Forever 21 calls Kim Kardashian fat — and she is not happy

Socialite and TV personality Kim Kardashian is normally excited to hear that she landed a major ad campaign — it means that her massive publicity budget is finally paying off. But word is, Kim K’s face cracked when she found out the ad campaign was for plus-sized women.

Forever 21 launched an ad campaign called Faith 21 which features Kim’s face next to clothing for “a curvier girl that loves fashion.” The line carries sizes ranging from XL to 2XL.

Kim K, who tweeted just last week about releasing a new workout DVD, is mortified:

    Kim responded on her blog, saying: “I feel that this clipping from Us Magazine is a bit misleading, so I wanted to comment on it.

    “I am a huge fan of Forever 21 and I’m very happy they have expanded their line to include a plus-size range, but I am not in that size category and this article makes it sound like I am! I am a curvy girl and I love my curves, but curvy and plus-sized are two very different things. I work really hard to maintain my curves while staying slim and healthy, so to be classed as a “fuller-figured woman” of extra large proportions is a little offensive.

    For the record, I am a size 2, not 2XL.” READ MORE…

When will pseudo-celebrities like Kim learn to stfu and be happy with the free exposure they’re getting?



37 Responses to “Forever 21 calls Kim Kardashian fat — and she is not happy”

  1. 1
    BayArea says:

    Knowing forever 21 the stuff is not made for the avearge “Plus Size: person. Kim would probably make a great spokesperson. LOL! I might check it out since I am expecting and want to stay looking trendy walking around with a huge belly (the size of Kim’s butt-LOL)! :)

  2. 2
    Daisy says:

    Team Kim! She is far from fat. I am not sure how I feel about forever 21 having plus sized clothes. Everything ain’t for everybody. I want to scream everytime I see a big girl in a pair of the new skin tight leggins look.

  3. 3
    Daisy says:

    @Bay when are you due? Congrats

  4. 4
    Kat says:

    kim kardashian is NOT a size 2!!! i’m a size 7 or 9 and her azz is bigger than mine! whatever kim….

  5. 5
    iscream says:

    I agree stfu and just enjoy the exposure. & I would think since she has a workout video this ad would help her dvd sales. I would rather follow someone who is considered average size trying to loose weight than a skinny chick.

    & I agree being curvy is not the same as being fat/Plus size. But she just lost a lot big girl followings… you know they stick together… its all that peanut butter.

  6. 6
    SunnyPA says:

    Size 2 … HAHAHAHAHAHA… these psuedo-celebs kill me with that.

  7. 7
    Lala11_7 says:

    You know what…

    All the “big girls” should boycott her show and then see what her ratings would be…

    I predict…


  8. 8
    ckarinwhite says:

    Kim K is not a size 2…She looks like a misses 12.

  9. 9
    kwallace577 says:

    alright. i am normally all team kim…all day…BUT…

    in order to avoid looking crazy/deranged and STANK when you shop at some stores you gotta get a bigger size than at other stores. i am a 10/12 and sometimes depending on WHERE i shop i gotta get a 14 bottom.

    so kim…sorry love.

  10. 10
    Daisy says:

    She is not a 2 but she is NOT a 12 either…lol She has a small wasit with a big azz. She recently lost a few lbs as well working on her new workout DVD.

  11. 11
    masonmom says:

    im not plus size either bur forever 21 is definitely for junior sizes so im sure the XL will be more like an L. Kim needs to stop trippin cuz her AZZ aint hardly a size 2.

  12. 12
    terika83 says:

    A size two with those hips? I don’t see how…her waist is probably a size 2, but to fit into a pair of size 2 bottoms with those hips, I don’t see it happening. I have the same waist/hip issue…it’s hard for me to find a nice fitting pair of bottoms that fit my waist and hips as well as legs. My waist is like a 2/3 and my hips/butt are like a 5/6. UGH.

  13. 13
    BayArea says:

    Hey Daisy! Thanks. Baby #2 is due in September (9/26). I’m starting to show and still want to look cute ;)

  14. 14
    aqtpie says:

    Congratulations BayArea!! I think Kim is a good size but I agree, there is no way she is a size 2.

  15. 15
    kwallace577 says:

    She has a small wasit with a big azz
    me too and for THAT reason is why i gotta get a 12. and then get it taken in. you gotta have some material to cover that azz. and if you get a size smaller, azz can make your pants high waters. believe me i know….

    i too am azz challenged.

  16. 16


  17. 17
    KayCeiSoul says:

    @ckarinwhite and @kwallace577 – RIGHT ON POINT!!!

    I am nodding my head like “Yopp! All day long!” The fact that she has a donk like that automatically disqualifies her from a 2. I have to deal with this every time I go shopping so K.K. ain’t fooling nobody. Let’s play into her dream though (I don’t believe in killing dreams.) Because K.K. is a 2 way deep down inside, but nowhere else. I won’t take that away from her.

