Loyal reader Charles sent me this coupon for a free Ciara CD with every purchase of a KFC original recipe sandwich combo, which includes a chicken sandwich and a beverage.

This can’t be true! Are Ciara and her label this desperate to move a few more of her CDs off the shelves? By my last count, CiCi needs to sell (or give away) approximately 450,000 more CDs before the coaster can go gold. Maybe some of her rabid (and very immature) Stans can stop hating on her critics long enough to go purchase her album (or a chicken sandwich) so she can move that much closer to her goal?

I don’t know (or care) enough about Barack Obama’s new Supreme Court nominee to even give an educated guess as to what all the fuss is about. But hopefully this editorial from the Washington Post will give you some insight into why the Republicans are so unhappy with Obama and his nominee.

From the Washington Post EDITORIAL: A judge too far

    With his nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor for the U.S. Supreme Court, President Obama has abandoned all pretense of being a post-partisan president. While he may like to think of himself as a thoughtful moderate soaring above the issues that divide America, his actions reveal what hides under that hopeful lining.

    Presidents usually nominate judges that espouse their philosophy. So what does this nomination tell us about Mr. Obama’s true colors?

    Even the liberal establishment worries that Judge Sotomayor tilts too far to the left. New Republic essayist Jeffrey Rosen reports that fellow liberals who have watched or worked with her closely “expressed questions about her temperament, her judicial craftsmanship, and… [they have said] she is ‘not that smart and kind of a bully on the bench.’ “A suspiciously high number of her decisions have been overruled by higher courts. Wendy Long of the Judicial Confirmation Network said that record shows “she is far more of a liberal activist than even the current liberal activist Supreme Court.”

    There will be much to say in days to come about Judge Sotomayor’s manifest lack of appropriate judicial restraint and about other problems in her record. For now, though, three red flags beg for attention.

    Speaking at Duke University Law School in 2005, Judge Sotomayor said the “Court of Appeals is where policy is made.” On its face, the assertion runs counter to more than 200 years of American legal tradition holding that courts are merely meant to interpret existing law, not actively make policy choices.

    Immediately realizing she was on thin ice, the judge continued: “. . . and I know this is on tape and I should never say that, because we don’t ‘make’ law.” To much laughter, and with facial and hand gestures to indicate that her next line was to be taken with humor as a useful fiction, she added: “I’m not promoting it and I’m not advocating it.”

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…such as the one about Tiny and T.I. getting married in Miami two weeks ago. Or the one about Knaye West’s gay azz romancing our Rihanna. Please… Did we really need a publicity rep to clear up that rumor by saying, “Kanye is all over Rihanna’s album – not all over Rihanna!”

By the way, since Kanye is producing tracks on RiRi’s new album, does this mean we will get to hear what RiRi’s voice sounds like piped through an auto tuner? This should be interesting. While we’re not fond of Knaye personally, we LOVE and appreciate his music!

Here is the new music video for their God awful track “Paranoid”. Let’s hope the rest of her CD doesn’t sound like this.

Apparently T.I.’s manager Clay Evans is a chocolate lover’s dream?

Loyal reader Oneal wrote:

Sandra Sandra,

Mmmm mmmm mmmm!! Chile…… Thank you for putting up that beautiful picture of Clay Evans and some other man. I just keep refreshing over and over so I can reacquaint myself with his face. He looks like a milk chocolate covered malt ball ready to be devoured! You have GOT to put up a morning glory post on this one here. Don’t post nothin’ else today……leave the post right where it is. Why why why…..would anyone want vanilla when they can have chocolate.

P.S. I’m getting ready to go buy a can of chocolate covered cashews….

Oneal (who is a female) expressed some dismay when I informed her that Mr. Evans is a happily married man (for over 20 years). But he loves the ladies on Sandrarose.com, which is why he didn’t hesitate to reach out to us on Tuesday!

The posts will be slow today because I’m currently handling personal business. My apologies to my loyal readers who visit Sandrarose.com daily for the latest up-to-date (accurate) celebrity news & entertainment.

Yesterday I wrote a post about a reckless rumor that was tweeted on the social networking website Twitter.com by Atlanta mix DJ Greg Street who holds down the 6-10 spot on V-103.

As some of you know, Street took to Twitter.com on Sunday to announce “Breaking News” alleging that T.I.’s road manager Clay Evans slapped AG Entertainment boss Alex Gidewon in the face during a dispute over VIP wrist bands at T.I.’s Farewell concert after party at the Velvet Room. Even after being corrected by numerous individuals, including myself, Street stuck to his story alleging that Evans told him he slapped Gidewon — a V-103 client whose substantial advertising dollars makes up a sizable portion of V-103’s operating budget.

Anyone who does business in the corporate world knows you that never throw your advertisers under the bus or disrespect your advertisers in a public forum — unless you’re bent on committing career suicide. This is not about me — as AJC writer Rodney Ho tried to make it out to be in a blog post on AJC.com yesterday — this is about a radio DJ who is more like a loose cannon, running amok disparaging one of his employer’s biggest accounts.

