• Kymystry

    they should lso make .. Don't make me Ozzie Osbourn Yo Azz..

    Don't make me Charlie Sheen Yo Azz

    Don't make me Tommy Lee Yo Azz

    Don't make me Al Grits Yo Azz

    Don't make me Ike Turner Yo Azz

  • Nikki

    That's just dumb! I guess Chris Brown is the first male that done kicked a female's a$$, and that crap ain't nothing to make fun of. Folks need to get it together and stop making money off of another person's misery! God please bless this cruel world we live in!!

  • Buttercup417

    What about Don't make me James Brown yo azzzz

  • brenden

    Dont make me Riccahrd gear yo azz....Oh no wait that ones actually kinda fun...Accept for when the gerbil does in the process....Well no not always cuzz then not only do you get pleasure, but you also get fresh cookin meat for diner. win win.heehee

  • mizzdallas

    I have no words..............


    people are heartless...that's sad.

  • Daisy

    Did anybody read Tyrese's comments about Chris Browns spirits during this time?

    I guess some folks won't be happy until he tries to kill himself.

    Stay Up C Breezy! We have ALL fallen short and done some things we are not proud of.

  • scorpio

    Don't make me Harpo yo Azz!!!!

  • mizzdallas

    Yeah I read tyrese sincere interview, wrong is wrong I feel sorry for the both of them but I feel even more sorrier for Chris, hopefully this will teach him a valuable lesson. There are always consequences and repercussions for our actions...

  • Daisy

    @Mizz yep I agree and that is why I always said Chris should face the music in court and take responsibility for his actions. I feel for RiRi as well those pics of her should never have been released. I do wish they both would have handled things differently that night. Bless their hearts. You live and you learn. This to shall pass all of those words of wisdom..lol

  • keely107


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  • Kat

    that is just wrong....

  • http://myspace.com/thegameoncw Bird

    lol. That's cold blooded. Who would where a shirt like that?

  • Krysi J

    This reminds me of the boy at UF...that got tased for asking Al Gore too many question....before you knew it some students had a website selling t-shirts tom bout "don't tase me bro"....LOL! This could happen to ANYONE lmao!!