The Down Low Files: Columbus Short

Rumors about dancer-turned-actor Columbus Short being a member of the tooty booty club have been running rampant for some time now. Over the weekend, Short was spotted arriving at Dulles International Airport outside of D.C. As you know, D.C. rivals only Atlanta as the destination for urban batty boys.

The caption under the photo on identified the man walking two steps behind Columbus as Cory Bold, a producer of sorts who has produced remixes for Marques Houston among others.

Here’s a close up of Cory Bold. Need I say more?

This pic was taken by the same pap at Dulles International airport on the same day. The kid in the photo is Chosen Wilkins, aka Dustin Wilkins. But isn’t that the same Cory Bold walking two steps behind Chosen? The sharp eyed among you will recognize Chosen as the con artist who was accused of impersonating Missy Elliott (among others) in radio interviews back in the day [LINK].

Chosen was also spotted recently at a basketball game with Big Tigger, who personally emailed to vehemently deny knowing who Chosen was. LOL.

Anyway, what are the odds that Columbus and Chosen would arrive at the same airport on the same day accompanied by the same flaming producer? Of course the simple explanation could be that Cory Bold picked the guys up from the airport for a recording session. But we know better.

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79 Responses to “The Down Low Files: Columbus Short”

  1. 1
    mizzdallas says:

    Not columbus short! THE DEVIL IS A LIE….

  2. 2
    carmelita79 says:

    yes we know better. If you dont want people to know you are gay that is fine. not everyone wants to come out the closet. its tough out there. BUT if you are going to stay in the closet, DO NOT start messing with women and having men on the side. do not bring innocent women into your sordid mess of a life!

  3. 3
    Kymystry says:

    Ok .. MissD .. I don’t know who this thunder cat is … lol .. let me google … lol

  4. 4
    Kymystry says:

    Ohhhh … he was the brotha in “This Christmas” who married a becky and didn’t tell his family ….

  5. 5
    iyonah says:

    OFFTOPIC:Did anyone watch RuPaul’s Drag Race Reunion?

    I didn’t watch the show this season, but I did see a few min of the reunion special?

  6. 6
    Kymystry says:

    I did Iyonah … i can’t sleep at night .. so it was on .. i watched it … it was intresting … The Afican Man from Cameron BeBe won

  7. 7
    LovelyLady says:

    As you know, D.C. rivals only Atlanta as the destination for urban batty boys.

    Oh Hell Nawwww….I CAN NOT SECOND THAT….I am from DC and we might have our share of urban gays whatever you want to call it but it aint nothing like in ATL

  8. 8
    iscream says:

    Harpo who des people…

    If a unknown actor comes out of the closet does the story make a sound?

  9. 9
    ReadTheBlog says:

    My lips goloss is poppin my lip gloss is cool…IT’S POPPIN IT’S POPPIN IT’S POPPIN IT’S POPPIN

  10. 10
    Coop says:


    I’ll agree with you on that everytime I go to the ATL I go to the strip club to make sure everything is still in order.

  11. 11
    iyonah says:

    @Kym …

    Yeah … I wasn’t aware of that culture really. And I personally liked a few of the songs that were on RuPaul’s upcoming album …

    Some of those men would put alot of fashionista females to shame. I was really taken back.

    RTB – I can always count on you for a good 1.

  12. 12
    Daisy says:

    When people are “suspect” it’s not breaking news if they are seen with somebody who is flaming per say. I want to know who the REAL DL brothers are that are NOT suspect and who also may be “thugged” out in the industry that would be breaking news.

    I do not think everybody in the industry is gay though.

  13. 13
    Daisy says: Columbus is not unknown

    @Iyonah I meant to thank you for my handclap on Fri!

  14. 14
    NYCUTIE says:

    ATL is the mecca for Doo Doo boys.. SAD!

  15. 15
    ReadTheBlog says:


  16. 16
    iscream says:

    @ Daisy he probably isn’t. Its me. I’m so out of the loop on certain things. Let me go Google him. I see Kym said he was in this xmas. I saw that movie & I hope this isn’t the guy who played on the with Boris & Nicole. (Which most ppl probably don’t remember bc upn snatched it off so fast. Thought it was a good show.)