    Having bee-hind has it advantages (I fall down a flight of stairs or in the snow at least once a year, and Looord the HELP it is!), but one disadvantage is the waist to hip to arse ratio. It pretty much means a BIGGER size. K.K. needs a big booty sistah friend to put a buzz in her ear on how to respond to things like these in the press for credibility purposes.

  18. 18
    ReadTheBlog says:

    lol…a European size 2 but her big ass is not in Europe! Look , I’m 5’9″ 150 and I wear a size 8. I look like 6 o’clock compared to Kim. She’s probably the same size as me, just shorter…

    Someone just tell the b*tch to keep dieting, and getting her pics photo-shopped and she’ll be alright.

  19. 19
    Daisy says:

    I stand by my original comments Kim is NOT a size 2 or 12. I have plenty of big booty gfriends and fam as well and they do not wear a 12 either.

  20. 20
    BayArea says:

    Thanks aqtpie :)
    When I think of a size 2 I think of a stick. Kim will probably have a “you tube” clip of her trying on a size 2 outfit. Watch!

  21. 21
    Sandra Rose says:

    I think she means she’s a size 2 without the butt pads and breast implants. :)

  22. 22
    Mspeng says:

    Seriously…it has nothing to do with her bum…it’s her entire body…that could NEVER fit into a 2. I had a baby in Jan. I was a 4 before…now I’m a 6…and before and after I am still waaaay slimmer than Kim K. Don’t have nearly as much boobs so she’s not fooling anybody with that size 2 nonsense anymore than Beyonce fooling us by saying her waist is 19 inches (WTF???).

    I wish they’d just stop lying about all of it because they think it makes them look better. From the celebrities with weave who deny it…to those who’ve had plastic surgey and deny it…to making themselves sound slimmer, taller, smarter etc…just be real.The fans respect you more in the end.

  23. 23
    spongebobfan says:

    YAY forever 21 is lauching a plus size line im a size 12 so im borderline it sucks finding clothes, cute clothes in my size… “watch out for the big girls….”

  24. 24
    Dhoward1913 says:

    That damn Kim. She is not a 2. I am a 8/10 and she has more ass than me. I can wear shirts and dresses in Forever 21, but pants, hell no!!!! You can look at those meaty knees and know that she is not a 2. I’m not saying she’s fat, but damn be you.

  25. 25
    SavageGoddess says:

    I am glad I am not the only person who didnt care for what she said and didnt believe the 2-bit lie..lmao

  26. 26
    candycane says:

    Dont be mad Kim Forever 21 is geared toward skinny bytches.

  27. 27
    Mimi Renee says:

    No offense but you can’t just look at someone and say “oh they look like a size blah blah”. I know this because people always assume that I am smaller than what I really am just by looking at me. I’m petite but I do have curves so I can understand what she’s saying.

  28. 28
    starr says:

    Kim is not a 2. I’d probably guess she’s not bigger than a 6 or an 8. but a 2, she’s lying

  29. 29
    Shauny says:

    I think she’s about a 5/6. J Lo has said she was a 5/6 too, mostly because of her backside.

  30. 30
    Kymystry says:

    what she was REALLY trying to say … is that she can ADD 1+1=2 …

  31. 31

    Um…no offense but I was at the Bravo A-List Awards in Los Angeles a month ago.I was interviewing on the red carept. I saw Kim Kardashian up close and in person and there is noooo way she is a size 2! I really dont care about her weight, her butt or nothing but come on now a 2? LMAO! Im a bigger curvier size girl too and proud to say im a 12, who cares anyway!Why are they so insecure about their size geez! She is a drop dead gorgeous girl, but she is not a 2,even in couture!

  32. 32


    I think so to, this chick is lost her mind if she thinks she a 2 a black girl body and we all know them damn jeans run small whatever

  33. 33
    Hermosa says:

    Daisy Says:

    Team Kim! She is far from fat. I am not sure how I feel about forever 21 having plus sized clothes. Everything ain’t for everybody.

    So if your a big girl you’re not allowed to be fashionable? Faith 21 is a clothing brand that will have multitudes of clothing not just one type. I do think that everything isn’t for everyone but nobody said Faith 21 was gonna be spandex and tube dresses.


  34. 34
    Hermosa says:

    BTW…Im a size 9/10 and I will be shopping at Faith 21 bc I have a hard time finding clothes that fit with my DD’s!!!

  35. 35
    Hermosa says:

    And Kim….We can clearly see that you are not a plus size women but for you to even feel the need to rebute this story in this manner is ridiculous. It’s that serious, huh?

    And we ain’t stupid, you ain’t no size 2.

  36. 36
    missmiami says:

    LOL @ size 2. Maybe in highschool but not as an adult.

  37. 37
    jazi65 says:

    I thought she was so happy with her figure? Clearly in denial..she’s not fat but dam sure ain’t no size 2…Only thing on this broad that’s a size 2 is her IQ.

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