Write to T.I. in prison

Rap artist T.I. entered a minimum security federal prison in Arkansas on Tuesday of this week to begin serving a 366 day sentence on gun charges.

While incarcerated, T.I. might be a little lonely. He has already told family and friends not to visit him because he wants to tough it out and do his time and come home. I assume he doesn’t want his children to see him behind bars.

If you want to drop T.I. a note to cheer him up, you can address your letters to:

    REGISTER NUMBER: 59458-019
    P.O. BOX 9000
    FORREST CITY, AR 72336



57 Responses to “Write to T.I. in prison”

  1. 1
    coaretained says:

    Already on it. LOL… Ask your source if he’s gonna READ the shyt before I waste my stamp though…

    I’m saying.. times are hard. I like him and all but erumeruh….

  2. 2
    Charles says:

    Why the **** would I write this atl hoodrat he’s a convicted felon who deserves to rot in prisona nd anyone who is dumb enough to write him clearly needs to prioritize their life, if you didn’t like him on the radio im sure your opinion of who clifford harris really is would change

  3. 3
    attorneymom says:

    @ Sandra, I was waiting for you to post his country club address. Will you be writing him or accepting collect calls?

  4. 4
    coaretained says:

    Stop throwing stones Charles.. and for the record I am not dumb.. just have a lot of free time in the hair shop today.. why not?? Has no correlation to my intelligence or priorities.

  5. 5
    Shauny says:

    I think Daisy may already have this info…lol

  6. 6
    Shalala26 says:

    i already sent him a letter… i told him how he need to dump miss piggy and get with a real chic, all woman …lol

  7. 7
    attorneymom says:

    Stop calling Tiny “Miss Piggy” and Jay Z “Camel”. Then again… Oh never mind.

  8. 8
    Naima says:

    Which is why he should have married Tiny, every hood rat chick is gonna try to write this dude. Tiny needs some ball and chain aka some reassurance

  9. 9
    Anna says:

    He has already told family and friends not to visit him
    Martha Stewart did not want visitors because after each visit she had to have a cavity search. Is this TI’s real reason?

  10. 10
    Charles says:

    Ignoranceee I wasn’t attacking anyone also so lets clear that up but that’s how I feel

    *moving on*

    I rebuke this post

  11. 11
    iscream says:

    If I was Tiny I would put a stop to this mess. You know all kind’ve disrepectful winches are going to be writing and sending nasty pics. Those letter would have to go to a PO box monitered by me.

    @ Charles didn’t you just admit to writing Cubic’s stylist?

  12. 12
    Krysi J says:


    Man, give it a break…!

  13. 13
    teecee says:


  14. 14
    attorneymom says:

    The most powerful prayer I have ever prayed was, “Father God, teach me how to love myself.”.

    If you love yourself, your self worth or dignity would not be put on the back bunner for designer labels. You are good enough to play house with, but not good enough to take his last name along with all the legal and spiritual ramification that goes along with it. WTH is wrong with that rationale.

  15. 15
    crystal says:

    Being married doesn’t mean anything, I’m sure tiny knows her position in her relationship with T.I. either one hate them or love them as a couple. It is allways he need to get with a real women or he could of did better. He was a fan before He became her man. She did not appear out of no where and started following him arround. She is in his life because he wants her there. I’m sure many of us have some questionable $hit in our relationship. I know I wish my daughter father get hit by a bus every day. But he is still here.

  16. 16
    Dhoward1913 says:

    Not this again…….@ Crystal, girl I have the same prayer!

  17. 17
    Coo Coo Bananas says:

    This post just reminded me to reply to my cousin’s letter. But what the hell do you tell someone who’s in prison? “Keep your head up” Seems cliche as hell lol.

  18. 18
    iscream says:

    Uhm Crystal LMAO @ your wish.

    I’m not married and I don’t think its for everyone. I also feel that people get married for the wrong reasons sometimes. But to say that being married doesn’t mean anything is a far stretch. It means a lot. People are in the streets protesting trying to get the right to be married.

    I wonder why you never hear married people saying being married doesn’t mean anything. Anyway its Friday & this topic has been discussed everyway but out on this board.

  19. 19
    teecee says:

    Coo Coo Bananas Says:

    This post just reminded me to reply to my cousin’s letter. But what the hell do you tell someone who’s in prison? “Keep your head up” Seems cliche as hell lol.

  20. 20
    ELove says:

    Words of Wisdom (For Real)

  21. 21
    crystal says:

    Lmao I am married and trust me it does not mean anything. I just keep his ass insured until my divorce is final. Filed for divorce 5 yrs ago and the white ass lawyer took my damm money and I am sure many clients. I could of did better going to the hood and getting it done @ a check cashing place.

