Atlanta rapper Roderick Anthony Burton II, aka Dolla, was shot and killed in LA today. Some of you may recall Dolla as a member of the boy group Da Razkalz Cru back in 2001. Dolla signed to Akon’s Konvict Records in 2007 and seemed to have a bright future ahead of him with the release of his debut single “Feelin’ Myself”. But he could not escape the violence that permeates the Hip Hop community.

From the

The man shot at the Beverly Center mall this afternoon was identified as Atlanta-based rapper Dolla, whose real name is Roderick Anthony Burton II, according to his publicist, Sue Vannasing. She said Dolla was shot in the head around 3:10 p.m. while he and another rapper, D.J. Shabbazz, waited in the area after shopping at the popular Westside mall. A friend who was with the rapper at the Beverly Center also confirmed his identity to The Times.

About two hours later, Los Angeles police detained a “person of interest” as he attempted to board a plane out of Los Angeles International Airport. The man allegedly drove his silver Mercedes SUV from Beverly Center to the airport.

Vannasing said Dolla had gotten into an altercation with other passengers on a flight from Atlanta to Los Angeles, but it’s unclear if that was related to the violence.]

[Updated at 5:15 p.m.: Police have arrested one “person of interest” in connection with the shooting but were looking for a second suspect.]

[Updated at 5:40 p.m.: The arrested suspect, who fled from the mall in a silver Mercedes, was detained at Los Angeles International Airport while trying to board a flight. Police said the shooting took place in the valet waiting area of the mall].

The shooting occurred just after 3 p.m. at the La Cienega Boulevard entrance to the popular Westside shopping center. All entrances and exits to the popular Westside shopping mall were sealed off as police swarmed the scene.

LAPD officials said that officers were sent to the mall on a report of a group fight, possibly involving a knife. LAPD Sgt. Ronnie Crump said two suspects ran in the direction of Beverly Hills.

At a Chipotle restaurant in the mall, several people were eating when the shots rang out.

“The customers were yelling ‘close the store, close the store, because somebody is shooting,’ ” said Elsa Hernandez, general manager of the restaurant.

An employee who was behind the restaurant, near the mall’s valet parking service, saw the tail end of the dispute, Hernandez said. “He saw a lady … shooting a handgun,” Hernandez said.


    Pray for our young people.

  • iscream

    The first 48.

  • iscream

    “He saw a lady … shooting a handgun,” Hernandez said.

    Or maybe Snapped.

  • Songbird27

    This is so sad… what is the world coming to?

  • dblaq

    Sandra – it was not the Da Rascals from the 90’s. His group was Da Razkalz Cru and they had the video and single “So Fly”. They were signed to Puff at that time, it was like around 2002. It was him and his two younger cousins. I really like them because they were like the Bebe kids in the studio.

  • pointhimout

    shocking. niggers usually pretend to know how to act when they get in white areas. it’s in our own backyards when tend to act the monkey. the crime though–not shocking at all. very unfortunate.

  • Doc Jam

    RIP to that brother Dolla..

  • attorneymom


    Coming soon: punkazzparents dot com. Join The Alliance Against Punk Azz Parents. Punk azz parents raise punk azz children that don’t give a flying f*&k about themselves or human life. They are too angry and spoiled to give a f*&k.

  • Kymystry

    God Bless his family

    and I liked that song … Whooo the Phuck is Dat !!!

  • Bird

    pointhimout Says:

    shocking. niggers usually pretend to know how to act when they get in white areas.

    lol. I’m almost desensitized to this ghetto sh*t. Like someone said on TMZ, at least he got the target he was going for instead of some innocent bystanding child. You gotta look at the bright side of the thing. A chick shooting huh? Very innovative. R.I.P. bruh

  • smurfette1920

    RIP cutie pie..gone 2 soon

  • flyqtnva

    The shooter if it was a female must have been getting initated into a GANG or something…IDK…my thoughts and prayers are definately with his fam…BTW….once you are of age, and your parents tried their best…its not their fault….lots of other factors involved….there are murders, robbers, sex offenders who all come from 2 parent household & had the best upbringing. I say all the time its what you put in you..that makes you who you are…and point blank most of our brothers are wrapped up in hip-hop..they eat, breathe and live it. When they start picking up books, or looking for other creative ways to survive it will get better…but until then….pray

  • flyqtnva

    very attractive young man….so sad

  • LadyJustice

    damn!! sad sad situation. a lady shooting the handgun? wow

  • Krysi J

    That shyt is CrAzy….where is all dis shyt coming from, hell itself…??? Its entirely too much fukked up shyt happening on planet earth.

    stay prayed up like Flyqt said people “Its a dirty game”.

  • Shauny

    RIP to this young man. Very sad

  • mizzdallas

    Preach #12

  • rochele08

    very sad story. may he rip.

  • ReadTheBlog

    Why blame it on Hip-Hop. Blame it on what it really is. Ignorance has no specifics.

  • dblaq

    Well, Readtheblog – right now Hip Hop promotes ignorance, so I guess you can say that Hip Hop has blame because it is the thing to do to murder people and sell dope.The more “bricks” the better. Let’s see Gucci Mane New Album – Murder was the case – songs Murder for fun, Gangs (Let’s start a gang) Gucci in Jail right now. Rick Ross Deeper than rap songs Gunplay, Rich of Cocaine, OJ da Juice man Otha side of the trap – Songs Washing Powder, 50 bricks… Hmmm, I wonder Hip Hop has absolutely nothing to do with it. Yes the parents are mainly at fault but when the parents ain’t around who do they turn to??? I don’t think it is that hard to see

  • Krysi J

    dblaq don’t forget “Wasted”…by gucci mane and yes thats what he wants you to do. Sad part is I like the damn song..SMH…..production is ah HELLUVA druG!

  • Sandra Rose

    Thanks dblaq!

  • dblaq

    @Krysi J – I feel you, Gucci got that ghetto a## sh!t knockin in your trunk but he sounds like he needs blow his nose. I can name a gazillion songs I just chose those because that just came out and they play the hell out of Gucci in the A.

    But just like you and me we like it because of the production, the kids do too, however they think that what they rap about is all true! Hell you can do an experiment. Get somebody like Jeezy to tell his fans to commit a murder to become part of his team, lets see how many people would die that day. I guess that would proof if Hip Hop has influence or not

  • PAHairston

    Hello All. I tell you, as a race, we’ve come so far but sometimes it seems like nowhere at all. (Rest in peace young man, rest in peace.) God bless our race of foolish, foolish people. Another young life gone and for what? A fucking beef? Whatever happened to fighting it out with your fist? Whatever happened to brotherhood? Me, I still blame many of these sorry-ass black women who call themselves mothers. And if the fucking shoe fits, where the mother fucker! Peaceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  • PAHairston

    Please forgive me for my language. Such senseless killings always bring out the worst in me.