Is Bow Wow's latest studio effort New Jack City II, a monumental flop? Is it true that he only sold 18,000 copies in one week? Where are all his fans? Well, at least he's still got YouTube to fall back on.


I just got a sneak peek at the numbers which post every Wednesday for you faithful readers! The full sales report will be posted tomorrow but I just had to mention that Bow Wow Flop something terrible. He came in at number 18 with 18,586 copies sold! WOW! I think it is time for Columbia Records to let that giggling bama loose!

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  • mizzdallas

    ummm this is NOT a surprise I knew he was gonna flop with that wack azz song he has out...

  • kwallace577

    Where are all his fans?
    what part of "his fans are now college aged" did you not read when i posted it yesterday?

    they are notoriously broke anyway those college they are extra broke in a recession. tuitions are rising, room and board AND books. you let my college aged niece call me about some money so she can cop a CD. i'mma send her azz a grocery gift card and tell her she betta cop some FOOD.

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    I didn't even know he had a song out lol. But yea, all his "old" fans are in there 20's now. They aint checking for him like that. They grew up and he didn't lol. They checking for TI & em. Sucks when you're short lol.

  • Naima

    why did he even bother making the album

  • kwallace577

    if anything ONE of them got the whole CD and now they are passing it around and burning the songs of his they like. that does not count towards his total.

    sad but true.

  • Daisy

    Hew as on 106 yesterday. He needs to mature with his fan base or better yet stick to acting and improve upon that craft.

  • Zuley

    His publicist and manager should be FIRED! Having that poor boy create an album nobody was going to buy in the first place. He should have just branched off to acting because I think he had a better chance at that then this music shyt. Niggas need to get off this music shyt everywhere you turn people are trying to say their the next thing to hit music. And if another auto-tune person comes into the scene I swear I will go deaf. Nobody needs talent anymore to be an artist they just need an auto-tune box and a youtube account I'm dead serious.

  • iscream

    Wendy Williams will be popping bottles over this one, lol.

    Funny thing is last week Jim Jones sold 22,000 & he came in @ # 2... shrugs who knows.

  • leat

    i dont know about his sales....but there is a song that i heard with him and lucious Nelly with Ron Brown on the hook...LOVE that song! if i only had knowledge as to how and rip it just to have the beat while im on the treadmill....oh the damage i can do while working out! LOL!


    for realz?? YIKES! well maybe he ran his mouth too muchO?? hmmm...

  • sexieblacc

    How is an album a flop if it doesn't sell in one week? It's seven days and we ARE in a recession. Sandra has nothing to write about. :-( Keri sold 40,000 and was number one. Jim sold 22,000 and was number two...... a year ago ya'll would've called that a flop. smh...

  • iscream

    I thought Keri sold 90K & I think Jim Jones was also a flop...

    Who needs a bath!

  • pointhimout

    WHERE IS NEW JACK CITY I, dammit? i'ma release a dvd and call it 'pointdoespolowdadon part 5' folks will wonder where the 1-4 parts have gone.

  • Krysi J

    @ sexieblacc....they are STILL flops, they were just lucky to have dropped when no one who would sell WAAAAYyyyy more released an album. The recession is affecting anyone who has a strong fan base...its the rookies, and the has beens that are dealing with the problem. Right now the power artists are NE-Yo, A Keys, Jay Z, TI, Lil Wayne, Beyonce, Chris Brown (before the fight) Rhianna (before the fight), Kanye, Mary J. Blidge and YT folks I don't know. Honorable mentions Young Jeezy, Plies, Soulja Boy (I know, its sad), Mariah Carey, The Dream, T-pain, Jamie Foxx etc...

  • Krysi J

    o yea and Keyshia Cole is doing pretty well too.