I didn't go inside the club, but I made my way to the Velvet Room on Sunday night to see for myself the huge crowds that descended upon the popular Velvet Room nightclub on Sunday night hoping to be a part of T.I.'s final send off before he enters the federal prison system in Arkansas today.

The line that wrapped around the nightspot located in a suburb of Atlanta, was longer than any I had ever seen at Vision nightclub, which was the predecessor to Velvet Room before it was torn down to make way for Trump Tower in midtown. I should have snapped a pic with my new Sidekick LX 2009 of the red taillights from cars backed up on the exit ramp on I-285. It was a spectacular sight! But none more spectacular than seeing the throngs of beautiful women who came out in the drizzling rain to bid T.I. a fond farewell... until next year.

Enjoy these pics sent by Prince Williams of ATLPICS.net, and don't forget to visit ATLPICS.net for more pics from the party!

T.I. arrives in style

Followed by Tiny and her trendy entourage

Alex Gidewon (AG Entertainment) greets T.I.

NBA star Amar'e Stoudemire (Phoenix Suns)

Rap star Maino

T.I. and Sarah Chapman

T.I. and Tiny held a cookout at their estate yesterday for family and friends. A friend said of T.I., "At some point he's going to break down [and cry]. I don't know when, but he's going to break down."

Photos by ATLPics.net

  • BayArea

    TI looks sad....

  • shay1

    Why I just read on AJC.com that he missed his check-in time? Lawd!

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    All the parties and concerts in the world can't masquerade the pain of having to spend 1 year in jail.

  • Kat

    what is he going to cry about? unless he cry tears of joy for only having to do ONE YEAR for something he could've done TWENTY for!
    and why does that chick with the blonde wig have on those white shoes with that dress???

  • iscream

    Is he going to jail or college?

    I'm not going to comment on the fact that the people waiting on line are more dressed up than the VIZ'S. Home made jean shorts.. Wow I remember that from the 80's.

  • melinla

    Lots of people...is somebody holding their sandal up??? Both TI and Tiny look sad...

  • Daisy

    In one of TIs interviews after the gun saga somebody asked him did he cry when his friend/daughter died and he said he never understood why people were so concerned about somebody else crying or not. In the end he did say he did cause after all he is human at the end of the day but people grieve differently.

    I did good to make it to the concert so I knew I was not going to the V Room plus I have yet to go since they moved to the burbs. I use to LOVE Visions and even Kiya before that. Those were the days.

  • wiggy2272003

    @melinla # 6 I caught that sandal too, looks like a payless to boot

  • mizzdallas

    What he crying fo..? Nicca you did the crime now the time, you only spening 1 yr in jail, others have to spend years in the plank!!! smdh!! will he go already!!! dang!!

  • wiggy2272003

    oops forgot to say my girl fiendinmyead Tiny lookin cute albiet ghetto fab style. You got the potential to be up there in the fashion game just study the european girls a little. also the hair is looking better like she put that ash toner in it not so lite brite. I see you ma!

  • wiggy2272003

    oops forgot to say my girl friendinmyead Tiny lookin cute albiet ghetto fab style. You got the potential to be up there in the fashion game just study the european girls a little. also the hair is looking better like she put that ash toner in it not so lite brite. I see you ma!

    oops I can't spell on Tuesday "friendinmyhead"

  • Krysi J

    Man, I feel bad for him......gun charges and all, he's still an inperfect human being.

    On a lighter note:

    Tiny actually looks CUTE, OMG....what date date did she take this picture, because I know ALL HELL froze da fukk over. Whats up TINY!!

    I absolutely LOVE Antonia's style.....those shoes are perfect with that purse and the cute lil jeans and shirt....just CUTE.

    Is that Keyshia's Cole's sister by her adopted mom with that damn Zebra shyt on??

  • Divinebrown

    i'M LOVING Tiny's outfit, even though I'm not all into colors like that. She is doing it!!

    Party looks way to crowded to be any fun! I lke to breathe!

  • Imalover

    It looks like Sarah and TI are praying together in thier picture... nice caption. Tiny looks radiant.

  • Imalover


  • licia

    i agree with everyone else, ti needs to feel lucky that he only got 1 year . i would smiling like a dang Cheshire cat had i only got 1 year for the charges that were against him. ray ray down the skreet( yeah i said skreet) wouldn't have been so lucky . too late for tears now brah. see you next year .

  • licia

    also tiny DOES like nice as far as her clothes and the hair is nice . still not liking whatever she got done to her lips. she looks like howard the duck with those lips.

  • coaretained

    told ya'll he look sad....like krysi said..he is still human.. we lal make mistakes... he without sin.... go get some rocks...

  • coaretained


  • coaretained

    licia.... not howard the duck....COA is officially DOA.

  • JustSayin

    Just can’t get over all of this “farewell” attention. The man is guilty of a crime. Has been convicted.and is off to jail.People think a celebratory send off is appropriate?

    I just don’t get it..


  • licia

    lmao @ coa . do you need a shot of patron to revive u ? lol

  • http://myspace.com/thegameoncw Bird

    He doesn't look very happy. I wonder why he decided to party since his heart didn't appear to be in it.

  • intensemocha





  • kwallace577

    dead at howard the duck (which came on not too long ago...maybe last month...?)

    tiny looks GOOD. i said it.

    clifford BET NOT cry and better get his arse to jail...toute de suite.

  • melinla

    Bird he's still trying to stack that last minute money for the fam...


    t.i. already broke down and cried, we just didnt see it. but who cares? who throws a party before they go to jail? this is so bullshyt.

    who cares? sandra... who are you gonna get pics from now that t.i. is gone to jail cause all we ever see is these two clowns, and the clowns that follow them to the clubs every weekend.

