In this latest installment of JD's "Living the Life" YouTube video blog series, JD, B.Cox and Johnta Austin discuss their intimate knowledge of sex with thick girls vs. skinny girls. I'm not sure why B.Cox is even in this conversation.

This video contains language of a sexual nature and may not be appropriate for the office cubicle.

In the current issue of Vogue magazine, Beyonce explains why she and hubby Jay Z get along so well: they barely speak to each other! She also unwittingly reveals just how unintelligent Jay Z really is.

"I definitely have learned to be more picky from Jay,” says Beyonce in the new issue of Vogue. “Because if something makes a lot of sense to everyone else, if he doesn’t feel it, he’s like, ‘I don’t want to talk about it.’ Which is great." [LINK]

Did that make any sense to you? Beyonce basically admits that she doesn't care if her man talks to her or not. That explains a lot.

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Lol, I can't stop laughing! Barack Hussein Obama's infamous teleprompter has its own blog. Click here to view it.

Everyone knows Barack doesn't go anywhere without his teleprompter. Click the video above to see Obama's mumbling incompetence when his teleprompter goes out.

Watch as Obama blames his public speaking disaster on lack of sleep and pretends to be interrupted by an audience member that no one else hears.

Here's Barack's teleprompter's response to his boss demanding another block of airtime from all the TV networks:

    I don't think I'm breaking any confidences here by saying that things are a bit tense around here. Ever since the White House announced that Big Boy was going to do another prime time presser next week, people have been waiting for the backlash. Sure, we could've done it during the day, but then we wouldn't get any attention. We couldn't do it on Thursday night, because that would cut into our watching the NCAA tourney. So instead we cut into "American Idol." If you ask me that sucks ...

    What really blows is that there are some folks in this place who are pushing for Barack to go out there alone. Sans me. With no wing screens.

Some blogs are speculating that Barack's teleprompter blog is run by a White House staffer.

Word is actress Taraji P. Henson and Luda's manager Chaka Zulu are "kicking it" according to an inside source who asked to remain anonymous. My source said that Chaka and Taraji, who is in Atlanta meeting with Tyler Perry, have been seen "hugged up" at industry events in recent days.

If you recall, Chaka also dated the industry bicycle, Gabrielle Union for some time. I don't see how Chaka keeps pulling the choicest females -- with the exception of Gabby, who isn't exactly choice.

Maybe it's his smooth chocolate complexion or his toothy grin that drives the ladies wild. Or maybe it's his American Express black card with no credit limit?

Speaking of toothy grins, did you see Terrence J shout me out on BET 106 & Park yesterday? I take back every negative word I ever wrote about him!

Photos: Wireimage/Getty

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Barack Hussein Obama, aka George Bush II, is once again demanding TV networks bump their popular shows for another one of his boring hour-long speeches -- this time during sweeps.

Does he think he's still on the campaign trail?

Obama has already pre-empted two hours of national TV airtime at a cost of millions in lost revenue to the networks. This time the networks are fuming -- privately, of course.

"These repeated interruptions — and the rumor of even more to come — really make it difficult to build audience flow and loyalty. We will all lose one or two million dollars for this," said one network exec to the Hollywood Reporter.

I was just discussing this subject the other day with my good girlfriend who mistakenly thought the TV networks were obligated to allocate airtime to Obama and his teleprompter. But they are not obligated to do so. That's like Obama demanding your house or your car for an hour without adequate compensation.

This is typical behavior of narcissists who crave attention and feel they must constantly be on display. It would be nice if the government reimbursed the networks for their lost revenue like they throw billions at failing corporations.

Obama's snooze-worthy speech will air next Tuesday evening on four broadcast networks and bump the most popular series on television, Fox's "American Idol." [LINK]

Actress and mother of 6, Angelina Jolie was arrested and forcibly removed from a fertility clinic where she went to have 8 human embryos implanted in her womb. OK I'm kidding. Actually Angelina was shooting a scene from her movie "Salt" currently on location in NYC. Jolie plays a CIA agent who is accused of being a Russian spy. She spends the entire movie trying to evade capture long enough to prove her innocence. Tom Cruise was originally cast in the role.

