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Loyal reader Ebony W. wrote:

    Good Afternoon Sandra,

    I knew the comments would be off for this post but I have been waiting for it all day. I am not a kool-aid drinker as you like to call the die-hard Obama stans, but I did vote for him because like it or not, Presidential elections in the US are really just a competition between the lesser of two evils. My eyes are/were wide open regarding his presidency and like Tavis Smiley I think is should be held accountable for his decisions/choices. I didn't agree with his stance on this particular issue. He signs this Omnibus package with the earmarks because it is for last year's budget, like that means it doesn't count.

    This would have been a perfect opportunity for him to show that he means business with changing DC. It may be last year's budget, but with his signature it becomes a part of his legacy.

    I understand there are earmarks, or thing called earmarks, that are beneficial to different states, but I doubt there 8,500 worth. Let's be realistic, we only have 50 states plus DC. I wanted to see him do what Kevin Kline did in the movie "Dave"; where he sat in a room with the muckety-mucks of Washington and did a line by line survey of the budget to determine what was needed and what wasn't. It would not have hurt the country had Obama sat down and did a line by line assessment of this Omnibus bill before signing.

    I am not a republican or a democrat, but I am an American and am unhappy with the direction this country is headed. It is not a republican or democrat issue since both parties are to blame for our current state. As such, we need a leader who is strong enough control the toddlers in the sandbox and make then get along. I still think it is too early to judge Obama's presidency, but so far, he is not the one.

    Thanks for reading my rant. I love your blog. Keep up the good work!!!

From Thedishrag blog:

    Patrick Swayze's photos of the cover of The National Enquirer -- Patrick Swayze: The End -- don't look too encouraging to his many fans.

    The beloved actor's face appears gaunt and skeletal, and he's lost all his hair.

    The actor was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in March 2008 and has been admirably upbeat while fighting a hard battle against the disease.

    In January, he was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia and had to miss his Television Critics Association appearance to discuss his new show, "The Beast."

    His quote "I'm proud of the way I fought it" also seems to indicate that the end may be near.

    We pray that he can beat this.

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Remember these words from Barack Hussein Obama: "If any Bill comes across my desk filled with earmarks I will Veto it!"

Or this: "We need earmark reform and when I'm president, I will go line by line to make sure we're not spending money unwisely."

Well, the master of double speak has proven once again that he can't be trusted to keep his word. After calling the $410 billion omnibus bill "imperfect", Obama signed the bill containing 8,500 earmarks into law anyway. But unlike the hype surrounding the signing of the $800 billion stimulus package, Obama signed the earmark pork bill behind closed doors.

    Acknowledging it’s an "imperfect" bill, President Barack Obama said he will accept a $410 billion spending package but insisted it must signal an "end to the old way of doing business."

    The massive measure funding federal agencies through the fall contains nearly 8,500 pet projects, known as "earmarks" and denounced by critics as pork.

    Obama defended earmarks when they’re "done right," allowing lawmakers to direct money to worthy projects in their districts — but added they’ve been abused, and he’ll work with Congress to curb them.

    "I am signing an imperfect omnibus bill because it’s necessary for the ongoing functions of government," Obama declared. "But I also view this as a departure point for more far-reaching change." LINK via MM

After feeling the heat from Kids' Choice Awards viewers and sponsors, the Nickelodeon network has disinvited the troubled singer -- and sent out an urgent memo asking staff to wipe Brown's name off the website completely.

This action comes after it was revealed that Brown and his 40-year-old manager, Tina Davis, were setting up a booty call just before he beat his girlfriend Rihanna to a pulp in his Lambo the night before the Grammy Awards.

Chris Brown's camp is now claiming he never had plans to attend the show anyway, but we know that's a lie.

His camp also denies that Brown posted a blog on his Myspace asking for votes for favorite male singer award and favorite song for "Kiss Kiss."

According to People magazine, a petition was posted online asking Nickelodeon to drop his name from the list of nominees.

After fielding numerous requests for a response to the viewer backlash, the network stood firmly behind Brown and deferred to the little innocent children who voted for him instead.