    & what’s up with The Game. It hasn’t been as good as it usually is. I did feel bad for Tarsha letting her own insurities ruin a good relationship.

  17. 17
    KaraZ says:

    LovelyLady Says:

    As you know, D.C. rivals only Atlanta as the destination for urban batty boys.

    Oh Hell Nawwww….I CAN NOT SECOND THAT….I am from DC and we might have our share of urban gays whatever you want to call it but it aint nothing like in ATL


    as a former resident of the urreah and a current resident of Atlanta, Lovely Lady I hate to say it but you’re in denial. DC has a ridiculous amount of gay & suspect (or as Russ Parr says it “gay-friendly”) males running around that little city. The only reason DC isn’t beating Atlanta hands down is because it’s a smaller metro area.

  18. 18
    Zuley says:

    Columbus is bi I didn’t know who he was either until a friend of mine who dances had a male friend Columbus messed with. These nyggas need to just come out the closet Tigger, Chosen all them. Thats why I like Sandra cause she puts it out there.

  19. 19
    kwallace577 says:

    columbus short who busted up his marriage by sleeping with britney spears? a batty boi?

    i need more people.

    but hail i guess guys can phuck for tracks too. movie roles. idk. i need more people.

  20. 20
    iscream says:

    Woo it wasn’t who I thought it was. The guy from the show (called second time around) name is Brian White.

    Can I request some morning wood on Mr. Brian White?

    A sure nuff cutie with a banging body.

  21. 21
    mizzdallas says:

    OMFG!!! zuley r u serious…. I dont have a crush on him, but I like him as a actor and always saw myself hanging out with him maybe I still can oh sucks… Columbus “How u dowanng” Alllllriiightt!!.

  22. 22
    kwallace577 says:

    Columbus is bi I didn’t know who he was either until a friend of mine who dances had a male friend Columbus messed with.
    get the hail outta here.

    okay then. we got some more people….oh well.


  23. 23
    mizzdallas says:

    we already had him as morning wood, and lets just say he aint got no wood…

  24. 24
    iyonah says:

    @daisy – good point on people who are suspect — I totally bypassed the topic, cause this is not BREAKING NEWS IMO …
    Now … if we could get some exposure on some of these rappers or athletes, we would be in BUSINESS … SMH — no seriously, I kind of don’t even wrap myself in the who is strsight & who is NOT … as long as I am not in bed with you, doesn’t matter. Also if you speak out against homosexuality and you partake in the same problem – then its that person who I have something against.
    In terms of last Friday — umm I had a busy long weekend, can’t remember what I wore on Friday. Refresher???

  25. 25
    kwallace577 says:

    and i must admit that columbo DOES look hella homo in that pic. i know i know…you cain’t tell by a pic or what does homo look like…idk what it looks like. but he DOES in that pic. and this lil tid bit here i found for those who did not know he busted up his own marriage by grinding up on brit spears…. maybe that was a cover?

    Britney Spears’ former dancer Columbus Short last year revealed his relationship with the singer helped break up his marriage. “It’s true I slept with Britney, [but] we never had sex because another person was in the room at the time,” he tells Star magazine. “We shared a bed and were really close, kissing and hugging. The chemistry was magical … our feelings were so strong.” Meanwhile, his wife was at home, pregnant with their first child. “It would be fair to say Britney caused major problems in our marriage,” says Short, obviously forgetting it would be fair to say he caused the majority of the problem. “Sadly, we’re now getting divorced.”

  26. 26
    Kat says:

    i had to google columbus short….and don’t care if he’s gay or not! he’s not my type of hype!

  27. 27
    Daisy says:

    @Isc I saw the Game. I am tired of everybody right now on that darn show. I heard Tom Joyner said they would be back for another season but I will wait on CW to confirm that. Boris and Nicole hosted love n relationships last night on the radio. I remember their TV show it was wack. Brian White is a little suspect but cute to me as well.