Actress Lisa Bonet was spotted strolling through the Farmer's Market in sunny southern California with her husband Jason Momoa and their son Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa. Lisa must be into men with man breasts.

Actress/singer Naturi Naughton attended the premiere of "The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency" at the Time Warner Screening Room yesterday in NYC. Her last role was as Lil Kim in the bio flick "Notorious."

Ageless actress Lynn Whitfield also attended the premiere.

Photos: Wireimage/Getty except where indicated.

Apparently, Queen Latifah, who is gay as all outdoors, once slept with a man.

From NY Daily News:

"I [used to] ingratiate myself to him and then sleep with him. Afterward, I felt disgusting- really gross and nasty ... and I hated myself. That feeling was so horrible, I decided I would never do that again," Queen La told author Shaun Robinson for the book "Exactly As I Am." The tome offers candid advice for girls on how to believe in themselves.


    Lindsay Lohan has spoken out on the tragic death of Natasha Richardson, who costarred with the 22-year-old in her breakout Disney film The Parent Trap.

    "She was a wonderful woman and actress and treated me like I was her own," Lohan said in a statement, "I didn't see much of her over the years but I will miss her."

    "My heart goes out to her family. This is a tragic loss."

    Lohan was 12 when she starred in the update of the 1961 family farce, with Richardson playing her stylish British mother.

    Liam Neeson, Richardson's husband, released a statement earlier today via his publicist, confirming the loss of Natasha to severe brain trauma stemming from an injury on Monday.

    She was 45.

*Bumped* by request, lol.

I don't know how I missed this hilarious video! Fool thinks he's all hard until he tries to crip walk onto a treadmill and ends up busting his ass and losing his Adidas flip flops! LOL, I'm still laughing!


It has been brought to my attention that one of the strippers in this photo is D. Woods, formerly of Danity Kane. I didn't know she was doing lap dances now.

For those of you who are not from the A, the W hotel in Buckhead is known as groupie central. It's where all the ballers and rappers stay when they're in town.

I had no clue that there was such a thing as an escort permit. You mean all a hooker has to do is go downtown and apply for an escort permit and she can set up shop legally at the W hotel?


    Police arrested two women last week in an undercover sting prompted by complaints that patrons at the W Hotel in Buckhead were being solicited for illegal sex acts.

    Caprice Evan, 19, of DeKalb, and Brandi Moody, 18, of Atlanta, were arrested March 11 on charges of escorting without a permit, a misdemeanor, according to an Atlanta police report.

    Hotel patrons had complained that they were being solicited for sex as they came to and from the hotel in the 3300 block of Peachtree Road.

    An undercover Atlanta police officer got in touch with the two women through the Web site, the report said. They agreed to meet at the W Hotel. At the meeting, the women asked the officer for $300 in cash for an hour-long session, the report said.

    Once the money was exchanged, the women began to take off their clothes and dance, the report said.

    Uniformed officers came into the room and arrested them.


Natasha Richardson has died according to her publicist. She was 45.

This is a very sad story. Noted actress Natasha Richardson was taken off life support in a NY hospital today days after suffering a traumatic head injury from a fall on a ski slope in Canada.

They say Richardson, who was married to actor Liam Neeson, stood up after her spill and walked around under her own power. But what she and medics who tended to her didn't know was that ruptured blood vessels in her head were slowly leaking blood into her brain.

About an hour after her accident, Richardson began complaining of an intense headache. She was transported to a hospital where she was pronounced brain dead. Richardson was flown by private air ambulance service from Canada to NY so her family and friends could pay their last respects.


I didn't hear the entire call between Sollow and Ryan, but Neffie is pregnant for the 5th time according to Ryan's producer.

Sollow, Neffie's fiance/boyfriend? called into the Ryan Cameron Show on V-103 today. I caught the last minute of the segment, but Sollow (or whatever his name is) seemed to be saying that Neffie was not pregnant with his seed as had been rumored all over the blogs.

