Hey, Obamaholics: Can we go ahead and say that Barack Obama's so-called $747 billion "Stimulus" bill -- the one that he never even bothered to read before signing -- is an epic failure now?

According to FOX News, the bill has failed to stimulate anything. In fact, the U.S. unemployment rate continues to climb with job losses numbering 16,000 each day!

But we already knew Obama's wasteful spending bill was full of it. We knew that the bill contained billions in pork and pay offs to Obama's cronies for helping him get elected.

The president called the stimulus package "the most sweeping economic recovery act in history -- a plan designed to save jobs, create new ones and put money in people's pockets." He said it already has created or saved nearly 150,000 jobs...

Texas Rep. John Culberson called the stimulus package "a fiscal flop and nothing to celebrate," and he said that since the bill was signed Feb. 17, "1.597 million jobs have been lost and unemployment numbers at their highest levels in two decades."

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    EPIC FAIL!!! Sandra Rose's over use of "EPIC FAIL!!!" leads to "EPIC FAIL!!!" having its own EPIC FAIL!!!

  • Charles

    According to faux news the racist republican site you once condemed sandra obama did this that and the other, it just gets to the point where I just stop caring.. My job is guaranteed

    Sandra are you gonna post about tarajis naked pics???

  • Naima

    I stopped reading @ According to FOX News

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    LMAO I'm still waiting on an "EPIC FAIL OF MEGA PROPORTIONS!!!" post lmaooo.

    That's right. I crack my own self up lol.

  • ELove

    According to FOX YT-NOISE ...

  • LadyJustice

    ... and this is all obama's fault? smh

  • LadyJustice

    why dont u ever write about any of the good things that Obama has done?

  • flyqtnva

    Lady Justice why dont you "enlighten" us

  • luvly1957

    This is such an EPIC LIE but I'm not going to give Sandra the satifaction to respond. NEXT!!!!!!!

  • http://myspace.com/akiey5 akiey

    Oh, and I thought it came from some credible, sane & professional source. If it's Fox News then it's as credible as coming from the butt of Rush Dreambough.

  • Lala11_7

    I'm with "Charles" on this one (oh...and any other one pertaining to Obama)....

  • SunnyPA

    Of course, this isn't Obama's fault!!! All he's doing is picking up where Bush left off.

  • SunnyPA

    Things are so crazy now ... Between North Korea about to start a nuclear war and Japan inventing a life-like robot that walks and talks ... it's getting like Terminator movies around here.

  • goat76

    Damn Charles is that you...........

  • coaretained

    DEAD @ #1.... effin dead. I was thinking the same thang.. like *rubs eyes* two posts in a row using epic fail? Is Auntie not using the thesaurus or something? Change it up...

    *goes to get Auntie a substitute for EPIC FAIL*

  • lovejoy1

    well since bush released the first stimulus package then i guess the job loss started under his administration.. Next.. well since bush implemented foreign trade- shyt just went down from there..

  • lovejoy1

    come on Sandra we want gossip not this !!!! you left us hanging yesterday..lmao

  • coaretained

    Classic crash
    Blockbuster bluster
    Massive disappointment

    Let us retire Epic fail for 2009

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    ..!.. (-_-) ..!.. to the teabagger's taking 2

  • SunnyPA

    yawn... next

  • coaretained

    mic check... turn my headphones up... up some more.. I still can't hear me nicca...

    -Dave Chappelle

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    hahahahaha lmfao!


    The extra !'s gives it that wonderful sensationalism that I love lmfao.

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    can someone tell me what my gravatar is?? I thought I chgd it.

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    Disastrous works even better coo coo....

    Everyone bow your heads so we can bid a fond farewell to epic fail.. who's life was cut down so soon due to over use.

    Good bye dear friend... good bye.

    *hums an old spiritual*

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    @coaretained-you're avatar is a cutie in green

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    thanks yvonne!!

    That's my baby girl... affectionately named Dirty Jerz.... cause she's bad as hail.

    Carry on. :)