Apparently, Queen Latifah, who is gay as all outdoors, once slept with a man.

From NY Daily News:

"I [used to] ingratiate myself to him and then sleep with him. Afterward, I felt disgusting- really gross and nasty ... and I hated myself. That feeling was so horrible, I decided I would never do that again," Queen La told author Shaun Robinson for the book "Exactly As I Am." The tome offers candid advice for girls on how to believe in themselves.

  • Kymystry

    I just came in from the "outdoors" .. I'm Straight .... lol

  • Anna

    Is this her "coming out book"? LOL.

  • kwallace577

    now sandra that is soooo disrespectful (in my big boi "ATL" movie voice)

    how would you feel if somebody questioned if you had ever slept with a man?

    king latifah has feelings too.

  • Kymystry

    Exactly As I Am: Celebrated Women Share Candid Advice with Today's Girls on What It Takes to Believe in Yourself

    Product Description
    The collected wisdom and shared experiences of Hollywood superstars and everyday teenagers—inspirational advice encouraging young women to be comfortable in their own skin and showing them how to become tomorrow’s leaders

    Q: What do Vanessa Williams, Meredith Vieira, Queen Latifah, Danica Patrick, Helen Mirren, Janet Jackson, Julianne Moore, Jennifer Hudson, and Eva Mendes have in common with most teenage girls?

    A: They have all struggled with self-esteem and body image; they’ve compared themselves to their peers and have sometimes felt that they come up short.

  • iscream

    In my Benie Segal voice

    "You mind as well come all the way out the closet."

    Didn't she just basically say she's gay?

    Can someone tell me if that was her "trainer" who sat next to her at the Oscars.

    I want to know what question was asked to make her say that answer.

    So Latifah everyone speculates that you don't like men. Have you actually ever slept with one?

  • Krysi J

    Ugh....?? Where is the JUICE Sandra?? Is it a slow news day?

  • Krysi J

    LMAO @ Kwall

    "King" Latifah??


  • iscream

    @ Sandra

    I listen to Free in the morning & I swear she reads this blog. She reports on things (like the Tameeka story) that nobody else is really talking about but you. & it kind of ticks me off because she never credits this site.

    That is unless her peoples didn't really give you that scoop and you got that story from another source.

  • KaraZ

    Why is this a surprise to you Sandie May? Missy was passed around Jodeci when she was with her girl group Gyrl Time/Swing something... now she's into chicks.

  • bk2atl

    Whachu tambout KaraZ???? Are you serious????Ewwwwwwwww

  • kwallace577

    yes i called her a kang. she is surely the more dominate role in any relations she has with women. but she is still fly as hail so i will always love her. it is not a shock she used to sleep with men imo. some you can ask the question (ellen comes to mind almost instantly).

    but dana? nah i can see her getting down with some styck once upon a time. nothing wrong with it either. she is entitled to changing her mind.

  • mizzdallas

    How come I believe that when you working in such close quaters and you see same people day-in & day-out, plus on top of that they were young & horny.... And I still believeMissy & Tweet had something going on....

    Im gonna get you, you listen to too much of Wendy Williams I bought a "How U Doin" shirt the other day Im gonna wear on friday to my job my sup, manager, and whole lot yt dikes are soooo "how u doin" I just got to make a statement.LOL!!!! LMAO!!! And then one of them had the nerve to correct me when I said "HOW U DOING" yt gay me said no its "HOW ARE YOU DOING".. I said only of your azz knew what they meant. I was pissed he tried to correct..... lol!

  • kwallace577

    yes bk2atl melissa used to be down with the styck too. i remember stories about her from p-town (portsmouth, va) and not only was she down...karaZ is correct. some of my fam went to school with her. she was terribly abused by her own fam i think i heard/read once.

    swing mob.

  • iscream

    Lmao @ mizzdallas I knew you would know what I was talking about. Now you got me wanting to get a shirt....

    & next time you tell him he is suppose to say..


  • Charles

    why wont she come out?

  • KaraZ

    @mizzdallas, I don't think it was young and horny as much as it was was sleep with me or you won't get put on... it was sexual abuse. And you're very right about Missy & tweet, even though tweet identifies as hetero, her relationship with Missy is why she exploded on the scene back then.

  • kwallace577

    b/c she will loose crossover appeal @chuckles. don't get me wrong. kang brings in those box office dollars. she is oscar nominated. she has proven herself. but let's not get it twisted. she is no ellen. ellen had backlash too but do you think at the end of the day folks are gonna embrace dana the way they have ellen if she comes out?

    probably not would be my answer. she is still a lil black girl in the eyes of MANY. and really she doesn't need to come out. we all know. i think she is comfortable the way she is.

  • keely107


  • Sandra Rose

    iscream Says:
    @ Sandra

    I listen to Free in the morning & I swear she reads this blog. She reports on things (like the Tameeka story) that nobody else is really talking about but you. & it kind of ticks me off because she never credits this site.


    That's not unusual ice scream. Just about every urban station that has an entertainment report reads this blog and never credit me. I don't worry about it though. As for Tameka, yes, that was my exclusive, but I rarely ever use the word exclusive.

  • pointhimout

    LOL, Sandra I dont know how you get away with some of your comments. As long as people aint sleepin with humans, bed who you want--have at it.

    Anybody heard from Polow Da Don?