  22. 22
    Charles says:

    Cubic?? Who??

  23. 23
    Daisy says:

    @Shuany The address I found was different from this one..lol You know I was ON IT though..lol

    Not the marriage topic again *sighs*

  24. 24
    melinla says:

    Charles – as a TI stan I’ll have to ask what is the difference between writing him in prison and writing him as a fan? I don’t think that makes me dumb, just makes me a true fan. I don’t agree with breaking the law, I do think he should serve his time.

  25. 25
    spongebobfan says:

    who wrote Vick??………….*waiting*

  26. 26
    Daisy says:

    @Sponge I am so glad Vick is out. I am not a big enough fan of his (he is FINE though) to take the time to write him..lol He still looks good!

  27. 27
    iscream says:

    To add to the list of what to write.

    1. Don’t call me collect.
    2. If you become Muslim don’t come home and start eating pork.
    3. Don’t ask me to visit.
    4. Don’t ask me to marry you in there.
    5. Don’t fed me no broken promise jail dreams.
    6. Don’t ask me if I know of anybody to hook you or your jail friends up with.

  28. 28
    coaretained says:

    @charles.. I was just giving you shyt because you clearly said “anyone that writes him is dumb” and I had just said “I’m already on it” so…as you said moving on…I do wonder why the harsh words about convicted felons? People are not allowed to change? I have a bunch of felons in my family ( I’m sure) and extended networks.. that doesn’t mean write them off. He’s gonna do the time the courts gave him, whether WE think it’s sufficient or not. That’s all that’s required by law, but unfortunately not public opinion.

    @ teecee- I’ma put that in my letter…LOL

  29. 29
    coaretained says:

    7) There are NO women inmates where you’re @. EVEN if they are dressed that way.. none of them are real women. Just a heads up.

  30. 30
    melinla says:

    Not a Vick fan, but if Payton Manning went to jail I’d write him too =)

  31. 31
    melinla says:

    (((Laughing at coa))) – that was good advice and funny as hell…

  32. 32
    brenden says:

    spongebobfan Says:

    who wrote Vick??………….*waiting*

    ^^I did…I was trying to get the inside scope on a good herpes outbreak suppressant. My man never responded…Maybe I should have addressed it to Ron Mexico…Oh well, that’s what I get for sleeping with old desperate a*s women….Just put the head in Brenden ain’t gone hurt nobody…Damn you kymmystry!heehee

    Write TI to cheer him up. Can somebody write to me to cheer my broke a*s up? Write a check directly to me.lol

  33. 33
    coaretained says:

    What’s the address Brenden? I have to post date it though.

    Nevuary 31st, 20never

    (thank you Jigga man..lol)

  34. 34
    iscream says:

    Lmao @ # 29 & Brenden, smh.

  35. 35
    brenden says:

    LMAO!!!! Man thats messed up #33.lol. Oh well I guess I’ll be dogging these credit collectors forever. It’s getting hard trying to discguise my voice.
    me-“Brenden no in casa” I think they’re catching on…
    them-“You cant pay your light bill but you got a maid?”
    me-“No habla engles”
    them-“Oh you gone habla engles when yo ass is forced to use candles,,,yeah you gone habla engles then.”

    Those basturds are heartless.lol

  36. 36
    Kymystry says:

    brenden … brenden .. boy .. Your shyt was drippin LONG before me … you had a trial of pus following you from your car .. dag on car seats has towels for seat covers to “catch” your run off … now imma need you to go to Tranny Town and find the Shim that infected you with herpes simplex 11 and yall can booty toot together with your boi shorts and wife beaters tied in a knot …

    boi BYE … lol .. lol

  37. 37
    coaretained says:

    LOL @ kym..
    brenden was that YOU on YKYDAW??? *rips post dated check to shreds*


  38. 38
    brenden says:

    Oh please man. My sh*t was dripping I can admit that, but that wasnt herpes it’s called being incontinent, and you didnt have to tell the world! Big mouth. How bout I tell everyone about your little problem? How about that? Loosey goosey. Yeah I said it! All the kegels in the world couldnt correct that.heehee

  39. 39
    crystal says:

    Lmao@ iscream you forgot the can optipus and jack macral, and those sorry ass jail letters like Dear Iscream I by the time this letter reach you that you are doing good mentally and physically as for me I just came from the yard chilling with my hommies, I almost had to bust my gat but the co came and lock **** down. Yo boo um can you send that package off cause my comisarry is kinda low. I traded 2 packs of soap for a pack of oodle of noodles. Me and the guys gonna play some spades gonna beat dis punk niggah for those new kicks.
    Well I got to go boo and yo don’t forget to send that package off and be the phone on 6/1/09 @ 9pm I gonna call you so make sure no one be on the phone that day. Ya heard?