    @Iyonah you gave me a hand clap cause I said I refused to label Chris after ONE incident. I agree I could care less who is gay/bi but I am nosey…lol I guess I do not care in the sense I will still support your art or talent if it’s good.

  28. 28
    donnia says:

    All I want to know is can ya boy Rocko afford the airfare because I am certain he would have been in full attendance at the DL Party, dookie stains and all(LOL). Also, say it ain’t so. Word on the street is ya girl Monica is rocking faked out designer bags. Please squash this rumor with a quickness. Mo always looks really cute, but her bags do look a bit – how shall we say – OFF. Please get a denial with the quickness (LOL).

  29. 29
    iscream says:

    Lol @ Mizz Dallas I think I saw a pic of him where he was apart of the iddy bitty dyck committee.

    True story.

    I knew a guy who thang was so small when he got up the condom fell off.

    @ Daisy a lot of people thought the show was corny. I liked it. Every episode (all 5 of them) was funny 2 me. & I loved the girl who played Brian’s wife.

    The Game better step their game up.

  30. 30
    KaraZ says:

    iscream Says:

    Woo it wasn’t who I thought it was. The guy from the show (called second time around) name is Brian White.

    Can I request some morning wood on Mr. Brian White?

    A sure nuff cutie with a banging body.


    iscream please get your gaydar recalibrated, that dude is FLAY and he has a little peen.

  31. 31
    kwallace577 says:

    my two cents on the game….at this point i wish melanie would go back to crying. YES i know i said once i was tired of her crying…but now she is too fruity. gonna need for them to make up their MIND on what they want her character to be.

    kelly pitts might fight tasha (ala toni slapping the hail outta joan that time) when she find out tasha mack set jason up with ole girl. glad they finally gave malik some depth with this “who my daddy is story line”

  32. 32

    this to much !…i just saw Cover this weekend ….these gays & bi sexuals are too much

  33. 33
    Nina says:

    My friends were just talking about how crazy it is to really date in the ATL because its sooooo many men on the DL. It would be nice if someone like Sandra just posted a list of all the industry DL Men to shed some light on this…hint, hint.

  34. 34
    Daisy says:

    @Isc I watched the show as long as it was on but it was wack and corny to

    @the game I am still holding out hope that the baby isnt I want them to CALM Tasha down she is just the sterotypical black woman and I want them to tone all that down. She is a fool and I laugh at her but enough already.

    @Shania I saw Cover as well recently and was not It was very predictable.

  35. 35

    the “leon” guy …he is so gay to me!

  36. 36
    Bird says:

    Oh I see. This is a guilt by association thing. Columbus must be gay if he is near a gay guy at the airport. Or if he has a gay friend he is gay. Or if he works with gay people he is gay. Ok, I got it now.

  37. 37
    Mspeng says:

    Never heard of him…

  38. 38
    iscream says:

    Yall leave Brian alone, lmao. I try to ignor the gay rumors about him. Small penis & all he has a nice body & face. Some men are good to just look at… even if they would never look at you.

    @ Kwallace lmao… I remember you saying Mel cried too much. I forgot all about the hook up date Tarsha did. Trying to remember who the celeb date was with. (Damn, I need to leave that stuff alone)

    @ Daisy I understand where u r coming from with them toning Tarsha down… but I think she balances out the show with medschool Mel & I wanna be black (no offense) Kelly.

  39. 39
    kwallace577 says:

    @iscream girl she done hooked jason up with stacey dash.

  40. 40
    mizzdallas says:

    I didnt watch this past episode so now I have to try to catch up on that one episode

  41. 41
    NYCUTIE says:

    No such thing as a bisexual man!

  42. 42
    Daisy says:

    So only women can be bisexual?

    Bird I was thinking the same thing but then I thought why bother everybody is gay/suspect to hear Sandra and other’s tell

  43. 43
    Daisy says:

    @The game if they do indeed manage to come back for one more season they need to add some new characters/football players. I like Jason and Stacy but I bet they put him back with Kelly. I am ready for them to add Hill Harper and Mels real life hubby to the show.