"Like all our KCA nominees Chris Brown was nominated by kids several months ago based on his body of work as a performer, and the kids who vote will ultimately decide who wins in the category," a shameless Nickelodeon rep said last week.

A spokesman for Nickelodeon now confirms that Brown is not scheduled to attend. It's more likely that Nickelodeon asked Brown not to attend.

It's one thing to slap your girlfriend around, but pedophilia is something the network apparently can't make excuses for.

According to GIANT magazine, Davis moved Brown into her home and seduced Brown with fresh kicks and gear at the tender age of 13:

She moved him in with her in New Jersey and got him a deal with Jive Records, now home to R&B’s ruling class: R. Kelly, Justin Timberlake, T-Pain, Joe and Huey.

“Me and T.J. used to stay at Tina’s house all the time. We thought she was super rich!” Brown says. “She lived in a regular neighborhood, and we was from the ghetto. We was wearing a whole bunch of dirty clothes. She would buy us fresh things every week, new sneakers." LINK

Thanks to loyal reader Music Lover for the tip!

The biggest thief in the history of the music industry is at it again. This heifer has no originality... umph umph umph.

From Faded Youth blog:

Beyonce looked like a [plastic Barbie] doll in her handmade embroidered gown is by Thierry Mugler as she filmed a promotional video for her upcoming concert in New York City. Meanwhile, fourteen years earlier, Jerry Hall brought on the glam in the same stunning gown during the 1st Annual VH1 Fashion and Music Awards in the Big Apple.


Thanks to loyal reader Benita B. for the tip!

First let me begin by saying: Y'all going to learn to listen to your auntie when I tell you something!

The Internet is buzzing about how a comely, older woman used her status and her feminine wiles to lure an immature 15-year-old boy into her bed.

But, apparently, the former VP of A&R at Def Jam Records isn't the only female industry veteran who trolls the playgrounds looking for young hot boys.

According to a very credible source, Tina Davis -- who we now know was the reason behind Chris Brown going upside Rihanna's head -- runs with a crew of well-known industry cougars who lust after young impressionable artists on the come-up.

The names of these women would surprise you if I revealed them. Some of these chicks are behind the careers of the biggest names in the music business.

One longtime industry professional reportedly slept with the late music exec Shakir Stewart while he was still a teen. This woman was GM of one of L.A. Reid's companies when she seduced and then dumped the young Shakir, who worked there as an intern.

Shakir went running to Reid who was said to be furious that his trusted employee was mixing business with pleasure at his company's expense. They say the ultimate slap in the face came when Reid fired the cougar and gave her job to Shakir. That's supposedly how Shakir got his start in the music business.

The cougar likely reminisced about that sordid affair during a 2003 interview when she was asked to recall her biggest career or personal mistake:

It's mixing personal with the business, and it's a life long lesson that I still have to work on everyday. ...basically everyone I've dated in my circle has been in the entertainment industry. I think that having inter-personal relationships in the business, without responsibility, is a mistake.

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Earlier I posted two emails from loyal readers who put Kandi Burrus' fiance on full blast.

Since then, a few of her friends reached out to tell me -- and I quote: "All hail has broken loose! Kandi believes everything. She is on the war path."

As you know, it was announced that the "No Scrubs" songwriter is the new addition to the cast of Bravo's Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Earlier this week, I heard from an inside source who spoke very kindly of Kandi's fiance "A.J." She said A.J. is "very nice" and she couldn't believe all the negative things my loyal reader had written about him. She asked if I would please speak to A.J. to get his side of the story. She said he's not a dead beat dad and he is supportive of his 6 children.

She says A.J. is a legitimate business man who once owned a restaurant off of Washington Road and I-285. Both of his baby mamas worked with him at his restaurant -- at the same time. She said he provides financial support for all of his children as far as she knows. "He claims his 6 kids," she said.

But my other sources, who are close friends of Kandi's, say my readers spoke the truth about him. One source told me Kandi was very upset and might call off the wedding to A.J.

The source said, "he's not just a dog -- he's a dirty d*ck dog who will f*ck anything moving!"

