Yesterday, we posted pics from Zonnique’s 13th birthday party. Someone left a comment asking who Zonnique’s dad was. A loyal reader, who asked to remain anonymous, sent in these pics of Zonnique, Tiny, Zeboe and Zeboe’s fiance Cheryl.

She said Zeboe attended his daughter’s birthday party on Sunday with his fiance Cheryl and ‘Nique’s little brother Zonnie, who is being held by his sister in the very last photo of yesterday’s post.

Here is a picture of Zonnique and her dad. Please post and correct your bloggers by letting them know that Zeboe is very active in his daughter’s life and the ENTIRE extended family has a wonderful relationship.

Anyone who’s seen the movie “Men in Black” knows how to pronounce the word “Orion” as Or-EYE-on instead of Or-EE-on. Even if you’re not a Will Smith fan — as Barack Hussein Obama claims to be — you should know how to pronounce the name of the company that you’re speaking at.

Obama mispronounces the word “Orion” three times in this video that was shot during his visit to the Orion Energy Systems offices yesterday. This is more proof that Obama slept through classes at uh, uh, Harvard.

No, these aren’t pics of Rihanna attending a funeral. She is actually house hunting, according to X17 Online.

We didn’t believe the initial reports that Rihanna dumped Chris Brown in an effort to save her career. But now that we’ve seen these pictures, we believe it!

We also received word from a credible source that Rihanna was given an ultimatum by her bosses at her record label: either dump bish boy or be dropped like a hawt Kanye track.

So now Rihanna walks around looking and acting like a drug addict who’s struggling to kick her habit. We don’t think we’ve ever seen her look this bad. Even in her pon de forehead days she didn’t look this sick. We’re praying for Rihanna.

Photos source

Does former music mogul Damon Dash have any luck with women? Now we know why we’ve been seeing Damon Dash playing the single father role lately. Fellas, stop wifin’ these hos. This is yet another example of treacherous gold diggers who only want you when you’re making that paper.

From NY Daily News:

    He’s got no money, but he sure does have mo’ problems.

    Roc-A-Fella Records and Rocawear co-founder Damon Dash has been slapped with divorce papers by wife Rachel Roy, the Daily News has learned.

    The stunning fashion designer piled onto Dash’s already sizable stack of lawsuits when she filed for divorce from her husband of four years this month in Manhattan Supreme Court.

    Ed Hayes, a lawyer for Roy, declined comment, and a Dash spokeswoman did not return calls or e-mails.

I rarely sit and watch reality TV, but this weekend I finally got to watch the new season of my favorite reality series Real Housewives of New York City, which was followed by Make Me A Supermodel on Bravo.

I am really, really impressed with model Sandhurst Miggins on the show (I know. I am so late). Sandhurst was born and raised on the island of Tobago, and later moved to Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. He got his start in modeling when he was picked out of a crowd during Trinidad and Tobago’s inaugural Fashion week and asked to walk in a runway show.

Sandhurst is a “classically trained” dancer who studied ballet. As a result, Sandhurst has a nice walk, a hawt bod and supreme confidence! He was born to model. But since we’re talking about Bravo network we won’t waste our time thinking he will win it all this season.

Despite his denials, we suspect that Sandhurst is gay. But we picked Sandhurst as our Morning Wood today because he’s beautiful!

Some photos may not be suitable for the office cubicle!

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Loyal reader Cunningham wrote:

I know you prolly don’t follow Formula 1 racing, but i know you know lewis hamilton, the F1 champ who is young and black, kinda like tiger woods. either way, Formula 1 is for some reason changing the rules for the new season. The rule makes it so that the F1 championship goes to the racer with the most wins instead of the most combined points. By those standards Lewis Hamilton wouldn’t be champ right now. It’s just kinda suspicious how they are all of a sudden changing the rules now that lewis hamilton has become so dominant in the sport. Kinda like how the PGA tour decided to alter the courses when Tiger was blowing out the competition. I’m not crying racism, but I just think that people should know what’s going on.

Photo: Wireimage/Getty

In the face of mounting criticism of his administration’s failure to address the unfilled treasury positions, Obama finally starts hiring.

    President Barack Obama has announced a deputy for Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner as the White House looks to add senior officials to help the government’s effort to aid the staggering economy.

    Obama on Monday announced Neal Wolin as deputy treasury secretary. The White House also announced that Lael Brainard would be the department’s top official for international affairs and that Stuart Levey would stay on as the top counter terrorism official.

    Their appointments round out four of the five top jobs at treasury, if the Senate confirms them.

    Many jobs at the department have gone unfilled, leading to criticism of the administration.

We like V-103’s Elle Duncan, but according to a longtime loyal reader, Elle committed a fashion faux pas by wearing the same thing to two industry events. Poor Elle thought if she put 4 months between the last time she wore this red satin frock, no one would notice:

Hey!!! Hope all is well!!!!! So….. I was on your page and saw Elle Duncan’s photos from Friday. The dress looked very familiar. Then I realized she wore it to Ryan Cameron’s bowling challenge in November. Should we do a “when did she wear it best?”……. Elle should know better than to be photographed in the same exact thing twice. She should’ve at least changed the shoes or something!!!

Ray J poses with AG Entertainment’s Alex Gidewon who makes it possible for to get the exclusive Velvet Room pics first!

It’s easy to see why Beyonce is jealous of former Destiny’s Child member LeToya Luckett. She wears her real hair and Beyonce doesn’t. She has a really nice personality and Beyonce doesn’t. She can sing and Beyonce can’t. She’s very pretty in a natural way while Beyonce’s image is completely rebuilt out of old body parts. I would hate her too if I was Bey.

