bloggers or other internet sleuths will never be able to uncover everything about any one celeb; so as long as the publicist actually works as both mouthpiece and image consultant the good ones will stay in business.

    Besides Sandra u forget that these bloggers get leaked info from publicists all the time.

  • dblaq

    ^^^ Um yeah how do you think she gets some of the info. A lot of her Jeezy stuff comes from a particular publicist

  • Terry .W

    Sorta like some lying bloggers out here/there/everywhere!!!

  • Avanti

    Publicists will NEVER become extinct. They’ll just develop a new way to maneuver around blogs. They’ll use new tactics and maybe begin to blog on their own to create the “truths” the want people to believe.

    Besides, if they were to become extinct…according to Sandra, they’ll probably be in the back of the “Obama Supporters” job line she posted yesterday.

  • ReadTheBlog

    Don’t get it twisted, Sandra. The only reason people are drawn to Perez and Wendy are because they are freaks of nature, and the public can’t seem to understand how they seem to stand upright like normal human beings…

  • speakinmymind

    in your dreams Sandra…in your wildest dreams!! lol