In yet another chapter in an ongoing series of comical blunders by the Obama administration, the White House today reversed its earlier decision not to release the $328,000 taxpayer-funded photos of Air Force One.

Earlier today, arrogant White House press secretary Robert Gibbs told the media he couldn't find the photos in question.

Now the White House has decided to release "one photo" along with a pack of lies to support it. I already know that the photo will be bogus. But I'd like to see it anyway so I can have some material to write about for the next few days.

I was going to wait until they released the photo to make a post about it. But I see that Obama is up to his old tricks of dragging the suspense out until late in the day when everyone has sat down to dinner or gone out for the evening.

  • Daisy

    When did the White House say the pic was lost? Again making up your own version of the story *rolls eyes*

  • Sandra Rose

    @ Daisy: You didn't roll your eyes when Gibbs said he couldn't find the photos. Please refer to my previous post for his exact quote.

  • Daisy

    Michelle Malkin can KICK ROCKS and again he NEVER said they were lost! So I stand by my original statement. I guess anybody who is educated is arrogant now *rolls eyes again* I could care less about that pic either. It was a dumb idea point blank period and I have always said that. NEXT!

  • Daisy

    OFF TOPIC I so wish my pic would change. I don't know what the problem is shoot! Off to watch LOST!

  • Kymystry

    sip ... sip ... ahhhh ... sip .. sip... slurp ..!..

  • Sandra Rose

    @ Daisy: I removed the word 'lost' just so I can re-focus your attention on the fact Gibbs said he couldn't find the photos.

  • Anna

    Off topic. I printed out the KGC coupons only to send the kids and they came back with KFC. They ran out of the grilled chicken. I am going to send a email to Oprah and let her know that they substitued the healthy with the fried. LOL. My kids don't even have a receipt to take it off of Oprahs tab, but the green beans were good(I did not eat the chicken). Either way I did not have to cook after a hard days work. Thanks Oprah. I had a grilled chicken Southwestern salad from Mickey D's.

  • Daisy

    Sandra I have moved on

    That new grilled chicken is good had sum last week

    A Black President n FREE chicken u can't tell us nothing now lol

  • Anna

    Daisy Says:

    That new grilled chicken is good had sum last week

    A Black President n FREE chicken u can’t tell us nothing now lol
    Daisy stop. I can't afford to laugh. I am full and it hurts.

  • ursmyle4me

    Daisy Says:

    That new grilled chicken is good had sum last week

    A Black President n FREE chicken u can’t tell us nothing now lol

    That's too funny. Everyone at work were printing coupons all day today. I don't know if I can eat chicken for the next few days. The grilled was pretty good though. Did anyone see the actual Oprah show? I was just wondering what made her do this promotion.

  • SunnyPA

    So the Black House is releasing one of the photos?!?!? Hmmm, I guess they finally leanred how to photoshopped (blocked out all the people running around screaming).

  • SunnyPA

    oops, 'photo-shop'

  • SunnyPA

    Oops, "learned how to photoshop all the people running around screaming out of the picture"

  • SunnyPA

    Oprah did the promotion in honor of Obama. Isn't his face on the chicken bucket!?!?!

    Oops, maybe that was some other photo-shopped picture.

  • dblaq

    He the boss, he can do whatever he wants cause he da boss, he can fly the air force one like a boss, he can hide the pics like a boss, cause he da boss!

  • spongebobfan

    bush=crashed plane in wtc obama=took picture according to conspiraists....

  • starr

    It was a dumb idea. We get that.

  • shay1

    Good Morning All...

    Daisy - you watch LOST?? Girl, what you think of the show last night???

  • Lala11_7


    You didn't "roll you eyes" when Bush did ANYTHING he did...

    Did you "roll your eyes" when Bush IMMEDIATELY went on vacation when he became President in 2000...even though PRESIDENT CLINTON TOLD HIM THAT BIN LADEN HAD SOMETHING UP HIS SLEEVE?

    Imagine if President Bush had went to WORK like our CURRENT President is doing...instead of taking it EASY...I bet your life...September 11, 2001 would NOT HAVE HAPPENED...

    Then...we wouldn't be having these ASININE BLOGS regarding THIS BOGUS SUBJECT!!!

    And another can Obama be up to his OLD TRICKS?!? The man hasn't even been in office for SIX MONTHS!!! thing I have learned about neocons...even when the facts sit on their face...if it dosen't align with their "TWISTED" and inhuman ideology...they REFUSE to capitulate or abdicate their WRONG STANCE...

    And I get reminded of that everytime I come to this wonderful site and see ANYTHING that's regarding politics...I mean, Auntie...if you're gonna be political...get outta Atlanta...get the information first up a bureau of operations in "Chocolate City"....

    I'm just sayin'...

  • Daisy

    @Shay I thought it was a great ep. I knew Swayer was not leaving that Island. I do NOT trust or like Juilett at all. Locke is about to kill Jacob whatdaworld! I can't wait for next weeks finale. Can Sun find Jin im so tired of that storyline

  • Shannon

    Okay, I'm lost. Did he say he didn't know where they were or that he lost them? I mean I'm just trying to get a clear understanding. Sandra, I don't know where you are but I didn't lose you either. . . . . .

  • SunnyPA

    Shay and Daisy,
    If you're gonna change the subject, at least talk about something good like Sandhurst's fine naked ass on Make me a Supermodel last night.

  • kcicero

    It was not the first time that flyovers had left anxiety in Lower Manhattan.

    In February 2002, two Air Force F-16 fighters flew low over Manhattan as they made their way back to Atlantic City after a regular patrol. Officials later acknowledged that “the timing and location” of the flyover were “poorly coordinated.”

    And in May 2003, a Continental Airlines flight carrying American troops returning from Iraq received permission to fly low around the city, a decision that also rattled nerves.

  • luvly1957

    But are they now saying that the local FAA and police knew about the fly-over and were told NOT to let anyone know. So who is at fault? If they did not let their own Mayor and Governor know and they do state that they were told Sandra who is to blame for not letting the public know? I am not saying that they should not have did it but they should have let at least the higher ups know what was going on that could have let down on some of the frightening panic that went on.