Superstar rapper Young Jeezy and his CTE crew, in conjunction with Stainless Entertainment, presented a Memorial Day Weekend kick off party at Diamonds in Miami, Florida over the weekend. Jeezy's Miami fans showed him love in the streets outside the club. I rep Miami hard. That's where I attended school from 6th grade through college. I wish I'd gone to Miami this weekend. The malls were dead in Atlanta.

(Click image to see if your man was there)

The rooftop of the upscale Gansevoort hotel on South Beach is where it all went down on Saturday. Jeezy held his ultra private pool party for a select few friends and family. It looked like word got out didn't it?

Two of my favorite rappers together: Young Jeezy and Maino (he needs to drop that album!) Maino caught a flight to Atlanta after the pool party to attend T.I.'s sold out farewell concert at the Philips Arena. I got stuck in that traffic on Marietta Street yesterday, and I wasn't even going to the concert. It was gridlock!

I see Jeezy's workout plan is bringing results for him. He dropped a couple of pounds from his frame and bulked up his bulging biceps.

Jeezy greeted rapper Faboloso (R) who attended his private pool party on the rooftop of the Gansevoort hotel on Saturday.

I have one word for her: Pilates.

Video vixen-turned-actress Megan Good partied at Diamonds strip club with Jeezy, CTE, and Chris and Champ of Stainless Entertainment based out of Atlanta. They don't look it, but these dudes are ballin' out of control. The ones you need to avoid are the ones who flash the (fake) bling as bait to hook the golddiggers.

This is an example of a real hood chick from The Bottom. I hear some Atlanta chicks got into it with some hood chicks from Liberty City and ended up getting their wigs tossed!

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  • Charles

    Sandra if you think his biceps are bulding than you should see mine he's not that muscular ..... and what is up with these atl d listers... it kind of reminds me of this one f list celeb I had to drag who was in otown who thinks he's doing it big but he needed a reality check with his 122 follower ass working at barnes and nobles some people can't take....

    Anyway happy memorial day

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    PanacheReport swears up & down that Meagan is a "madam" with a stable of h*es.

  • Sandra Rose

    @ Charles:

    I'll have you know that Jeezy is no d lister! Remember he declined an invite to appear on Fox News' O'Reilly Factor? That was huge. Did Ciara get an invite?

  • Sandra Rose

    Coo Coo Bananas Says:
    PanacheReport swears up & down that Meagan is a “madam” with a stable of h*es.


    I think Myra has Megan confused with a chick who lives here in the ATL who runs a stable of fine hoes to service rappers and ballers who are visiting the A. She resembles Megan a lot. I wrote about her once before. You're good if U remember who she was. :)

  • Charles


    What's a "CIARA"??
    im unfamiliar with that term.......

    oh and @FABOLOUS, and @MEGANGOOD

    What do they even do anymore, is megan good or whatever her name is a video ho???? That wouldnt be surprising

  • Charles


    i Remember vaguelyy i took it with a grain of salt and that hood chick looks like keyshia cole kind of

  • musicluvher

    @ Sandra
    LOL!! "Click on the photo to see if your man was there"
    Have a Great Memorial Day!!

  • tbrown

    That young lady with the tats looks like Keyshia LOL Also, methinks she's not too fond of showing off her tats. Look how she's standing... Can we say 'overload' with the tattooing? ;(

  • Daisy

    That seemed like a bunch of pics about NOTHING and I rarely say such things. Glad the weather in Miami was better than expected.

    Maino came through the show last night but I am sure you know that Auntie.

  • 2bme

    not sticking up for megan but it's actually actress-turned video vixen-actress..I read PR too..Myra didn't say that, her board was a blind item they ran with..the chick at the bottom does look like a bootleg keyshia cole..not cute..

  • yanibunny02

    man that chick look just like keyshia cole...but that all them tats is doin way 2 much...

  • leat

    DAMNIT Jeezy why must you take a pic with that bag....grow up! Love em tho! only Fab could get away with them linen pants!

  • tintin

    that girl reallly do look like Keyshia. holy shit, i thought it was her. I just love me some F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S. he's so fine.

  • tintin

    the girl with the big gut is brave.

  • daninicole

    I got two words for the chick behind her: touch up!
    Those roots are looking horrific!!
    Happy Memorial Day!!

  • pointhimout

    oh ok, you didn't completely take the day off. DEAD @ ole girl needing pilates. jeezy looking kinda right in that white. i'm so used to seeing him in drab black and gray. fabolous should never turn sideways. thin ass.

  • Kymystry

    .lol @ click on image to check if your man was there ... priceless ...

  • masonmom

    ok meagan's last movie was what..waist deep!! i pray she gets a REAL role. Maino does need to hurry up n drop the album before we forget him. Jeezy, NOT impressed. i wonder if that hood chick wit the tats can get a security clearance?? i can use her as my bodyguard.

  • Doc Jam

    totally tattoo'd breasts???..not sure how i feel about that...

  • teecee

    jezzy is a midget ! lol how short is he ?
    if these were all the celebrities he could muster to a party, then he truly has hit rock bottom.

  • Krysi J

    Hell 2 da naW...thats entirely too many tatts for a female to have placed on her body....but I must agree she does favor Keyshia Cole.

    Those shoes Meagan has on are the bizness....and she look pretty also.

    Jeezy is so sexy, I don't care what he has on!

    Fabolous is NOT that dude anymore....I am so sorry. Maino looks cute though.

  • Krysi J

    Oh yeah and can somebody tell me why Im feeling the big girls outfit a little in pic #1???....for some reason I really like it, at least the idea of it....I would have worn a different pair of shoes, but that belt is on point, and Im feeling the skirt.

  • Naima

    ball caps and white tees, yeah really classy. From the Real Houswives of ATL, to these c list rappers, when are you gonna show the real Atlanta players.

  • Daisy

    @Krysi I for one still loves me some FAB!

    I like that belt as well in the 1st pic.

    Megans shoes are da bizness cute girl but she needs to stop wearing the same simple outfits all the time IMO.

  • Krysi J

    Megans shoes are da bizness cute girl but she needs to stop wearing the same simple outfits all the time IMO.

    Yea, they always have to be some spanks or some skinny jeans or HERVE LEDGER type dresses fitting to the TEe! Hey Meagan if you are reading we would love to see you in some couture pieces Hun...I think your shape would be good for it!

  • Kat

    i thought that was key cole...i was thinking NO SHE DIDN'T cut her hair and get all dem tats!!!
    i still like fabolous...always been a fan.
    lmao @ that girls hair/weave behind the girl with the gut! LAWD!
    i'm sick of meagan, beyonce and ciara with that head full of weave all down their back. let it go.......geez!

  • Seattle Slim

    Hmm I disagree that she has a gut. From what I see, her stomach is flat, just lacks tone or definition, but that is no gut. I think her body looks fine (nothing to write home about).

  • candycane

    i wish my stomach was as flat as ole girl you say needs pilates. I'd have my ish out too. Her head is HUGGE, she got that Rumer Willis, Jay Leno, kinda Vanessa Simmons chin,.

  • Krysi J


    and that old BIG AZZ back in the day when MICHAEL JACKSON was black, bell PEPPER NOSE!!