Barack Obama want us to believe that these people have been wronged by America. He wants us to believe that the Bush administration wrongfully tortured terrorists in order to extract information from them that kept Americans safe. Obama doesn’t want you to see this video of the Taliban brutally beheading Pakistani troops.


DISCLAIMER: I didn’t watch the video. I took the source’s word for it that it contains intense images of beheadings. That’s not my cup of tea. So you have been warned…


Monica was the picture of perfection at the official 2009 NFL draft party at M2 Ultra Lounge in NYC last night. Her youngest son Romelo sent me an email last night inviting me to his big brother Lil Rocko’s birthday party in a airplane hangar next month. He also sent me a pic of his haircut. He is too cute!

This is a beautiful portrait of two Divas, singer Monica and model/TV personality Tocarra at the Official 2009 NFL Draft Party Hosted By Kim Kardashian And Vernon Davis last night in NYC.

L to R: Singer Adrienne Bailon, model Chanel Iman and socialite/TV personality Kim Kardashian attended the Official 2009 NFL Draft Party Hosted By Kim Kardashian And Vernon Davis.

Actor Idris Elba attended the Cinema Society and MCM screening of “Obsession” last night in NYC, putting to bed rumors that he refused to do promo for the movie. I told you kids to stop believing everything you read on the Internets.

He looked so nice I had to post him twice! Idris also attended the after party for the Cinema Society and MCM screening of “Obsessed” at the Bowery Hotel in NYC last night.

Can we even refer to Melyssa Ford as a socialite at this point? Anyway, she attended the official 2009 NFL draft party at M2 Ultra Lounge in NYC last night. How do you like her faux Christian Louboutins?

PR Diva Christy Henderson and Luda’s manager Chaka Zulu (looking twisted) attended the official 2009 NFL draft party at M2 Ultra Lounge in NYC last night.

Photos: Wireimage/Getty

Sometimes Nicole Murphy looks hawt and then other times she falls way short of the mark. Why can’t she be consistent? Maybe it’s the camera angle that fails to soften her sharp features. Nicole attended her beau Michael Strahan’s retirement party in NYC last night

Struggling R&B artist Trey Songz performed live at BMI’s 12th annual Unsigned Urban Showcase at E.S.S.O. Nightclub in Atlanta last night. He’s in Atlanta working in the studio with JD hoping to jump start his career. My grandmother (RIP) used to call this type of effort the blind leading the blind.

L to R: Songwriter Sean “The Penn” Garrett, Sr. Vice president of BMI Catherine Brewton, and rap artist Lil Jon attended BMI’s 12th annual Unsigned Urban Showcase at E.S.S.O. Nightclub right here in Atlanta last night. Later they headed over to AG’s Secret Society party co-hosted by Nas.

L to R: Model-turned-TV personality Tyson Beckford, rapper-turned-DJ-turned-celebrity photographer DJ D-Nice, and DJ Moss chillin’ at the Grand Opening celebration of The Chandelier Room at the W Hoboken hotel in NYC last night.

I’m sure some of you cougars remember this cute blast from the past. Taimak is one of the few actors who will always be remembered for just one role he played: as Leroy in The Last Dragon. LisaRaye is another such actor who will be remembered for one role.

Industry veteran Phillana Williams attended the Artist Managers From A – Z (Urban Committee Event) at New York Chapter Office yesterday. I LOVE her! She is the consummate professional. Phillana looked out for me back in the 90s by hiring me to shoot events when she worked for LaFace Records. She is the former manager of Ciara (has anyone seen her lately?) who now manages TIffany Evans and rap artist Diamond, formerly of Crime Mob. If you want your career to go that next level, holla at Phillana!

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Could you do a quick analysis of these photos of First Lady Michelle Obama with her husband Barack Obama and tell me if her closed body language indicates tension or defensiveness?

In an interview with People magazine earlier this year, Michelle revealed that her marriage to Barack wasn’t perfect. Since then she seems to be cold and distant to her husband. Especially during momentary lapses when she forgets there’s a camera around — such as in these photos.