  44. 44
    ReadTheBlog says:

    The game? Oh, the last episode I saw, Derwin and Janae were hugged up and Melanie caught em, Malik punched his dad – wha’d else I miss?

  45. 45


  46. 46
    Kat says:

    i’m hoping that janae’s baby isn’t derwin’s either. i remember when they were showing previews of the upcoming episodes, they showed something where her ex boyfriend was back in town or something like that….so hopefully he’s going to be the daddy.

  47. 47
    mizzdallas says:

    ok I just watch this past episdoe of the game, and tasha is sooo stupid she missed out on her chance of becoming mrs.rick fox damn her and all of her insecurities. And kwall you are soooo right about melody…

    yes they do need new actors/actress, I wont new plots..

    Im still holding to i know that is not derwin baby…

  48. 48
    Daisy says:

    @mizz you mean I so want new plots. I do not think we have seen the last of Rick.

  49. 49
    donnia says:

    Don’t blame Sandra for putting folks on front street who are dipping and diving. Sorry folks, the majority of industry folks are gay/bi/tri or whatever. The reason so many people know who’s who is the DL crew is because they have lots of “secret events” where they really get their “freaky deaky” on much like the alledged event above. Please don’t be naive or star struck folks once you get through the smoke and mirrors, you will probably find, although you can rock the same CLs, LVs and be neighbors, industry folks are not like “regular” folks.

    Sandra, I am wondering if you will ever do a story on how Kim and Sarah met Sean when they were working as call girls for Marvelette in the ATL. If not true, please dispute (LOL).

  50. 50
    mizzdallas says:


    who are these peoples…..?

  51. 51
    intown51 says:

    Why would I go to panache when I can get right here?

    You said a mouthful…

  52. 52
    ReadTheBlog says:

    The Game needs a tragedy written into the story line…like Jane can get killed in a car wreck and Mel and Derwin can be stuck raising the baby together… or Mel can catch HIV with all the sleeping around she’s doing. Or she can get pregnant and not know who the father is, ir Tasha can get pregnant with her old ass.

  53. 53
    iscream says:

    Mizz that’s Puffy and his baby mamma’s.

    @ Donnia I’m glad you said it about these industry people. That has nothing to do with Sandra. Most of the people holding the almighty pen (big bosses) are gay and you gotta lay to pay.

    Even if that baby isn’t Derwin’s is he going to want Mel after Mcdreamy? She cheated regardless of that baby’s DNA.

    & I still think Janea told Derwin about the doctor.

  54. 54
    Anti-believer says:

    Donnia…what is “regular folks”?

    People who are in the industry are regular folks who have a job, eat and sleep, pull their pants up the same way as you and I, party here and there, pay rent/mortgage and other bills.

    As far as Chris… well, he was a dancer but not all are gay but since you caught him flying with suspect it is likely true. I think I know who the bottom is. Cute couple btw.

    I guess i better make my move the next i see him at the gym.

  55. 55
    mizzdallas says:

    thanks, ice

    now I want to know how they met and hook-up, sandra where are you? we need info…? or a new post I take both!

  56. 56
    mizzdallas says:

    To Sandra & my family posters:

    I just wanted to let you know after all of my time BS’ing on SR blog, I got a good raise and a bonus NO im not AIG employee…lol! I was really surprised being that I’m always blogging, on the cell & company phone,texting while blogging, taking an extensive executive lunch to neimans marcus, saks, to BS with some of my co-workers gossiping, and listening to my Aunt Wendy on-line while blogging on SR, shopping on-line, catching up on my face book, basically NOT being productive at work, some-days I feel like I work for my paycheck which really its that bad, compared to me NOT working at all 60% of the time. So I just want to take this time to thank you all for the laughter you’re the reason why I breathe…

  57. 57
    candycane says:

    Good thing I was never attracted to him. He still played THE HELL OUTT LIL WALTER!!! In Cadillac Records.