Unlike Mya, singer LeToya Luckett was too smart to be photographed with her lips anywhere near Ray J’s in the VIP at the Velvet Room. She stayed about a good foot away from Ray J when she give him her number. A friend was just asking me who LeToya is in Atlanta seeing becuase she’s here so often. We have someone on the case finding out now.

V-103’s Elle and socialite Eboni Elektra

Rapper/promoter Chubbie Baby with promoter (and client) Botchey of Botchey Ent.

Luda’s manager Chaka Zulu (Ebony Son Mgt) and Ray J

They say this is Omarion’s fiance, but we doubt it. We do think that hawt LV bag is worth posting her pics!

Photos by

When Ray J entered the Velvet Room’s VIP area on Friday night, he found it packed wall to wall with beautiful young chicas. A Ray J fan — who we will refer to as “Old School” — showed the younger chickens how to pick up a rich baller by using her wits and a little bit of patience.

But Old School waited in the cut until the other chicks tried their luck with Ray J, who is rumored to be romancing Whitney Houston.

When Ray J got good and drunk, Old School made her move. She sidled up to Ray J in the VIP and began seductively whispering in his ear.

She lifted one leg in the air and asked him “do you wanna see my candy shop?”!
Click the image for the NSFW version.

Judging from his reaction, Ray J must have liked what he saw! I’m told Ray J and Old School left the club together at the end of the night! I sure hope Old School doesn’t have any children or grandkids at home who surf the net.

Thanks to Prince Williams of, who is always in the right spot to snap the exclusive pics!

Taraji P. Henson and Brian J. White were among the celebrities and industry professionals who showed up for the final night of celebrity bowling at 300 on Sundays. There will be no more star-studded industry parties at 300 bowling alley. The new owner decided not to renegotiate the contract for the Sunday night “Chill Spot” parties thrown by Taiye, Chaka Zulu, Jamal Coleman and others. was there to bring us the pics of the finale on Sunday night.

Actors Brian J. White and Taraji Henson came out to support Chaka Zulu’s last industry night at 300 Bowling. Brian and Taraji are in town working on Tyler Perry’s latest film project

Friend to, Tameka Foster-Raymond came out to support Chaka and DTP’s final night hosting the Chill Spot at 300. Doesn’t she look pretty?

Ludacris came out to support his manager Chaka Zulu of Ebony Son Management

Taraji has grown close to Chaka Zulu’s son who he may be calling stepmom soon. The last time I saw this kid he was knee high to a grasshopper!

Fabolous posed with Toya, left, and a friend

Jamal Coleman, B.Cox and guest

Rapper Jadakiss

These are the guys responsible for the now defunct industry parties at 300 bowling alley on Sunday nights. The new owner decided not to renew their contract because he is going for a more family-oriented atmosphere on Sunday nights.

Photos by

R&B Diva Monica reached out to us over the weekend with these great photos of her son Lil Rock imitating his dad Big Rock.

Mo wrote, “This is Big Rock’s face all day. Lol.”

She also sent this photo of her brother Montez, who I thought was baby Romelo at first glance. The resemblance is uncanny!

Mo wrote:

This is my brother Montez at the same age as Romelo and both their eyes are grey. Its amazing how genes jump around. Okay, I won’t bore you with family photos anymore. Lol.

And thanks to loyal reader Janie, aka Baby_J for sending in this new Monica track that leaked online over the weekend. The track is titled “Once in a Lifetime.” Don’t know who produced it or even if it’s on Mo’s upcoming album, but the track is beautiful!

T.I. and Tiny pose with their kids Zonnique and Domani

Rap artist T.I.’s children Zonnique, 13, and Domani, 8, celebrated their birthdays with friends and family at Cascade Family Skating Rink yesterday (3/22). T.I.’s friends Usher, Yung Joc, Soulja Boy, Young Dro, Killer Mike and more turned out for the joyous occasion. Our friend H., who organized the party, made sure Prince Williams of was on the scene to bring us great shots from the party!

All photos by

Zonnique and her mommy Tiny arrived at Cascade Family Skating Rink for Zonnique and Domani’s birthday party yesterday. LOVE the Louis bags ladies!

T.I. poses with his kids Zonnique, left, and Domani

Usher poses with the birthday boy and girl Domani and Zonnique

Tiny was happy because T.I. got the chance to celebrate his children’s birthdays before he begins his bid.

T.I. helps Zonnique blow out her candles while Domani’s mom Lashon (holding her daughter), and Usher look on. That’s Tiny holding Major with T.I.’s daughter Deyjah on the left

MORE pics after the break!

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Obamaholics please pass on this post. I get sick and tired of reading your e-mails and your comments whenever I am critical of your boy, and I am afraid this is going to be one of those times.

~borrowed from Field Negro

More and more former Kool Aid drinkers have put their cups down to join the swelling army of protests against the Obama administration’s reckless spending in Washington. It’s clear to them that the spiraling economy is nowhere near the top of Obama’s list of priorities.

According to reports, 18 of 19 Treasury department jobs remain unfilled. This at a time when ex-Wall Street employees are looking for steady work. Tim Geithner’s position is the only spot out of nineteen to be filled after two months, which makes one wonder what is Obama and Geithner trying to hide?

Rather than deal with that pesky economy problem, Obama and Geithner have shoveled billions into AIG’s coffers while Americans are expected to settle for a measly $13 a week in their paychecks.

Oh, Obama will eventually get around to fixing the economy, but first he must satisfy his ego’s need to be a celebrity, appearing on late night talk shows while Americans continue to lose their jobs and homes.

So much for hitting the ground running when he got into office.