It’s beginning to look more and more like a conspiracist’s dream. According to online reports, the Obama administration is steadfastly refusing to release those Air Force 1 file photos that will end up costing Americans over $300,000.

The $328,835 snapshots of an Air Force One backup plane buzzing lower Manhattan last week will not be shown to the public, the White House said yesterday.

“We have no plans to release them,” an aide to President Obama told The Post, refusing to comment further.

The sole purpose of the secret photo-op, which sent thousands of New Yorkers running for cover, was to take new publicity shots of the presidential jet over the city. READ MORE…

Now you know that makes no sense, right? This is the same president who was gung ho about jeopardizing the national security of this country by releasing sensitive CIA documents and photos of terrorists being interrogated. But he classifies secret file photos of an airliner scaring the crap out of New Yorkers?

Does anyone still believe the file photos story? Who was the photographer snapping the photos? And why didn’t they buzz the Pentagon with Air Force 1 right there in DC instead of flying all the way to New York? Why wasn’t the mayor of New York alerted ahead of time that the president’s jet would be buzzing NY? You’d think the mayor would be the first person they called to give the heads up.

We’d better start asking questions now rather than later. Obama is up to something and it ain’t all good.

Talk show Diva Oprah Winfrey, left, and First Lady Michelle Obama — 2 of the most powerful women in the world (the 3rd being Desiree Rogers, aka the hand that rocks the cradle) — attended Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World Gala at the Lincoln Center yesterday.

Lmao @ Oprah and Barbara Walters giving each other air kisses!

Time’s most influential women, comedian Whoopi Goldberg, left, Oprah and financial advisor Suze Orman.

rapper M.I.A. introduced herself to Auntie Oprah at the Gala honoring Time’s 100 most influential people last night. I don’t get it. How is M.I.A. influential?

Celebrity stylist (ha ha haaaa) June Ambrose attended the “If You Give A Mom A Martini…” Book Launch at the Plaza hotel in NYC on Monday. June is known around the industry as a WWA — Woman With Attitude.

This has to be every woman’s worst nightmare — seeing industry bicycle Gabrielle Union posing in a photo with their men. The guy, by the way, is Deleon Tequila Founder and CEO Brent Hocking. They bumped into each other last night at the Deleon Tequila launch party at Chateau Marmont’s Bar Marmont in Hollywood.

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So Rihanna is into the Goth/Punk look now? You know, it seems that Chris Brown went upside Rihanna’s head one too many times, and now she can’t get her mind right. It’s almost as if a different woman is occupying Rihanna’s body in the last couple of months.

I don’t like this new change in Rihanna not one bit. The streaks in her hair need to go asap! What happened to the trend-setting style icon who would never walk out her front door looking a mess like this?

Her unique style is the one thing that kept her a step ahead of the Beyonce’s and Ashanti’s because Rihanna can’t sing. She might as well start making funeral arrangements for her career if she keeps this madness up.

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Rap artist Rasheda, left, and birthday girl Diamond, who celebrated her 21st birthday at Velvet Room this past Sunday.

I heard from an industry insider that the friends who were supposed to come out and support Diamond for her 21st birthday at Velvet Room this Sunday decided to back out at the last minute because, with the exception of Monica who had to attend a family function out of state, they were all feeling some kind of way about not getting paid. So instead of coming out to support — as they originally agreed to do, they chose to sit at home.

The sad part is all of these artists will eventually need promo and PR for their albums, TV shows, etc. The party ended up being great anyway without them because Rasheda, Swizz Beatz, Gucci Mane, Polow Da Don, Lil Scrappy, Drake, Toya all came through and showed Diamond love.

Visit for more pics from the party!

Lil Scrappy came out to support his fiancee Diamond

Alex Gidewon, left, (AG Entertainment) and super producer Polow Da Don spent thousands giving away free bubbly

Rapper Drake

Polow Da Don, left, and Swizz Beatz

Gucci Mane’s Hip Hop ice game is something serious

Alex Gidewon, left, and Swizz Beatz along with Polow Da Don (not pictured) gave away bottles of expensive bubbly. Polow Da Don alone spent $30,000 at the bar at Velvet Room on Sunday night. If you weren’t in the house, you missed out!