Michelle’s non-verbal body language is clear and unmistakable. It’s also an involuntary reaction, meaning Michelle is probably not even consciously aware that she’s repulsed by her husband’s touch.

What could be the problem? I know this probably sounds far fetched, but do you think Michelle really approved of White House social secretary, Desiree Rogers moving to D.C. with them?

Compare Michelle’s closed body language in the above photos with Desiree Rogers’ very open body language with Barack in the photo below.


While surfing my favorite blogs, I spotted this on Rhymeswithsnitch:

A little birdie told me… and by a little birdie, I mean I read it on Baller Alert, that T.I. might finally be ready to settle down [maybe settle down aren’t the right words, if you believe what they say about those two and their penchant for threesomes]. Anyway, snitches on BA say Tip and Tiny are getting married before Tip goes to jail May 19th and that he’s planning a bachelor party at the King of Diamonds mega strip club in Miami.

I don’t go on Balleralert.com (no particular reason why) so I don’t know where they got that info from. But I was just speaking by phone yesterday to a high level exec at Grand Hustle who told me about a “going away party” she was planning for T.I. in Miami.

At no time during the conversation did I hear the words “getting married” “bachelor party” or anything along those lines.

Now, wouldn’t the person planning the party know if that was a bachelor party or not? Also, when I asked her for a comped hotel suite with limo service (since I am planning on attending), wouldn’t she have asked me if I was comfortable attending a bachelor party?

I’m just saying.

Photo by ATLPics.net

Look back at it

Socialite/singer Christina Milian and songwriter/singer The Dream were spotted strolling in Beverly Hills yesterday. Just when I thought we were done seeing these two, the heifer went and touched up her roots. That pretty much guarantees we will be seeing more pics like these all over the blogs — at least until Rihanna and Chris Brown hook back up. What is it about bottle blondes with no talent that attracts the paparazzi like magnets?

Photos source

I know some of you have seen this already, but bear with me. Some of my readers probably don’t watch The David Letterman Show, and therefore weren’t witnesses to this horrible spectacle last night. Beyonce attempted to prove all her music critics wrong by singing without a backing track — and she fell flat on her face! Let’s face it, Beyonce is a burlesque singer who shakes her azz and slides across the stage on her back. We don’t expect anymore from her than that.


Please note, this editorial was written by Ed Rollins, a senior political contributor for CNN.

From CNN.com:

    Like so many politicians I have known, the man we elected president wants to be loved. He wants to be loved passionately and daily by the 69 million who voted for him and even some of the 60 million who voted for John McCain.

    He wants to be loved by the Democrats on the Hill and even the Republicans who have still not given him any love.

    He wants to be loved by the Europeans who have made a career out of badmouthing U.S. presidents and their policies.

    The real example of searching for love in all the wrong places was last week’s lovefest south of the border when, in effect, he appeared to be hugging Castro, Ortega and Chavez who have spent their lives fighting everything the United States stands for.

    The problem, President Obama will find out as time goes on, is that he is not a rock star or a celebrity. He is certainly famous, and for the foreseeable future everyone will want to see him, touch him and hear him. But the job of president is about making choices. And right now he has the toughest job in the world at one of the toughest times in U.S. history. Every time he makes a choice, he will make the losing side mad.

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Producer Pharrell Williams underwent painful laser treatments to remove tattoos from both his arms, neck and upper torso recently. I seem to recall in my memory banks seeing a picture of Pharrell undergoing this same procedure in the past. Apparently he learned nothing from that experience. It takes a special kind of fool to mutilate his body in the name of fads or trends. These are the types of individuals who live for the here and now without considering the consequences of their actions. This procedure is what every tatted up rapper has to look forward to in his declining years. Unless he wants to be 75-years-old and living in a nursing home with hideous tattoos all over his body.


Loyal reader Bev wrote:

This is a clip from last night’s show. BTW, I think Tyson Beckford is a little sweet on Sandhurst (Black male model), they have similar styles.

In any case, this clip shows what happened when after the judges eliminated Laurie (Black female). IMO, she wasn’t very good anyway. Which is even more reason why she should have shut up, hugged,?and humbly left the room. Especially, on national TV.?

