According to an inside source at, the Internet portal start-up is struggling to stay afloat.

Word is, Russell Simmons has either fired or lost half of his initial support staff, including Navarrow Wright and Kim Osorio (who went back to BET last year). "At this point, Russell is trying to save his investment," said the source, who predicted GG "won't be around next year."

The source said Global Grind contributors and staff have not been paid, leading to disgruntled staff leaving comments on tech blogs. According to Angela Benton of BlackWeb2.0, Simmons recently took over the day-to-day operations of Global Grind as editor-in-chief from Wright after the two men disagreed loudly over how the opration should be run.

According to Benton, Simmons leveraged "his celeb contacts for content. In most cases to the detriment of the product." Simmons also hired popular celebrity bloggers such as Necole Bitchie to write content for Global Grind.

Simmons is said to have sunk close to $5 million in investments into the property. Simmons' brother Rev. Run also invested a considerable amount of his own money into Global Grind. He stressed over his decision to invest and leaned on his wife Justine for investment advice during an episode on his popular series of Run's House last year.

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  • Kymystry

    I was honestly just thinking about this last night .. not sure why .. wondering whats up with the site ... cause when i went there .. i wasn't impressed .. didn't see the need for it ... but what do I know .. i'm old school

  • iscream

    Going under? Last week was the first time I heard of them with the whole Miss Jones story.

    Who invest millions in a company with no promotion?

  • ReadTheBlog

    What is a 'Global Grind'?


    a snitch is a snitch no matter if its a secret snitch or not.

    post something about the new vibe with t.i on the front cover

  • Zuley

    Necole Bitchie???? LMFAO I can't not this morning haha Russell cut the shyt and cut me a check, cause I could save his "site" better than Necole ughh. They could have at least got you Sandra or Natasha from ybf people who actually bring in bandwidth and are funny with their blogging. Necole is just whatever to me she does what she thinks is popular she doesn't seem to have a mind of her own so I'm not surprised that site is about to collapse. I'm starting to see that people in this industry just have too much money and are out of touch with what is really popular today. They are just writing checks to anyone who says their legit. Damn shame.

  • dblaq

    Well when it comes to the web and internet properties, the "Gotta Hustle" mentality simply doesn't work. You got to have experienced and well knowledged people that understand the "online" world and not just because you blog and people read your shit.

    Sorry, I don't see to many "urban" internet ventures succeeding because the mentality to do so is not there, you can't turn a quick buck plus you have to put money in and invest it in the right places. The internet hustle is a slow grind!

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    5 million dollars?! For what?!!

    1. The layout & design suck. HORRIBLE actually.
    2. The name sucks.
    3. There's no original content. Everything is user submitted ala Digg. In fact, it's basically Digg for the "urban" crowd with a horrible layout and color scheme. A web aggregator is what it is. And an awful one at that.

  • Nina

    I have visited a few times and really there is nothing prompting me to visit on the regular. The actual posts load in a crazy format and typically opens a new window (which I don't like). He could have saved $5 million and got a NING site instead (like 50cent).

    So Necole is getting paid on stories she already posts on her site? haha Get that money while it lasts!

  • Necole Bitchie

    Hi Sandra, I'm not sure who your source is over at Global Grind but they can't be a current employee because if they were, they would have told you that I am not a blogger for Global Grind :-(

    Just wanted to clear that up. Have a good day

  • Necole Bitchie

    @nina i don't blog for global grind. not sure where that came from

  • Sandra Rose

    Necole Bitchie Says:
    Hi Sandra, I’m not sure who your source is over at Global Grind but they can’t be a current employee because if they were, they would have told you that I am not a blogger for Global Grind :-(


    So this wasn't your signature on emails sent from your email address?:

    Entertainment Content Manager- Global Grind

    xxxxx S. Cobb Dr. Suite xxx
    Atlanta, GA 30080*tchie*tchie

    Coming Soon: B*

  • Zuley

    Yesssssss Sandra go innnnnnnnnnnn I luvsssss it this is why I visit this blog everyday! Owwwww werk out Sandra. Every click I make is worth every penny you get Sandra. This is what you call blogging. Sike let me stop hyping it.

  • Nina

    Now thats an interesting twist...