Anyway, listen to this short clip of Sollow calling into the Ryan Cameron Show and tell me what you think:

LISTEN: Sollow & Frankie on Ryan Cameron Show (snippet)

Last week I stumbled across a bogus AKOO site and posted it on my blogroll. But then it came to my attention that the site was not affiliated with the AKOO clothing line.

Now T.I. has launched his official AKOO website. How come I had to stumble across it myself by accident? You'd think H. would have emailed me to tell me about it as much as I throw support behind T.I.?

Anyway, I LOVE the new site. Check it out here.

Oh, and don't tell them I told you, but T.I. will be in the house when Botchey, Certified Ent. and MusicBusinessPolitics celebrates their 1 year anniversary tonight at Luckie Lounge. H. promised me my own booth and bottles, so I'll be there too.

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More proof that Barack Hussein Obama, aka George Bush II, and his Treasury Secretary Tiny Tim Geithner knew about the multi-million dollar AIG bonuses for months before giving AIG another $30 billion in federal aid just two weeks ago!

Oh, and before we forget, Obama received his own $101,322 "bonus" check from AIG.

As Obama stood before Americans in mock outrage earlier this week, you could just see his puppet strings moving. Obama responded to the AIG bonuses only after the Wall Street Journal broke the story this past Sunday. Where was his outrage when he first learned about the bonuses months ago?

From the AP:

    Cue the outrage. For months, the Obama administration and members of Congress have known that insurance giant AIG was getting ready to pay huge bonuses while living off government bailouts. It wasn't until the money was flowing and news was trickling out to the public that official Washington rose up in anger and vowed to yank the money back.

    Why the sudden furor, just weeks after Barack Obama's team paid out $30 billion in additional aid to the company? So far, the administration has been unable to match its actions to Obama's tough rhetoric on executive compensation. And Congress has been unable or unwilling to restrict bonuses for bailout recipients, despite some lawmakers' repeated efforts to do so.

    The situation has the White House and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner on the defensive. The administration was caught off guard Tuesday trying to explain why Geithner had waited until last Wednesday to call AIG chief executive Edward M. Liddy and demand that the bonus payments be restructured.

MM predicts Geithner will soon go under Obama's bus wheels with the rest of the scapegoats.

Octopu$$y Nadya Suleman brought two of her precious 8 IVF babies home last night to a ridiculous mob scene outside her new home. I can just imagine what the neighbors went though. The babies are Isaiah and Noah. Let's pray that they make it through their first year in Nadya's care.

According to Faded Youth blog:

Paparazzi surrounded Octo-Mom’s car as it pulled into her La Habra, Calif. garage. The babies were greeted by Nadya’s six other children, a team of pediatric nurses from Angels in Waiting and many cameras. The hospital says both babies are able to drink from a bottle, are gaining weight and are able to maintain their body temperature.

Usher's wife Tameka Foster-Raymond reached out to yesterday in response to a post that I wrote about her (the post was deleted).

First, a little background: Tameka spoke to us through a mutual friend who was the first person I called when I heard the news about Tameka's botched surgery in Brazil. Her industry connections run deep and are far-reaching. She is not a gossip and she is not messy. And that is why everyone loves and respects her.

So Tameka expressed her dismay at my post yesterday in which I stated Tameka may have body image disturbance issues, which a lot of women suffer from. Body image disturbance is more common than the extreme body dysmorphic disorder that Michael Jackson has.

Sometimes I forget that readers take my words literally as if I'm an authority on the subjects I write about. Tameka was particularly offended because she thought I was comparing her to Michael Jackson and Lil Kim.

Speaking through our mutual friend, Tameka explained that she has had 5 babies and she made the decision to get a tummy tuck to remove "the extra rolls" around her abdomen area. Tameka didn't explain why she chose to leave the country to have the surgery done. She said she remembered going under anesthesia in a Brazilian clinic. After she awoke, she felt around her abdomen area only to find the extra rolls were still there. That was when she was told she had suffered a heart attack before the procedure could begin.

Tameka confirmed that she is still going forward with the liposuction/tummy tuck procedure here in Atlanta since she is not planning on having any more children. She stressed that she does not have body image issues of any kind. She indicated that there is no truth to the rumors that Usher is unhappy in their marriage (he was out running errands yesterday when she called).

