The fallout from the racially divisive Ciroc Vodka promo casting call continues. Blogger Brittany D. summed it up pretty well in this one sentence on her blog:

It makes me really sad to think that in this day and age light skinned women are still receiving preferential treatment in comparison to those having a darker complexion.

    After reading the story and examining the original casting call for the upcoming Ciroc commercial video shoot, it indeed requests women who are: "White, Hispanic, or light skinned African American". This really struck me because P. Diddy, an insider, is essentially perpetuating and upholding common stereotypes traditionally deriving from an outsiders point of view.

    In addition, it seems as if this behavior is acceptable because he is an "insider" of the African American culture. I could not help but ponder what the reaction may be had someone like Justin Timberlake, an outsider, posted a similar casting call for his next music video shoot. I only happened to stumble upon this casting call because I was skimming a popular celebrity news website. However, had the tables been turned, I feel fairly confident that Justin Timberlake's face would be posted on every news channel, and/or newspaper labeling him as a racist and a bigot. In my opinion, this discrepancy should not occur.

    I think it is equally as concerning, problematic, and disheartening for P. Diddy to essentially encourage stereotypes and hierarchically categorize members of the African American Race. It makes me really sad to think that in this day and age light skinned women are still receiving preferential treatment in comparison to those having a darker complexion. Skin color is just that, a color.

    It is certainly not determinant of one's level of attractiveness, ability, level of intelligence, etc. Overall, I just found several aspects of the insider/outsider debate existing within the restrictions placed upon this casting call and felt fairly discouraged to see that it was seemingly "okay" for this behavior to occur because P. Diddy is an insider. In my opinion, regardless of the ethnic orientation of one making these demands, it is unacceptable across the board.

Oh, and, to my friend Asare: I got your message, but I don't waste my time on twitter because like Trix, twittering is for kids.

  • chat bout

    Oh, and, to my friend Asare: I got your message, but I don’t waste my time on twitter because like Trix, twittering is for kids.
    "damn, i wonder whats that about"

  • kcicero

    Puffy twittered a rebuttal...

    As for this letter and controversy whatever!

    In his commercials for Chiroc Puffy had darker skinned African American in his videos so I highly doubt that he was involved with this in anyway.

    I may not like his ways but at the end of the day he is a successful business man and he wouldn't touch this with a ten foot pole. You can put this squarely on the feet of Chiroc.

    Now if he continues to promote the liquor like a welfare check then that's another story.

  • kwallace577

    i am ready for this story about some likka and some nekkid women (cause you know they not gonna have on matter WHAT shade they are) to go...the hail....away.

    it is about likka....and i am not a vodka drinker NE WAY.


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    oh...hey yall.

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    hey kwall.....

  • Kat

    ....and good morning sr family....

  • Daisy

    Morning Fam!

    I do not twitter but I guess members of congress are kids cause they sure twitter now. Thats neither here nor there in the words of Gary with da tea

    If this was Puffys doing Ciroc would have thrown him under the bus in their offical statement. I will say that in his perfume ads I only recall seeing light or exotic women but I dont think he had anything to do with this ad. He can pick light and exotic women WITHOUT telling dark skinned blacks not to show up.

  • iyonah

    Good Morning all!!!!

    SO over this story and they hype concernign it - let's see how much ads really change.

    Twittering is the next NEW/HAWT thing!!!

  • Daisy

    I am ready to hear from Brwn about last night cause this morning on the radio they were reading Keri the riot act cause she had yet to show up by 1am. That's not good for business Keri. *tisk tisk*

  • Krysi J

    like Trix, twitter is for kids.


  • kwallace577

    if p.shytty is indeed behind all of this...i wonder what kim porter thinks of all of it. she is not the darkest sistah...but she can't get away with being labeled light either. and i cosign that he can pick light and exotic without offending the darker sistahs out there by saying just don't even bother showing up.





  • Daisy

    @Black U know I am a TI Luvs I heard he was in the house.

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    hey blackbarbie. how are you lately?

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    @Kwall Kim is far from light she is brown indeed and darker in the summer like me once that sun gets to



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    @Daisy I was expecting a POST showing the local decatur flavor.

    Ummm - who won the contest???

  • ReadTheBlog

    Ciroc's next commercial and ad campaign is going to have a bunch of jigaboo niglet nappy headed pickaninnies plastered all over the place, all oiled up dancing and shucking and bucking.

    It's going to be horrible, their effor to correct themselves.

    I feel sorry for your mother (Menace II Society).

  • Krysi J

    WHAt type of site is twitter it myspace, facebook related?

  • kwallace577

    i am good these days i suppose barbie. ready to go home at 9:30 in the morning...but other than that good.



  • iyonah

    @ Krysi - Its somewhat like those sites in the sense you can twitt with friends or complete strangers. Lots of celebs use it to detail there schedules and to chat with each other. Diddy's is funny to me .. I just began to follow him on there and Trey Songz always has positive stuff he puts up. For what its worth I think its a good way to keep the people you want to keep in contact with updated on your day to day activities. Opposed to sending lots of texts or emails throughout a day. Whoever you allow to follow you can view your updates ... check it out.

  • iscream

    I don't twitter either. Don't get it but its the new "it" thing to do. But after 1 day I found myspace boring and dumb & I won't even dare do face book. I'm from a generation when meeting ppl on the internet was considered desperate.. Now ppl are meeting their husbands and wife.. Boy how time has changed.

    @ topic. This is stupid. I don't know if this is a southern thing or a Sandra thing but where I come from the issue of Light vs Dark went out in the 80's with the Jherri Curl & Al B Sure.

