Another yawner from Brandy. "Love Me the Most" is produced by B. Cox. This song is very uninspiring and her voice sounds flatter than usual. Brandy should just hang up her earphones, exit the sound booth and concentrate on raising her child. Maybe during her hiatus she will find the inspiration to come back and reclaim her former glory.

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According to an inside source at, the Internet portal start-up is struggling to stay afloat.

Word is, Russell Simmons has either fired or lost half of his initial support staff, including Navarrow Wright and Kim Osorio (who went back to BET last year). "At this point, Russell is trying to save his investment," said the source, who predicted GG "won't be around next year."

The source said Global Grind contributors and staff have not been paid, leading to disgruntled staff leaving comments on tech blogs. According to Angela Benton of BlackWeb2.0, Simmons recently took over the day-to-day operations of Global Grind as editor-in-chief from Wright after the two men disagreed loudly over how the opration should be run.

According to Benton, Simmons leveraged "his celeb contacts for content. In most cases to the detriment of the product." Simmons also hired popular celebrity bloggers such as Necole Bitchie to write content for Global Grind.

Simmons is said to have sunk close to $5 million in investments into the property. Simmons' brother Rev. Run also invested a considerable amount of his own money into Global Grind. He stressed over his decision to invest and leaned on his wife Justine for investment advice during an episode on his popular series of Run's House last year.

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I know I'm late with these pics. That's why I'm only posting the ones I think you haven't seen yet. Like these pics of drop dead gorgeous First Lady of DTP, Shawnna. Are you thinking Morning Glory? I'm already on it! :-)

T.I. and Luda make their way to the stage. No one on the planet has swagga like Tip. LOVE the Nikes <---- those Nikes >>> Air Yeezy's all day long!

R&B Diva Monica and her cousin Luda. As most of you ATLiens know, Mo is subbing all week (2p-6p) for V-103's Ryan Cameron who's out with the flu.

Rapper Diamond supported her man Lil Scrappy who performed. Aren't they the cutest couple? I LOVE this picture!

Tracey, left, of Grand Hustle makes sure readers get all access to T.I.'s events. We LOVE her!

Click image to see how Jeezy rolls 24/7

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Loyal reader Steve wrote:

    Hello Sandra,

    Just read some of the blogs about this issue. I totally agree with you. Our president knows what he is doing. I knew before the election that this was going to be his protocol. When you constantly let it "slip" that you are really muslim, you can attest that he is. By bowing to the Saudi king he has surrendered his country over to them. My response to this issue is God help us! I've been a Christian since age 19 and I now approach 60. I've studied/ read/ heard about many religions. This is what I have learned. That there is one God, Jehovah and one Savior Jesus Christ. All other religions are false. What is the ONLY religion where the GOD sacrificed himself and not the other way around? This event shows that the prophesies of Revelation are unfolding before our very eyes. In Revelation chapter 20, verses 1-4 we read about a person referred to as "the beast" . Pay close attention to the word beheaded. What is the only religion/ faith that beheads people? Once again I shout the words "God help us!". Our country has lost it's original stance on the true God and we are now "reaping what we have sown". (Please excuse the graphics.)

    Keep up the good work you are doing. You may "take it on the chin", but I thank God there are people like you who want to expose the agenda of some of our leaders. It has nothing to do with democrat or republican, black or white, but that we as a nation need to come together in genuine love for one another with concern for all. I think very highly of the man Rodney King, and quote him often, 'Can't we just learn to get along?' Thank you very much for taking the time to read my ramblings..... God Bless.

    In Christ,

Malcolm Lee of Empire Entertainment has parted ways with his longtime client Sammie, though technically he's still legally Sammie's manager.

Lee, a consummate professional, refused to comment on the rumors and innuendo until today when Sammie decided to get gangsta with it and take their grievance to the streets -- or in this case, his twitter page.

Sammie posted the following message on


Here's Malcolm Lee's statement to readers:

He's a disgruntled artist. Legally, I haven't been fired, I haven't been released or terminated -- none of that. No release has been negotiated. I understand he's making some statements on the Internet and it's nothing personal, but I will let my attorneys handle it.

According to Lee, Sammie's allegations that he stole money from him are totally baseless. But is Sammie stacking chips like that?

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I was just telling a friend today that I was tired of waiting around for Dr. Dre to drop his new album. Then I spot this pic on of a roided up Dre walking on a beach with former wrestler Chyna. Now there's an odd couple. Why are they walking on a beach together? Your guess is as good as mine. I'm thinking they're doing a reality show. Isn't that what has-beens do nowadays to stay relevant?


model_chick78 wrote:

Hey Auntie, TMZ just did an update on this pic and that is actually his WIFE Nicole…NOT Chyna ! WOWZERS !

Updated: to add more groveling by Obowma (scroll down).

Barack Obowma continues his mission to become the doormat and laughing stock of the Muslim world. In this video filmed today in Ankara, Turkey, Obowma makes it clear that the U.S. is not a Christian nation. Obowma also went on to reiterate that we (meaning he) must "make amends with the Muslim world" and he is determined to have a "partnership with the Muslim world."

"We will convey our deep appreciation for the Islamic faith, which has done so much over so many centuries to shape the world for the better, including my own country."

Because after all, 9/11 is in the past, and we are a forward thinking nation who have learned to forgive and forget.

Solo hanging out in L.A. with her BFF LaLa Vazquez

Thanks to loyal reader Shana for sending these pics taken by Solange Knowles of her son Julez and his art work.

I see some artistic talent in Julez's paintings. As a youngster I was a talented artist whose works eventually hung in art galleries in Miami, NY and Atlanta. Click here to see two examples of my pen and ink pointillism drawings from the early 1980s. Artists rarely use the pointillism art style any more, which means creating a drawing with points or dots -- no lines. It took me a month to complete that Michael Jackson drawing using tiny dots of ink.

I eventually put down my pens and picked up a camera instead. Like Shana, I hope Solo continues to encourage Julez's artistic expression.