Thanks to Tameka for reaching out to and clearing the air!

Photo: Wireimage/Getty

Octopu$$y Nadya Suleman arrived home with two of her lottery tickets, er, I mean octuplets last night. Nadya was shocked to see hordes of paparazzi outside her new crib. Maybe she forgot she told them she was going to the hospital to get her babies? All jokes aside, I feel sorry for those babies.

Socialite and model Selita Ebanks attended the NY Premiere of "Valentino: The Last Emperor" last night.

Actor Terry Crews and his lovely wife Rebecca attended TV One's Roast and Toast for actor/comedian John Witherspoon in Beverly Hills yesterday.

Actress Regina King, one of our personal favorites, attended TV One's Roast and Toast for actor/comedian John Witherspoon in Beverly Hills yesterday.

Socialite Rashida Jones attended the Los Angeles premiere of "I Love You, Man" with her mom, actress Peggy Lipton, who some of you will remember from the 70s hit "The Mod Squad."

Producer B.Cox attended the grand opening of the first gay hotel in Germany. OK I'm kidding. Actually B.Cox attended the W Hotel Wonderlust live music series yesterday in NYC.

White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers, right, and socialite Pam Joyner attended the School of American Ballet Winter Ball in celebration of their 75th Anniversary earlier this week.

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Sen. Dodd wants to tax bonuses (you mean those million-dollar bonuses weren't even taxable?) LOL!


Armed guards posted outside AIG offices in Washington

Yesterday, POTUS Barack Hussein Obama feigned outrage at AIG for disbursing $160 million in bonuses to its executives after after receiving $173 BILLION in federal aid from the government.

According to online reports, the bonuses paid by AIG included $1 million in bonuses to each of 73 execs.

It's interesting that Obama didn't bother to mention his own treasury secretary Tim Geithner negotiated the billions in bailout cash for AIG in the first place. And it was Geithner who went back to the table for more cash for AIG.

Don't think this will be the last bailout for AIG either. In the coming months, AIG will receive even more bailout cash from the government. Obama will go before the cameras again to convince America that we can't allow AIG to fail... blah, blah, blah.

In the meantime, two of my friends will be laid off from their jobs next week.

Do we have to post every single cover of every single magazine that this wench Beyonce is featured on??? Don't worry, I'm not posting the latest magazine cover that Beyonce is on, but I did take an interest in this photo from the feature inside the magazine.

Take a good look because black people have already been superseded in the media by mixed race people. It's going to be even worse now that this country has elected a mixed race president. If you have dark skinned kids, they won't see themselves represented in the media.

And I hope that's a little girl standing in front of Beyonce giving the camera the business like a mini B. Scott?

The Glenn Twins celebrated their 3rd Annual Lingerie and Birthday party hosted by socialite/reality tv personality Eva Pigford at EROS this past Saturday night. Shout out to Mr. Plush and Slimm of Plush Blue Entertainment for the personal invite!

I can't tell the Glenn Twins apart

Producer Jazze Pha and rapper/reality show creator Vawn, were in the house

Slimm co-promoted the Glenn Twins party with Mr. Plush of Plush Blue Ent. They also promote Saturday nights at EROS. It is always a pleasure doing business with this man.

Mr. Plush of Plush Blue Entertainment promoted this party for his boo Joyce Glenn and her twin sister Debra

The Glenn Twins are signed to Candace Stevenson's modeling agency Glam Modeling. If you recall, we profiled Candace in one of our Morning Glory posts.

Twins from the group Cherish (thanks to all who emailed the answer).

I don't know why the lesbuns come out in droves whenever Eva hosts a party. But Melissa Scott came out to support her boo Debra Glenn. Melissa is a promoter for Traxx Girls lesbun parties here in the A.

And Debra Glenn's ex-girlfriend, rapper Ari on the left, is boo'd up with Atlanta video and print model Tomika Skanes. Who knew?

View MORE pics from the party at!

Reggie Love was voted the hottest White House employee by a panel of HuffPo readers, which really wasn't a fair poll since he had no competition.