  • Naima

    why Sandra be acting like she gets into the big ATL parties and then she uses pictures from another website.

  • candycane

    aww dayum Tip. He looks so sad. It's just a year boo, it'll be over before you know it. You've been to jail before, be strong. Gon' in your bathroom and have yourself a good cry before you go.

    Whoa, whoa, whoa, yeah, yeah, yeah, they say a man ain't supposed to cryyyyyyyy.

    But I know, know, know, fa sho, sho sho, that even men go through problems sometime.
    Cryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (waving my hand) cryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Divinebrown

    Those zebra print leggings are a crime against humanity. She almost ruined the entire picture.

    I would've cropped her right up on out of my picture.

  • pointhimout

    siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh. get the year over. reflect and write ya ass off. i'm suddenly attracted to t.i. since he started gaining weight. he's no longer frail and teenage boyish.

    the saddness is evident. chicken and concerts, black folks will line up for this ish wont they?

  • PAHairston

    Hello All. Younguns today tend to celebrate the craziest, wackest things: going off to jail. I tell you, money talks. I have a former neighbor, a black man, doing time for drugs and gun trafficking and he's been in jail almost 40 yrs now. (I guess he didn't have no money to pay to get out of this time.) Can't our men do better than this, jail or an early grave.

    Light, bright, damn-near-white don't help Tiny, nor the loud designer clothes she wears because she STILL one ugly chick. I'm just saying, just saying, just saying, because I can!


    Imalover Says:

    It looks like Sarah and TI are praying together in thier picture… nice caption.


  • LadyJustice

    im loving tiny's outfit! bout time she look cute.

  • Daisy

    I told yall Tiny looked cute Sun night..lol

  • Daisy

    Oh and FYI I saw TI in the old club 112 yrs ago and he had the same serious look on his face the whole night. I am sure he is a lil sad but I think some are reading more into it as well.


    I wonder was ladies in FREE all night on at this particular event?

    And Tiny & Tip looks sooooo drain on that last pic. Keep yo head up Tip! That year & a day will b over with b4 u know it.

  • starr

    i think of mike's vick ceime, then T.I.'s crime......and i smh at the sentences

  • wiggy2272003

    Divine Brown said" I would’ve cropped her right up on out of my picture." rotflmao

    with a quickness

  • MZN

    This is pitiful what black people look forward to. A farewell party because the man is going to prison? Black people have very low opinions of themselves...smh...

  • MZN

    ...and Tiny is looking as hood as always...

  • Daisy

    Last I checked people of ALL colors could and do have low self esteem. Since when is going to a party having low self esteem? I sure missed that memo and I don't even go to clubs anymore but I sure did back in my hay day..lol

  • Krysi J

    Laaaawwwwd, how da hell we go from TI going to the CLINK to dis shyt!!?? FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE GLAD that he is GONE TO JAIL....shyt you have the VICTORY...oK, TIP has been booked....but what the hell you gon do sit on dis shyt and try to convince people who feel otherwise how they SHOULD feel like you do..............??? COME ON NAH?

    have yall ever changed our MINDs B4???!!

    OK DEN, fukk it....lets move da hell on!

  • Krysi J

    Lawd, how da hell we go from TI going to the CLINK to dis shyt!!?? FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE GLAD that he is GONE TO JAIL….shyt you have the VICTORY…oK, TIP has been booked….but what the hell you gon do sit on dis shyt and try to convince people who feel otherwise how they SHOULD feel like you do…………..??? COME ON NAH?

    have yall ever changed our MINDs B4???!!

    OK DEN, fukk it….lets move da hell on!

  • coaretained

    Team Clifford...I've made mistakes before too.. so I'm keeping my rocks in my pocket.

  • wiggy2272003

    on that team with ya COA and I it's already known I am CEO of Team Tiny even got a t-shirt that says so... I know better that to even pick up a damn rock

    You know what REALLY plucks my nerves when opinion is stated as fact

  • iscream

    Maybe I need to see Tiny on a real computer screen other than this SK because I don't see what yall see. Nice? She has on a hot pink shirt over plain tee shirt, some jeans, that pink belt (2 much imo) and that big ass bag. I guess her hair looks nice but the outfit is a regular hang out with ya girls at the mall.

  • Krysi J

    @ Isc

    well you do have a point, it iz mALL-ish, but its definitely a STEP uP to me...I like it. Anything in a better direction...anything...did hell thaw out yet???

  • Divinebrown

    They are all hang out at the mall-ish. But Tiny looks the best out her "stylish" entourage. I dont see anybody killing it. Matter of factly....everyone has on t-shirts. Tiny's just so happens to be the cutest! Them dope jeans she has on aint hurtin it nothing...

  • JustSayin

    I didn't even take the time to look at the pix..This is the best I have ever seen Tiny..She looks cute...A mini Mariah in the first pic..

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  • tintin

    I love tiny's jeans. sometimes she dresses so nice.

  • http://charactercorner.blogspot.com attorneymom

    Tiny looks very nice. Great makeup job.

    Sidebar: I like the group Xscape. They need to get their azzes back in the studio.

  • ReadTheBlog

    Tiny actually looked nice from the neck down. Strange she'd wait until TI is leaving to look her best. I thoughtall three ladies look nice, minus Toya's checkerboard LV - that is a winter purse and it looks flat and empty, but I digress.

    Sarah and TI look like they are sharing a moment of prayer.

    Maino looks like a fat version of Khalil Kain.

    Chyna looks a mess. the 4th pic - she looks like she is bloated and she needs a thigh master. I'm not even going to say anything about the spaghetti factory on the top of her head.