  58. 58
    candycane says:

    Kymystry Says:

    I did Iyonah … i can’t sleep at night .. so it was on .. i watched it … it was intresting … The Afican Man from Cameron BeBe won

    (in Ru’s voice) CAmeroooooooooon I’m glad BeBe won, she was most defintley FIERCE, although Nina was good too. Anyone but Rebecca (who was just pretty, nothing special)

  59. 59
    iscream says:

    Kym workd for BadBoy I heard she hoe’d her way to the top of the child support list but never heard the escort part. Wouldn’t put it past her. She did make it to NY on her back via Devante from ATL.

  60. 60
    SlimA says:

    Auntie be on it.

  61. 61
    mizzdallas says:


    huh..? what..? she messed with devante…

  62. 62
    Sandra Rose says:

    Everyone, thanks for your patience with the lack of updates. Since last week I’ve had serious problems with my PC. Today my Ethernet card went bad so I couldn’t connect to the laptop or my PC. My friend came over and replaced it. So I should be good now.

  63. 63
    Daisy says:

    @Isc Mel DID NOT cheat. She was not with Derwin they were FRIENDS NO BENEFITS at that point in time. He cheated 1st with DreSadora(sp) any darn way.

    Since when was Kim a hooker. Lawd have mercy the stuff people come up with. Again I say everybody in the Industry is NOT gay. Some ppl use most ppl NO!

  64. 64
    Daisy says:

    @Mizz congrats on the raise

  65. 65
    Daisy says:

    typo I meant some ppl YES most ppl NO

  66. 66
    pointhimout says:

    damn papparzzi (sp). what if he’s just working on a video…he did used to dance, remember.

    real DL guys aren’t going to be seen with their conquests, trust me. i’m not too sure about this one, Sandra. I think they were in town to work on a project.

    would I bed Big Tig? he seems really cool, but not my type. I would hang out wit him though.

  67. 67
    pointhimout says:

    it’s no surprise if kim really did sleep her way up. who go time for years of struggle when 15 minutes of empty sex takes the struggling years away? damn that, i’ll pick my morals up tomorrow morning.

  68. 68
    Daisy says:


  69. 69
    Daisy says:

    Sandra are u going to post andre 3000 mugshot for speeding he looks cute lol

  70. 70
    iscream says:

    So sorry this is long but I thought it was good. Some of these things I know are fact not sure about all of it.
    Did You Know?

    Biggie has 3 daughters and a son… one of his his daughters is from an old girlfriend from brooklyn named Jan…another daughter is from this woman he was wit right before he died and that daughter won’t kno who her father was cuz the mom doesn’t wanna make a big deal over it since biggie is dead…i dont kno much about the other daughter…and… the boy is from his former wife Faith Evans…

    Shawn Stockman from boys to men got married on michael jacksons neverland ranch

    In SWV “Be Right There” Pharell was the person doing background vocals saying “S….W….V”

    Mos Def was an actor before he became a rapper starring in “The Cosby Mysteries” which played in 1994.

    The Ying Yang Twins one of them is missing 3 fingers and 3 toes and the other is bow legged

    Usher once dated Monica and rumored to date Brandy briefly

    Alicia Keys’ middle name is ‘Joseph’ her name is: Alicia Joseph Augello Cook

    Did you know that Free and Vanessa Williams from Soul Food The Series are cousins?

    Whitney Houston try out for the Cosby show to play Sondra but she didnt get the part

    Singer Deniece Williams ( She Sung “silly” And ” It’s Gonna Take A Miracle”). Is The Mother Of R & B Producer Jazze Pha.

    Did you know P. Diddy was in Finesse and Synquis video (1990) “Straight from the Soul?” It can be seen on

    Did you know that Vivica Fox was suppose to play in the sitcom called “Living Dolls” (A spinoff of “Who’s The Boss”) but the script was rewritten and recast with Halle Berry

    Tina Knowles real name is Celestine Beyince Knowles

    Did you know that Free is a certified computer engineer

    Did you know that Cee-Lo wrote “Don’t Cha” by the puss-ycat Dolls

    Did you know that T.I. has 4 kids

    When Jada Pinkett met Will Smith, she had just gotten out of a long term, serious relationship with Grant Hill?

    Did you know that Adina Howard dated Joe Torry back then?

    Did you know that Angie Martinez and Q-Tip dated before?