This is reason #10, 936 why we can’t have nice things … that’s just my opinion.

I’m just glad my baby Sandhurst is still on the show! But with this show being on Bravo, we already know he has no chance of winning even though he clearly outshines the rest.

For over a week now, Atlanta area residents have wondered aloud what kind of monster would cause a chain-reaction crash that killed 5 people, including 3 children, and leave the scene.

Wednesday morning SWAT teams surrounded a home in an upscale subdivision in southwest Atlanta and impounded the BMW they say was involved in the hit and run. No one was home at the time.

Early this morning, Fulton County police arrested Aimee Michaels, 22, and charged her with five counts of vehicular homicide, one count of failure to maintain lane and one count of serious injury by vehicle, hit and run.

Michaels, her mother, who is the principal of an elementary school, and her grandmother were taken into custody Wednesday evening after returning home. The two older women were questioned and released at 3:30 am. Michaels was arrested around 5:30 am and taken in handcuffs to the Fulton County jail after confessing to being the driver of the BMW that caused the hit and run crash.

Kudos to the Fulton County police and other local authorities for helping to take this menace off our streets. Her mother should also be in jail for harboring a fugitive from justice and concealing evidence.


Fulton County police took three women into custody late Wednesday in connection with the horrific Easter Sunday hit-and-run crash that claimed the lives of 5 people, including three children. SWAT teams surrounded a home on Ailey Lane in Southwest Atlanta early Wednesday after receiving a tip from a neighbor who saw a mechanic working on a gold BMW matching the description of the hit-and-run vehicle inside the home’s garage.

Police tossed flash/stun grenades into the home before entering it but they found no one inside.

Around 6:30 pm, a SUV unexpectedly pulled into the garage of the home and was quickly surrounded by SWAT members. Three women in the vehicle — two older women and one in her twenties — were taken away in squad cars. Police said no one was under arrest.

According to neighbors, the woman in her twenties is the owner of the BMW that was allegedly involved in the hit-and-run crash. One neighbor said she confronted the young woman last week after seeing a description of the car on the news. But the woman denied being involved in the accident. Police said there is evidence that the BMW had recently been repaired.

Robert and Delisia Carter; the couple’s newborn son, Ethan Blake; and Delisia Carter’s 9-year-old daughter, Kayla, died after the family’s Mercedes collided with the BMW on Camp Creek Parkway between Butner and Old Fairburn roads, resulting in a chain-reaction crash involving a Volkswagen.

The Volkswagen was driven by Tracy Johnson, 43, of Atlanta. Johnson survived the accident, but the impact killed her 6-year-old daughter, Morgan.


From WSB TV:

    SWAT team members surrounded a house Wednesday in connection with a hit-and-run crash in south Fulton County that killed five people on Easter Sunday. Authorities had been looking for a BMW that they said fled the scene of the fatal head-on collision.

    Channel 2 Action News reporter Richard Elliot was at the scene as SWAT team members surrounded the house on Ailey Avenue in south Fulton County and threw several flash-bang hand grenades in the residence. It was not clear if anyone was home.

    News Chopper 2 flew over the scene Wednesday and SWAT team members could be seen marching out of the residence shortly before 4 p.m. After the SWAT team exited, detectives entered the home.
    In a live feed from News Chopper 2, members of the SWAT team and Police Department surrounded a BMW parked in the driveway. Officials appeared to be inspecting the front of the car.

    Robert and Delisia Carter; the couple’s newborn son, Ethan Blake; and Delisia Carter’s 9-year-old daughter, Kayla, died after the family’s Mercedes collided with the BMW on Camp Creek Parkway between Butner and Old Fairburn roads, resulting in a chain-reaction crash involving a Volkswagen. READ MORE…

Photo source: Theeagleconnection.com

Burlesque singer Beyonce gave the paparazzi a good laugh today as she arrived at The David Letterman Show in NYC. All she had to do was navigate around a bright neon orange cone in the street as she stepped out of her car. Instead, she walked into the cone knocking the thing over. I’m told the paparazzi fell out laughing. Poor Beyonce. I blame her bodyguard for not making sure her path was clear of all obstacles. He knows she’s a little slow.

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