Happy Birthday, Diamond!

Rapper Rocko held it down for Monica who was out of town

Toya, 2nd from right, and guests. Toya is filming a reality tv show with Tiny

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Loyal reader Denee’ writes:


First let me start by saying that I am a very avid reader of your site. I feel that I keep coming back because I never know what I will find and I definitely like the sometimes investigative side that you put into blogging (which others do not), along with the various political perspectives that you take. I want you to know that I definately stopped drinking the kool-aid, but I beg to differ on a number of your conservative views although I find some thoughts refreshing and definately disgustingly hilarious that you faithfully watch Hannity’s show. Anyway, I wrote this email to let you know that I feel that your post on Desiree Roger’s was extremely disrespectful!!!!!! As Wendy Williams would say “LOOK DOWN!” lol, Im shocked and appalled that you would take it upon yourself to disrespect another black woman, who definitely has her shit together and label her as a “jump-off!” Where is your proof Sandra???!!!! Please I would loooooove to see it!!! As a black woman (like so many others) who continues to bust her ass to get ahead, and definitely not on my back or knees, but with my brain, I have to say that it is encouraging to see black women who have made it. SO, maybe you should think about that before you start throwing dirt, because we ALL reap what we sow!!!

Peace and Blessings,



Nothing says LOVE more than seeing a man spending quality time with his baby. Not the two-legged kind — the 4-legged kind that sits on dubs. On average, ballers spend more time and money on their rides than they do on any other prized possession.

While perusing the Internets this weekend looking for wheels to spruce up my Jetta, I came across a gallery of celebrities posing with their favorite rides outfitted by rim specialists, Lexani. None of the rims pictured cost less than $2,000.

Extravagant over expenditures notwithstanding, even I have to admit these ballers look sexy alongside their whips. I realize I haven’t put up a Morning Wood post in a minute, and some of you are getting antsy to see one. So hopefully this post will suffice.


Lloyd Banks


Ice Cube


The Game

MORE pics of Ballers and their Toys after the break!

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This morning I received an email from a registered user requesting that I reinstate Charles to the SR community. As some of you know, Charles has been banned twice. She asked if I had a 3 strikes rules, and the answer is no. But I have reinstated certain banned members in the past.

So, in the interest of fairness, I put this question to my registered users only: should I reinstate Charles?

The celebs were out in full force last night at the Staples Center in LA for the 1st game of the LA Lakers vs. Houston Rockets Semi-finals last night. Too bad LA lost, lol. Is old man Jay Z ready for fatherhood? Here he is pictured with a kid who may or may not be a family member. We know he isn’t Julez because he’s busy keeping his mom Solange out of trouble over in Europe.

Jay Z, left, greets Ron Artest of the Houston Rockets. This pic is giving off mad homoerotic vibes.

Lakers star Kobe Bryant, right, greets Sean COmbs, who always gives off homolicious vibes.

This photo of actor Mario putting his tongue all down the throat of his date at the Lakers vs. Rockets game would be perfect for the cover of an STD clinic brochure. Him and Derek Jeter sling D everywhere they go.

She can’t sing worth a hoot, but Keri Hilson’s style game is always on point. LOVE the bag and galoshes.

Singer Johnny Gill (New Edition) participated in the National Kidney Foundation Celebrity Golf Classic at the Lakeside Golf Club, Toluca Lake, California yesterday. Doesn’t he look great for 43?

Actor Terry Crews showed off his hawt bod at the Rally for Kids with Cancer Scavenger Cup’s “The Winner’s Circle” Gala Dinner in Beverly Hills over the weekend. No, there weren’t any kids in attendance.

Here’s a rare pic of actor/comedian Anthony Anderson and his gorgeous wife, Alvina. The couple have two children, a boy and a girl.

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