Make no mistake about it: Barack Obama is in over his head as president of these United States. dissects Barack Obama's pre-election promises and discovers that he has morphed into the president that Hillary Clinton would have been had she not lost the election.

How ironic.

This country was determined not to elect a female for president (Sarah Palin) but we ended up with one anyway!

On the campaign trail, Obama belittled Sen. Hillary Clinton's decision to defend the war by claiming he was the sole candidate to oppose the war. Clinton argued that Obama's tight timeline to remove the troops from Iraq was unrealistic. She was right.

According to

Rather than withdraw all combat troops on a set timeline, Obama opted for a conditions-based withdrawal that will leave as many as 50,000 troops in the war zone at the end of 2011 — exactly the sort of drawdown he maligned Clinton for proposing.

Clinton also opposed Obama's healthcare plans as both inadequate and ineffective. Both candidates proposed universal healthcare, but only Clinton's healthcare plan included a mandate that all Americans be insured. Of course, Obama opposed the mandate because his puppeteers didn't approve. Obama said Clinton’s plan would require “harsh, stiff penalties on those who don’t purchase it.”

Typically, Obama has now flip flopped on that issue. According to, Obama is now moving toward Clinton’s position of a mandate.

His budget outline proposes a health care plan that “must put the United States on a clear path to cover all Americans.” That strongly suggests a mandate, since any volunteer system would see some opting out. As Ezra Klein reported in The American Prospect when the administration’s health care plan began to leak out, “Despite the controversy over the individual mandate in the campaign, [Obama’s team] will support it.”

Obama has always come across as a girly man who needs his wife's (or daughter's) approval for every decision he makes. Just like Michelle Obama wears the pants in their marriage, Hillary Clinton apparently wears the pants in the White House.

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  • SunnyPA

    Sandra, he did that as soon as he won the dem nomination.

  • kcicero

    This post is full of all kinds of foolishness...

  • anti-PC

    What people don't understand is that Obama is not special. He is just your average politician. He is only doing the things the average liberal would have done if they had the power and influence that he had.

    Since he happens to be half-black, he can make these crazy decisions and not really be demonized for it or else his criticizers would be accused of being racists.

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  • mizzdallas

    I like me Hilliary Clinton, that bish she makes power-moves!!!

    are you new? If, so welcome to sr!!

  • Kymystry

    sip ... sip ..!.. ahhhhh

  • Daisy

    @Mizz I was going to ask the same

    Welcome as well Aduval!

  • Daisy

    HRC lost me during the campaign season not a fan of hers anymore.

  • ReadTheBlog

    Anti- PC, I feel sorry for you. Nobody can do anything right, according to your holy word. You are constantly pointing the finger and playing the blame game.
    It must be miserable to have an attitude like yours - I bet you suffer from insomnia, too, don't you? Seek help, dear.

  • LadyJustice

    my president awesome :)

  • lialin

    when will the obama-bashing end??

  • sexieblacc

    @lialin I agree, I usually skip over ALL Obama posts because they are always negative and blown out of proportion. Anyways I dont see what the problem is. Oh well...obama a great president is getting help from Clinton our next great president... how that really? Why is this news that they are HELPING each other? I think we all knew that they're policies were similar and that was the going theme on the primary trail THAT'S why it was more of a popularity contest than a political one because they're policies WERE similar THAT'S why pundits were calling for him to make her VICE president......soooo again, why is this news now since we've been knowing it for a year and a half.....

  • aduvalprincess

    Thanks Mizz, I been on SR for a minute now. I just don't post that much, but thank you for the love!!!

  • goat76

    rather be a kool-aid drinker than a c u m guzzler..........

  • flyqtnva

    I want to see Obama change the game....wishful thinking...

  • lialin

    i think obama is doing good in office...
    i mean what do you expect from any politician? they all lie, they all go back on this that and the other, however i think for what he went into office with he's doing pretty good. i'm much more comfortable with him in office than i would've been with the old ass mccain >>is he even still alive??<< and that goof troop ass Palin chic in office.... i swear she was the anti-christ or something... their whole team was way off. Big Ups to Barack!!

  • Kat

    lmao @ rtb and goat!

  • african_dude

    hillary clinton once said you need experience to bring change...and obama prooved that she was right..i mean look at all the people in his administration, the majority worked under bill clinton..where is the change?

  • aduvalprincess

    Thanks Daisy=)

  • Lala11_7

    Clinton is a moderate that leans more to the right...

    Obama is a liberal who leans more to the left...

    Obama is being SMART to engage and use the viewpoints of someone who leans to the opposite of him...

    That means that he's IN THE MIDDLE!!!



    Just so you know...