From the HuffPo:

Who's the White House's hottest employee? 15,000 of you cast your vote -- and only about four of you pointed out that this wasn't serious news...thank you for that -- and the winner is 27-year-old Reggie Love, former Duke basketball and football star and current personal aide (also known as "body man") to President Barack Obama.

Can your man catch a pumpkin with one hand?

Or tote all your laundry, shopping bags, makeup case, shoe boxes, Louis Vuitton Keep all, coat, camera and the kitchen sink with two hands?

MORE pics after the break!

Read more »

When a loyal reader told me her house mate was "a real cool cat" I didn't think she meant, you know, a real cat.

I don't know how true this is, but her master, who is a loyal reader of this blog, says Chloe hisses and claws at the monitor whenever I put up a Beyonce post. I love cats!

I hate to say I told you so, but Kanye West finally revealed what we already knew: that he has not one, but two ghost bloggers on his staff.

You may recall that was the first to expose Kanye's blog deception with our tongue-in-cheek post about his "ghost blogger" Marcus Troy.

After denying he had a ghost blogger, Kanye finally came clean to NY mag over the weekend. He basically admitted to having his "staff" steal content from other blogs and email the content to him so he could at least pretend to have knowledge of what they were blogging about. has the timeline of how broke the story beginning with Marcus Troy's post, and Kanye's response.

For those of you registered members who doubted your auntie, please leave your apologies in the comments.

Does your grandmother look this hot? Former supermodel Iman hosted Project Runway's presentation and cocktail party in Canada yesterday. Fierce!
Photo: Wireimage/Getty

British chanteuse Amy Winehouse is a certifiable MESS, but we LOVE her! Amy was hauled into court in London, England earlier today to answer to charges of assaulting a fan who asked to have a picture taken with her at a charity ball last year.
Photo: Wireimage/Getty

Socialite/reality tv personality Eva Pigford attended a Lingerie and birthday party for video vixens the Glenn Twins at EROS in Atlanta Saturday night (3/14). More pics from that party in a minute. You know Prince Williams of was in the house.

Idris Elba attended Microsoft's Musicology 101 event to Benefit VH1's Save The Music Foundation in L.A. yesterday.
Photo: Wireimage/Getty

DJs Idris Elba, left, and Biz Markie on the turntables at the Microsoft event in L.A. yesterday.
Photo: Wireimage/Getty

Common performed during the Microsoft event in L.A. yesterday. No, Serena wasn't in attendance.
Photo: Wireimage/Getty

Actor Darren Hensen also attended the Microsoft event in L.A. yesterday.

Photo: Wireimage/Getty

Good Morning America Anchor Robin Roberts was presented with an award at the 2009 Jackie Robinson Foundation awards dinner at the Waldorf Astoria in NYC yesterday.
Photo: Wireimage/Getty

A loyal reader sent me this "recent" pic of Kanye's beard Amber Rose getting frisky with a finicky friend. I realize Amber is not a celebrity, so hold your emails please. The only reason I'm posting this pic is because I was told that Amber changed her stripper name from "Paris" to something similar sounding to Sandra Rose because she's a huge fan of this blog. I don't believe that for one minute though. Thanks to Z for the pic!

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I had to post this comment left by loyal member flyqtnva. Yesterday she blessed out another member who had the audacity to trample on my freedom of speech rights. And she did it so eloquently! :-)

flyqtnva Says:

Why are people always attacking Sandra for not being a cool aid drinker. I supported Obama, but CLEARLY he has done an ABOUT FACE on SEVERAL ISSUES he said he would take care of. THE FED does own OBAMA…if he was A REAL LEADER he would end the FED ASAP. This is the cause of all our problems. Stop….if u are uneducated get educated….STOP being a CONSUMER (look up definition). Half the stuff OBAMA has signed NO ONE HAS READ!!!!!!!! NOT EVEN HIM!!????? GIVE ME A BREAK…… Sandra is entitled to her opinion. Guess what those of us not drinking the kool aid will be the ones to save you all at the END.

I need more members like flyqtnva, who are not Obamaholics. if you fit that requirement, please send an email to info @ (remove the spaces) and put "I'm not an Obamaholic!" in the subject line.

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