  • Daisy

    @Iyonah BrwnSugga won

    Bun B is on the radio now talking about how he twitters

  • Daisy

    We need a new post

  • Peachizz

    Very Sad.. I will NEVER drink a drop of Ciroc(even if it's free).

  • Bird

    She is not actually mad about the discrimination in the casting call. She is actually mad because a black person is doing it and not being tarred and feathered like, say, Imus. She is right. I said all along that Imus was being treated unfairly because nappy headed is a derogatory term that is almost used exclusively by black people yet no one says a word. Don't go flying off the handle now because white people are picking up our self loathing habits.

    Again, I am hoping Diddy is not behind this because I actually think it's worse coming from a black person than a white person.

  • ReadTheBlog

    I twitter... I was twittering last night. Badu was twittering about how some stalker got maced in front of her crib last weekend.

  • ReadTheBlog

    does anyone know any good makeup blogs?

  • Daisy

    @Bird Diddy said it wasnt him also are you working? I thought you said something about being laid off but I could have read that wrong.

    Imus was wrong because those girls are NOT famous and or public figures. His comments were out of order. Just because nappy headed is a term some(not all) of us may use in the black community doesn't make it right nor does it give white folks a pass to say the same thing.

  • Daisy

    @Read E badu called into Rickey Smileys show earlier this week talking about her stalker she was FUNNY as Also her freestyle at the concert in Austin last wk with Common and Kanye was FIYAH! The girl has got skillz

  • iyonah

    RTB – yeah I added E Badu just yesterday

    @iscream -- I had the account for a min and just started reusing it again this week to see what they were talking bout when it came to Jim Jones ...
    @ Daisy - brwnsugga --- errrr?? I am LOST ....

  • Bird


    I'm with you. I have been meaning to ask my dark skinned brother if he has ever had any problems his whole life with the color thing. If he has I have never witnessed it, perpetrated it and he has never mentioned it. But some people get it from their families. I one dated a dark skinned guy whose Kentucky born mother had instilled in her children that light skin was prettier than dark. They have one sister who is my complexion and they all her light skinned and put her on a pedistal. I am not light skin and neither is she. We are brown. Anyway, I think the mindset is still around because some peoople keep it around, but I don't think it will be here much longer.

  • iyonah

    @ iscream .. I don't do facebook -- I forgot my login on there - to many folk from high school - myspace here and there ...

  • Bird


    Today is my last day at work. My contract expired at the end of the month and is not being renewed. :(

  • Charles


    Sr.Com FAM!

    Hi sandra

  • kwallace577

    i am with @iscream. i FINALLY got a myspace after years on blackplanet. will prolly never get a facebook page..unless my 14 yo takes pitty on me and design's it like she did my myspace page.

    i know i know i need to get with it but i just ain't got time.

  • kwallace577

    my last day is 4/21 @bird. so i feel you.

    good luck to you and keep your chin up.

  • Bird


    You too girl.

  • Krysi J

    Kwall and Bird, u too will be fine...God obviously has something better prepared, with higher pay!!

  • iscream

    I signed up for myspace to find some old friends (that once I found I realized I out grew). I put a picture up because ppl kept harrassing me.

    Do you guys have any idea how those pages can come back and haunt you. People have gotten arrested bc of their myspace page or when arrested their page is brought up at the trail to try and assassinate their character.

    & lets not start on the relationships & homes they have broken up.

    Employers also look at these pages when hiring people.

  • Nina

    Twitter is for the social-media savvy...not kids.

  • iscream

    I know this is going to sound selfish. But

    @ Kwallace & Bird..

    Yall still better post..

    & good luck with the job search... but enjoy the time off as best you can.

  • omina-homina

    i deleted my myspace page, i have a facebook but rarely use it. I may delete that. But I am on Twitter. I don't tweet much, but it's very informative. It's more useful than blackplanet, myspace and facebook for finding jobs, leads, prospects, and just very USEFUL information. You can interact directly with influential people in the media and see what exactly is on their minds.

  • kwallace577

    i am REAL careful about what i post on myspace. cause yes folks CAN find you. you are right...employers, some folk you DON'T want to find you...

    i am actually really really relieved to be going from here yall (my job). i don't plan on working for a minute. i am already in school so i think i am going to collect my unemployment and be a full time student so i can finish faster. but i am glad to go b/c my job has been nothing but stressful for sometime now.

    of course i will still post @iscream.

  • Bird

    I heard that kwallace. I'm gonna be breaking my neck to find something soon as I already did the unemployment thing for 8 months before this job. I'm tired of sitting home struggling not to get fat. Maybe future hubby and I will jump the broom while I'm off. Who knows. I'll make the best of it and of course nothing can keep me from Sandra Rose.

  • miamore73


    I've been trying to find someone to explain the point of twitter to me for a few weeks now. I signed up but I don't get it so I don't go. What does it mean when someone is following you. What does it mean when you "tweet".

    I have a facebook page and I love it. I'm glad the guys that created myspace sold it for a grip cause most people are so over myspace now.

  • miamore73

    Oh as for the subject at hand...I'm with icescream. Debating about ones skin color is just to much for me cause we're all black and light or brown, dark or in between we've all been discriminated against at some point-and usually by our own people. Light vs. Dark IS really 80's.

  • Seattle Slim

    I honestly cannot remember the last time I hit up Myspace. I had fake pages trying to see what I was up to and ish, it's just blah. I like Facebook. I don't think I will Twitter.

  • candycane

    I'm dark skinned (sexy chocolate as I call it) and could give a flying phuck about who Ciroc wanted on their commerical/photo shoot. It has NO EFFECT on my life whatsoever, and I drink Capt Morgan's Parrott Bay.

  • masonmom

    good or bad hair, whether ur dark or ur fair, go on and swear see if i care good or bad hair!