Actress Sanaa Lathan was spotted out & about in Hollywood last night. Is it my imagination or does she look like she’s expecting? How did that blog that makes up stories about pregnant celebrities miss this one?
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Kim Kardashian and her well-heeled friends, including PR Diva Tracy Nguyen on the right, were spotted having dinner at Cipriani’s after a productive day of shopping. Wouldn’t you LOVE to go shopping with Kim Kardashian — on her dime of course. By the way, Tracy has promised to take me shopping when she comes to Atlanta next week. I can’t wait! 🙂

Producer Dr. Dre was seen exchanging glances with some young chick at the Lakers game yesterday. Hopefully she’s his daughter.
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Former Supermodel Iman was spotted out & about in the SoHo area of Manhattan yesterday wearing her Iman Global Chic bag. She looks incredible for a woman in her 60s.
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The reason former Cheetah Girls singer has been going on shopping sprees so much lately is because she recently signed a solo deal with Def Jam Records. Let’s hope she got a big enough cash advance to eat for the next year since it’s doubtful she’ll sell any records.

Former WGST (Atlanta) talk radio host and current host of Fox News’ Sean Hannity Show wearing an autographed hat and stunna shades presented to him by legendary stock car driver Richard Petty, who was a guest on his show earlier this week. I had to throw this in for loyal reader Gail P. who LOVES him.

I know some of you are confused about the Barack Obama bowing backlash. You’re not alone: when Obama bowed deeply to Saudi King Abdullah during the G20 Summit last week in London, the king himself looked confused.

Notice that he didn’t return the bow. Also notice that no one else bowed to anyone in the room. This is what makes what Obama’s gesture so embarrassing for America. It is because the Saudi king himself knew that bowing was not proper protocol. In his eager enthusiasm to impress the Arab world, Obama has made a few clumsy gaffes, but none as blatantly obvious as bowing down to another world leader.

Here’s what the Saudi king himself said about bowing:

    “Brothers, there is something on my mind I want to tell you,” King Abdullah told delegations of princes, officials and ordinary citizens at his palace in the Red Sea city of Jeddah.

    “Kissing hands is something alien to our values and ethics, and is refused by free and honest souls,” he said, quoted by the official SPA news agency.

    “Moreover, it leads to bowing, which violates God’s law as the faithful bows only to the one and only God.”

Now you know why the white House wants the incident to fade away. The other part of this is that Obama was most assuredly told in advance what the proper protocol was for greeting leaders of the free world, but he decided to blatantly ignore the protocol in his haste to prove to the Arab world where his true loyalties lie.

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Hey Sandra. It’s RL,

I really appreciate you putting the word out on my mixtape. I’ve taken the last few years off to write on other projects and now God has given me the opportunity to come back out. I am a HUGE fan of your site and it my day to see all the love and positive responses. Even though I can’t please everyone I feel it’s a blessing for people to even give it a listen. God bless you.

PS Lena is the love of my life, but… we are not engaged. I think people think that because I wear a religious ring on that finger. Not to take anything away from her because we pray daily that God brought us together for the long haul… Thanks again Ms. Rose!

UPDATED with a message from a friend of R.L.’s:

I cannot comment but can you let the ladies know he has only been w/ Lena for a few months – yet known her for years. He sent the correction because he didn’t want phone calls asking why they found out via your site lol. And he just made 32, not 40 LOL. Thanks again

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Loyal reader Nina wrote:


I am a loyal reader of your site. It’s the first thing I do in the morning. I love your point of view and opinion on issues. But this morning I was a little offended on your post on immigration. I am a 20 year old college student living illegally in the United States. My parents brought me to this country as a young child to escape the violence on the border, as my neighbors were being drawn to the drug and mafia business. In 1996, the year before our move, three of our neighbors where killed by decapitation and their bodies were left in the streets I walked to get to school.

My father was a professional and he left his job, his home and his country to work as a laborer here in the states. Just so I could have a chance to make my dreams come true and live a safe life, without fear. We applied to become legal, but there is a ten year waiting list and we still have four to go. As you probably know, the process is long and expensive, while we had the money we just didn’t have the time to wait. I am a DREAMer. The reason I am in college is because of scholarships I earned. I have completely assimilated to this country, I am not one of those hat and boot wearing “beaners”.

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If you emailed me today, I’m not ignoring your emails. The delay in responding is due to the volume of emails I receive. Please be patient and I will respond. Thanks!

“Lady Love captures all of the different moments of love that a person might experience while in a relationship. Love isn’t easy, but it is a true blessing wanted by many. This is a peek into Lady Love’s diary.” – LeToya

Watch LeToya transform into a rising R&B starlet in her new music video “Not Anymore” directed by Bryan Barber (Idlewild). The song, written and produced by Compound Productions (Ne-Yo) is the first single from her sophomore album “Lady Love” scheduled for release this summer.

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Loyal reader T. Nicole Merritt responded to yesterday’s post on Bishop Eddie Long scaling back his extravagant Easter Sunday services due to the recession:


    Good day! I will keep this short as Im sure you receive a plethora of emails daily. I was a member of New Birth in Atlanta so I have to comment. Please let your readers know that New Birth has always been involved in the community by assisting people in various ways.

    1. I personally was helped when I was going broke and could not pay my bills. I made a request for rental assistance and I received a check immediately. The only condition they had was that I attend financial management classes provided for FREE at the church.

    2. When Katrina took place, New Birth set up a transition station at the church. I volunteered for this. They provided victims with showers, temporary places, permanent residences, clothing, food, etc.

    Please ask your readers to stop making sweeping generalizations about “Mega Churches”. To their defense though, I was once where they are. I was sitting on the outside bad-mouthing all these pastors and ridiculing the members. But a friend invited me once and I sat there with my arms folded being extremely cynical…but then I opened my arms and my heart followed suit.

    Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day.

    T. Nicole Merritt
    “the Delightful Diva”

Good for her!

    The singer and her entourage of backing dancers left the auditorium and refused to come back out until the atmosphere cleared. She claimed that the offenders were smoking marijuana.

    Amid a chorus of boos, a voice came over the tannoy system at the city’s GM Place to announce: “The show will resume as soon as the air around the stage is clear. We need your full cooperation. The performers will not resume until the air clears. Thank you.” The jeering crowd were forced to wait in darkness for half an hour until Spears and her crew deemed the venue sufficiently ventilated.

    When Spears eventually returned – dressed as a police officer – she told the crowd: “Vancouver, don’t smoke weed.” READ MORE…