Street has become a liability to V-103, and if V-103 management doesn’t think so then maybe their other advertisers should take heed because they might be going under the bus next.

Clay Evans and Tracye Bryant, who works for T.I.’s label Grand Hustle and who was also smeared by Street on Twitter, reached out to Sandrarose.com yesterday to set the story straight.

Said Clay Evans via phone:

Beyond the ignorance of Greg [Street], I just really wanted anybody involved to know that there was no violence perpetuated. I have been in a friendship with Alex [Gidewon] for well over 15 years and I value our friendship. It was a verbal altercation in the heat of the battle of what we do. And it just so happens that it was done publicly. On a personal level, I have way too much respect for Alex and his entire family. I have relationships with Alex and his entire family.

And it was just a situation that occurred between friends. No malice was meant, no recourse, no intentions of glory. Beyond the friendship, it was business. We have done numerous business together from humble beginnings. So I don’t want anybody to think that there was a vendetta for Alex and that there was any, like malice. It was just a verbal exchange that was done in the heat of battle, and unfortunately some people used it as their opportunity to dig at somebody that they had personal issues with anyway. He and I would have spoken about it the next day. This is not the first argument that we have had, you know what I mean? I have genuine love for him and his family, you know what I mean? And it hurts me that probably now me and him can’t get to talk.

It’s just unfortunate that it involves this unnecessary attention. That two individuals that have sat down and broke thousands and thousands of dollars amongst each other. Beyond that, our friendship has spanned over 15 years. It’s like two brothers, you know what I mean? Everyone knows that Alex is high strung and I’m high strung and we bumped heads, that’s all. And we’re going to continue to do business together and we’re going to continue to be amongst each other, you know. Some people feel this is their opportunity for their personal gain. And I don’t agree with it and I don’t want it to go any further. It’s insulting to me. We’re friends. It bothers me a lot and that’s what it is.

Tracye Bryant whose name was dragged into the drama by Street, added:

It’s going too far basically. It’s going way too far. I don’t think anybody expected for it to go this far.

Alex Gidewon is expected to sit down with CBS honchos today to air out his grievance. CBS Radio, Inc. is the parent company of V-103.

“Remember Me” featuring Mary J Blige is one of the last tracks T.I. recorded before turning himself in to prison officials in Arkansas today to begin serving a 366 day sentence (he will get time off for good behavior). The track was leaked a couple of weeks ago but links were quickly taken down.

Shout outs to my nephew over at Hiphopupdate for the final, mastered version of the blazin’ track!

This will be my last T.I. post today. You don’t understand how emotional people are in Atlanta right now. Grown men are tearing up and females are off in a corner crying.

Photo by ATLPics.net

Rumors that Mike Tyson’s 4-year-old daughter has passed away are untrue. She remains in critical condition in a pediatric intensive care unit after being found unconscious in her Phoenix home:

The boxing bad boy’s 4-year-old daughter, Exodus Tyson, is currently on life support after getting her neck tangled in a cord from a treadmill in her Phoenix home Monday.
Police say Exodus was playing on the exercise machine at the time of the mishap. Her 7-year-old brother discovered her and called for his mother, who was cleaning in a separate room at the moment of the accident. She called 911, and the child was taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital. (Police have not released the mother’s name.)
Tyson, 42, was in Las Vegas at the time, but has since arrived in Phoenix to be by his daughter’s side.
“The Tyson family would like to extend our deepest and most heartfelt thanks for all your prayers and support, and we ask that we be allowed our privacy at this difficult time,” the boxer’s rep said in a statement.
The child is described as in “extremely critical condition.” READ MORE…

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I just got off the phone with T.I.’s assistant who was on a flight with T.I. about an hour ago. So I know that T.I. is on his way to the prison:

A noon deadline passed Tuesday and rapper T.I. had not gone through the gate to the federal prison in Forrest City, where he was to begin serving time for a weapons conviction.

T.I., whose real name is Clifford J. Harris Jr., was to report at noon CDT to the minimum security prison on the complex to start his year and a day sentence. He performed over the weekend in Atlanta, where he told his audience he’d return in “366 days.”

A federal prisons spokesman said after the deadline that Harris was not listed in custody.

Harris could face more than eight years in prison if he does not meet terms of his plea deal. READ MORE…


TMZ.com reports that T.I. arrived at a correctional facility in Arkansas to begin serving his 366 day sentence before noon today. I confirmed this with my source who says T.I.’s manager Clay Evans was so saddened that he told T.I. he couldn’t make the trip with him. Grand Hustle CEO Jason Geter made the trip to Arkansas with T.I. instead. T.I. left his family and staff with plenty of cash to make it through the year. His welcome home concert is going to be off the chain!!

Photo by ATLPics.net