• http://organizekaos.blogspot.com JJSPLAYHOUSE

    CAN SHE STOP WITH THE SURGERIES AND THE BLEACHING!! Obama needs to ban all plastic surgery unless you need it to save or drastically improve your life. Kim used to be my complexion but now I see she's going ASIAN. Whatever. I'll pray for her bc obviously she isnt.

  • http://www.viewpointfromthesouth.blogspot.com tigris

    Sandra she did awesome for the very first dance I see her going very far in this competition! I liked it!

  • http://myspace.com/cocoasister kkizzle

    I was a tad disappointed. She was a little more stiff than I expected. You would think with all that screwing she's done, she'd be loose! Oh well... The rest of the competitors, this year, don't seem that strong. So, she will probably do well.

  • licia

    she actually did good.

    i wont even comment on how she looks. it makes me angry .

  • kcicero

    She did good, better than I expected. I will watch this season for her and Shawn, other than that I could care less. Unfortunately Black women (who are really good dancers) never do well on this show :( Anyways I know my sister was going crazy when she shouted out to her...well that's if her arse ain't in the shoe on lockdown again....

  • licia

    kc last year i was surprised that toni braxton didnt go further last year . monique coleman did really well on her season as well.

  • http://myspace.com/thegameoncw Bird

    Her makeup looks better than I have ever seen it. I bet the make up people had to argue her down about drawing her eyebrows on 2 inches thick because that is her signature foolywang facial feature. She's been going overboard with the eyebrow pencil her entire career. I couldn't see the dance so well because the video is moving like it's on time lapse speed.

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    For what it's worth, her nose looks alot better.

  • Daisy

    Toni B disappointed me on that show. She was stiff. Monique Coleman was working it her season. Vivica was stiff as well. Both Kim and Melissa from the Bachelor were good but Melissa has the edge since she is trained in ballet.

  • flyqtnva

    Yall be KILLING me YO!! Kim did a good job..the first dance and she had the jitters. It was still all good.
    ****She's the orginal QUEEN B!!!!**** But lets see...you can get a boob job, wear fake hips, wish you were born LATINA, get a nose job, put on A BLONDE wig..IF YOUR LIL KIM YOU WILL BE TORE DOWN BUT IF YOUR NAME IS BEYONCE YOU WILL BE PRASIED AND WORSHIPPED. WTF

  • dakotab

    I thought she did a good job, I was surprised. And happy...I hate to see KIM like this, wrapped up in all this HOLLYWOOD...come back KIM come back!!!

  • KAT

    lil kim is going to be looking like michael jackson if she keeps it up....but i'm still a big fan....she's still the best female rapper to me....and i think that she did a good job for her first dance...being that she can't dance anyway. i hope she goes far.

  • Daisy

    @Kat after the old skool L Boogie then Kim and I also liked the old skool pitbull in a skirt as well.

  • iscream

    I missed this and I wanted to see it. I'll try and watch when I get home.

    But the overall notion is she did good.

    Go Kim & it aired on Biggies death Anniversary.

  • Anna

    I have been watching DWTS since the first season. For what it's worth I think Kim did good. You do have to get over the gitters. When you see someone like Kim do ok the first time they usually only get better as the competition progresses.

  • KaraZ

    flyqt, you see the boob job too?!!!! People want to fight me when I say her tatas have been enhanced...

    Anyhoo, Lil Kim has an extremely nice body, fake face and all

  • starr

    I have hard time getting pass everything else about her to care for her dancing....

  • whatnow

    I think lil Kim looks very beautiful. I've heard cosmetic surgery takes a while to settle in and she looks much more natural now.

    I wish black folks would stop criticizing(?) her looks. If someone doesn't like the way they look and can do something about it they should. Frankly, I think Oprah could use a slight nostril trimming.

  • http://WWW.XSCAPESIGHTINGS.COM crystal

    Lil mike should of danced off of Biggies version of Nasty!!