Another source said she thinks one of A.J.'s baby mama's is behind all these allegations about A.J. "He told her he's getting married [to Kandi] and starting a family and he can't continue to pay all her bills and pay for two families," said the source. "He told her she had to get a job."

It's unfortunate that intelligent women like Kandi, who seem to have it all, consistently seek the wrong type of men who will end up hurting them eventually. Sadly, she hasn't reached that point where she is able to break that pattern and meet a man who may not be so good looking or wealthy, but will love her for who she is.

The saddest part in all this is the revelation that Kandi's $100K engagement ring was paid for out of her own pocket. Hopefully it isn't too late to get her money back.

Yesterday we posted an interview from in which The Dream defended his lady love, Christina Milian. He couldn't understand why anyone -- especially another man -- would diss his honey because of her blond hair style. We don't get it either. The girl is stunning. Why would successful men be jealous of a woman? The music industry is rampant with male b*tches who choose to reveal their pink thongs in the most unusual ways. The Dream's latest studio effort, Love vs. Money, is in stores now.
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Halle Berry was spotted leaving her physiologist's office in L.A. yesterday. OK, I've heard of celebs seeing specialists for everything, but a physiologist? For what? And did you hear that "Access Hollywood's TV One Access" voted Halle the Sexiest Black Woman Alive? Since when is she black?

Former Destiny's Child member LeToya Luckett celebrated her birthday yesterday at bamboo in Houston, TX. Helping her celebrate were singer Estelle and one-hit-wonder rapper Mims. LeToya turns 28 today.
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Since talk show Diva Tyra Banks dropped those extra pounds, she is nothing to play with! Everyone notices how amazing sister looks. Even the paps have begun following her around again which means her pics are worth something now. Get it girl!

Rap icon Yo Yo and industry veteran Sylvia Rhone, President of Universal Motown Records, attended her birthday bash at Norwood in NYC last night. Ms. Rhone was instrumental in launching the careers of many superstars. She turned 57 today.
Photo: Wireimage/Getty

VIBE editor-in-chief Danyel Smith, Mariah's hubby Nick Cannon and industry veteran Shanti Das attended Sylvia Rhone's birthday bash in NYC last night.
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I see Common removed his soft cast from his left hand. Probably because the cast brought too many inquiries after my Medical Minute post revealed just how he got his fracture. But it's all good. Who doesn't know a man (or boy) who punched a wall to keep from hurting his woman?
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Music mogul Damon Dash was spotted in NYC yesterday pushing his daughter, Talullah Ruth, in a hot pink stroller.

Yesterday, broke the news revealing Chris Brown's mystery woman. I just want to take this time to thank all my loyal (and not so loyal) readers who recall that we broke the story first about Chris & Tina on my old blog. Thanks for all your emails yesterday. I apologize that I couldn't respond to them all.

I especially want to thank my folks -- my longtime readers who stuck with me through all the drama and all the the hate heaped on from the very beginning when was a simple html page. Readers like Bird, 2bme, 2thick, Smokie (my biggest hatah), and others. But I want to send a special thanks to all my inside sources. Without You there would be no!

Kudos to my #1 source who originally emailed me the Chris Brown/Tina story. At first I didn't believe him. But when he said the info came from Chris' mom, well, it takes a lot for a mom to put her own son out there like that. My source has given us some of the biggest scoops over the years, and asks for nothing in return. He is a top-level music industry veteran who moves easily within that tight circle of trusted friends that celebrities surround themselves with.

He takes great pride in his career and he takes great risk by reaching out to us and revealing the intimate secrets of his friends. We appreciate him for that and we can not thank him enough. I may not have TMZ money to buy scoops, but I have my loyal sources like him and my readers like You who support everything we do.

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My jaw dropped when I saw these flawless photos from Derek Blanks' recent photo shoot with rapper Diamond, formerly of Crime Mob. Derek transformed her form a diamond in the rough to a radiant beauty!

Earlier I posted this video from Derek's shoot and the response was very positive.

As you know, Diamond left Crime Mob in 2007, and she recently signed a management deal with Ciara's former manager Philana Williams. Now Diamond is in the studio working hard on her new solo project.

Photos by Derek Blanks