All I can say is Thank God Rihanna toned down the Goth makeup and washed those horrible streaks out of her hair! What got into her anyway? She looked so beautiful last night! But we HATE that ring. It's horrid and looks dangerous. But how happy are we that RiRi dumped bitch boy Chris Brown and she seems to have gotten her mind right? But there was no excuse for her recent fashion miscues. Rihanna must never forget she is a fashion Icon and a trend-setter. And as such, failure is never an option!

Rihanna to Beyonce: "Bitch, sit down!"

Rihanna showed love to little Isabelle Huurman, who was honored last night at DKMS' 3rd Annual Star-Studded Gala at Cipriani 42nd Street in NYC.

Awww, aren't they adorable? *sniff*

Photos: Wireimage/Getty

  • attorneymom

    (Snoring very loudly) ZZZZZZZ!!!!

  • LadyJustice

    Rihanna looks so pretty. i love her make up. crazy shirt, but it looks good on her. only she can pull that off. Beyonce better watch out forreal now.

  • licia

    she's back to looking like a EMMA EFFING fool? lol she's always pretty in gthe face, but i don't enjoy that outfit or hair.

  • 2bme

    You see she took the ring off on the last pic..was probably stabbing that little girl to death..

  • ReadTheBlog

    good time to post some swagga jack photos, cause I know I've seen those puffy shoulders somewhere before...maybe Posh Spice?

  • attorneymom

    Please tell me why each time I see a picture of Ri Ri I hear "pass the dutchie on the left hand side" in my head.

  • Divinebrown

    That outfit is dreadful!!!


    Boots, yes! The rest of that futuristic planet of the funk, pleated wool bubble hem bull shiggidy is a damn mess!!!

    That necklace look like the Christmas garland we used to make with contruction paper. She is getting on my last nerve right now.

  • Kymystry

    Rhi-YAWN-ah's BACK! .. lookin a hot dayum wobble head mess !!

  • bk2atl

    Awwww...y'all leave "PON DE FOREHEAD" alone. LOL! I think she looks really pretty.

  • mizzdallas

    There goes Rihanna and her 5-head

  • Dhoward1913

    I am with Dwight (ATL Housewives) and DivineBrown; that outfit is dreadful!!!!

  • Krysi J

    Well I like the outfit, but I still could careless about Rhianna.

  • kcicero

    Love the outfit...still not back at stan level for Rhi but she looks good here.

  • iscream

    Pretty in the face.


    That puff the magic dragon top I'm not feeling. She looks like Vikki the Robot from small wonder.

  • PAHairston

    Hello All. I knew it wouldn't be long before RiRi made her comeback. She's fierce. Being pretty helps also.


  • ontaya brooks

    iscream says: Puff the magic dragon, now I am screaming rotflol.

  • ontaya brooks

    Oh yeah I forgot, Happy Mother's Day to the SandraRose family you know who you are. Did Charles get back in yet, I answered the poll but did not see the results.


    U gotta luv her. She dares to be different and she does it well. Only she could rock odd ish and make it look good, cuz I know I couldn't pull it off.

  • Daisy

    Princess RihRih NEVER fell off that was all in your head Sandra! Now he is her ex Sandra ok if you say so. You don't know anymore than I do if they are together or

    She looks FLAWLESS! Team RihRih!

    As far as swagger jacking goes Posh is NOT the 1st and only person who can and does wear puffy sleeves which aren't that hot to me anyway.


  • yvonne79

    PAHairston and Ontaya:

    Thanks for the Mother's Day shout outs! It's appreciated.
    I wish you (and our other Sandra Rose members)a Happy Mother's Day as well.

  • Peachizz

    "Rihanna to Beyonce: “Bitch, sit down!”"
    just saw that lol

  • jazi65

    Rih's make-up is always on point. Other than the puffy sleeves I think she looks cute.

  • flyqtnva

    Thats what I'm talking bout Rihanna.....Fashion is supposed to be FOWARD thinking...RIHANNA & KELIS & THAT BECKAM lady...THEY GOT IT

  • flyqtnva

    why did i hear breakin dishers for the first time today....did she really say "I'ma fight a Man tonight"?