  40. 40
    Kymystry says:

    Not loosey goosey … spoken like a negro with a tick tac for a dyck … now WHO shouldn’t be tellin on WHO .. hush MAN !

  41. 41
    coaretained says:

    DEAD @ crystal… effin DEAD… why have I SEEN letters like that?

    *someone revive me..it’s the weekend I got shyt to do*

  42. 42
    coaretained says:

    *falls out of chair*

    Can’t breeve… too much.. loosey goosey…tic tac pee pee…

    RIP C.O.A

  43. 43
    brenden says:

    Ohhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhh!!! So its like that huh? Alright. Alright then. Funny being referred to as a tic tac by a woman who’s breath smell like cat piss. Seems like you could use my tic tac, plus a listerine chaser! uhhhhh take that take that.heehee

  44. 44
    Kymystry says:

    breath smellin like cat piss … naw nicca’ thats YOU and your incontience having tic tic for a penis .. THATS why u leaking .. your dayum bladder bigger than your winkie …

  45. 45
    brenden says:

    Ohhhhh Ohhhhh ok ok so you want to play dirty Ms 36 double DDroops. My winkie is smaller than my bladder, and your utters hang to your bladder!!!! Yeah I said it!

  46. 46
    brenden says:

    You lucky!!! Oooooh you are so lucky! It’s friday and I got to go reserve my place in line at the check cashing place, but you best believe this aint over.heehee. Bye kymmy.

  47. 47
    crystal says:

    I lived it @ one time in my life. He never asked me to send ****. But I sent stuff being the baby mother I was and besides I did not pay for it. Food stamps did and being that the Dept of social service could of easily proved easily where he was it was easy to get a case. Some chicks love the system. Me I try to always beat the system. Its the american way!

  48. 48
    crystal says:

    G1 going dead. All it’s been fun. Everyone have a blessed safe weekend.

  49. 49
    iscream says:

    OMG Crystal that was fun-ny yet true. Why do they always start letters like that. Of course I’m doing fine when I get this letter. I’m opening it not the CO. I opened the mail box I didn’t hear the CO yell Mail Call. & they always want you to send them some pictures. Why so you can see what you are missing.


  50. 50
    flyqtnva says:

    Marriage obviously means ALOT TO GOD….shorty read the bible yo…you killing yourself….stop letting the media led you astray

  51. 51
    flyqtnva says:

    I take back the last post now that I see Y you have no FAITH in marriage…maybe you should have talked to GOD 1st before you married the LOW LIFE

  52. 52
    candycane says:

    39crystal Says:

    Lmao@ iscream you forgot the can optipus and jack macral, and those sorry ass jail letters like Dear Iscream I by the time this letter reach you that you are doing good mentally and physically

    I think that’s posted in big block letters in the rec room of every prison, with the caption “THE PROPER INTRODUCTION FOR ALL LETTERS”

  53. 53
    crystal says:

    @flyqtnva yeah marriage means a lot to me too, even though i married a punk ass negro doesn’t mean that i did not try in the eyes of the lord. Women stay in relationship for the wrong reasons. Once my divorce is granted then i may try marriage again. Not to get it “right” but will marry “the right MAN” Maybe i should of talk to god instead of getting my instructions from the devil that day. But for now i will be a honest made unhappy married women with a beau on the side that does all that my h-us-band should of been doing.

  54. 54
    crystal says:

    @flyqtnva also let’s not take it to church because you have a lot of church peoples having xtra marital affairs after they leave church with bible on the back seat in the jeep on their way to meet Hakim or quanisha calling Omar to meet up at the Oasis Inn on the belt pwky. Doing all that in eyes of the lord.

  55. 55
    Krysi J says:

    spongebobfan Says:

    who wrote Vick??………….*waiting*

    didn’t i say i don’t even write my own brother…….LMAO! but i luv em…same goes for vick and Tip.

    would dey write ME if i ever (GOD forbid in Jesus name) went 2 jail? Thats da MF question….LOL!

  56. 56
    attorneymom says:

    @ Sandra, did TI call you collect yet?? Or, did Tiny just call you on a three way??

  57. 57
    crystal says:

    LOL @attorneymom

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