    Did you know that Shabba Ranks real name is Rexton Rawlston Fernando Gordon?

    Did you know that Salt-N-Pepa met while they were working at a Sears store in Queens, New York?

    Did you know that Lefteye dated Keith Sweat before

    Did you know that Michael Jordan had/has a mistress in Sacramento, bought her a house in Laguna (Elk Grove) and used to stay there when he played in Cali

    Did you know that Shaquille O’Neal and Bill Bellamy are cousins?

    Did you know Kim Porter was a receptionist at Uptown MCA and mothered Al B. Sure’s son (Quincy), was a “really good friend” of Devante, appeared as his love interest in “Feenin’

    Kci cheated on Mary with LeLe (SWV)

    Did u know that Rashaad Haughton ( Aaliyahs Bro) once dated NicoleRichie

    Do u know that J-Bo from the group Youngbloodz is Andre 3000′s cousin?

    Vivian Green is not cousins with Tye Tribbet and that she used to date his brother, that’s man she is talking in her songs and when she says she was in a really bad relationship for 3 years.

    Toni Braxton breast implants never exploded, her implant began to leak

    Tamar Braxton is the girl Robert Smith cheated on Brandy.

    Xscape has never received a royalty check

    Trey Songs wrote songs for SWV “Release Some Tension” album

    Brandy brother Ray J used to be a BLOOD GANG MEMBER.

    Keyshia Cole got breast implants. (say it aint so )

    Maya Rudolf of SNL is Mini Riperton daughter

    Did you know that Aaliyah auditioned to be on “Family Matters?

    Did you know that Toni’s Braxton’s husband, Keri Lewis, was not originally going to be in her video “He Wasn’t Man Enough”……actually he was supposedly replaced because the other guy that was going to be in the video reminded Robin Givens of her ex-husband….Mike Tyson?

    DMX called young Jeezy, young cheesy on 106th and park

    R. Kelly AND DAMON DASH ARE known alcoholics

    Did you know that there were rumors that David Ruffin abused Tammy Terrell, causing her to die from brain tumors and his children threatened to sue the producers of mini-series, The Temptations, so they cut that part out in the beginning of the movie?

    Did you know that Diana Ross dated Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson and Berry Gordy?

    Mary Wilson dated Tom Jones for years?

  71. 71
    iscream says:

    Sandra is the royalty check about Xscape true? Free admitted that Vanessa is her cousin. & I never knew that Denise Williams was Jazzy Phat I mean Pha mother. & I believe that Ray was with the Bloods because he use to hang hard with Suge.

    Anyway Mizz Dallas they talk about Devante and Kim on this list. & I’m about to go youtube the Feenin video to see what Kim looked like pre Puffy.

  72. 72
    Sandra Rose says:

    Daisy Says:
    Sandra are u going to post andre 3000 mugshot for speeding he looks cute lol


    I just read your comment. But, yes I posted it. :-)

  73. 73
    Sandra Rose says:

    iscream Says:
    Sandra is the royalty check about Xscape true?


    Yes, it is true about the stolen royalties. It wasn’t much– about $5000 apiece. It’s also true that one of the group members copyrighted the group’s name without the other members’ knowledge or their permission. That is why there will never be a Xscape reunion.

  74. 74
    Daisy says:

    Ok that was long and doesn’t TI have more than 4 kids lol

  75. 75
    iscream says:

    @ Sandra Wow!

    @ Daisy the list is a few years old. I still thought it was informative or at least entertaining.

  76. 76
    Daisy says:

    I stans for Akeys and I never knew that was her middle name I wonder if that is

  77. 77
    Zuley says:

    The funny thing is yes Columbus is going through a divorce because of the Britney Spears thing but also what people don’t know was that the guy Columbus was messing with orally I hear was one of Britney’s back-up dancers also. I’m sure he probably still considers himself straight because he just recieved oral from the guy but I guess. I didn’t care enough to ask more into that whole relationship. But its some crazy thing that happen when people tour together.

  78. 78
    Kat says:

    i don’t beleive that key co has implants tho….

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