First the good news: rapper Young Jeezy is not dead and his handsome face is still intact! Ryan Cameron of WVEE's Ryan Cameron Show, read a statement from Jeezy himself, who stated he was not admitted to a local hospital with stab wounds this morning:

I checked into a broad's house. If that’s the hospital, then we were playing doctor. I’m quite sure there’s some records, you go and check em. We good, all bullshit aside. Shout out to DJ Trauma for real. That was one of the flyest parties I been to in a while, man. That shit was crazy.

Additionally, a very well-connected industry insider reached out to today to set the record straight about DJ Drama, whom she says did not initiate the violence at the Luckie Room last night that sent 3 men to a local hospital with stab wounds.

DJ Drama has done nothing wrong he is a DJ and sometimes everyone isn't gonna be happy with who a DJ chooses to be associated with. Since he did a mixtape with another artist, there has been issues beyond DJ Drama's control. Certain people choose to keep pickin' fights with him and it needs to stop before someone else get hurts or loses their life.

He is just a DJ and not trying to claim a street title for himself. He is the victim, if anything, and it just sounds like your implying that he did somethang wrong.

I always thought DJ Drama was a cool cat and I stand corrected. My apologies to DJ Drama and his camp.

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DJ Trauma celebrated his 10th Anniversary as a DJ and producer at Luckie Food Lounge in Atlanta last night. Despite that incidence of violence at the close of the night, the house was packed as Def Jam newcomer Jeremih performed his sizzling bedroom hit "Birthday Sex."

Other celebs in the spot were Ludacris, Young Jeezy, producers B. Cox, Drumma Boy, Jazze PhaM; singer Estelle and her manager Phillana Williams, Lil Scrappy and his longtime girlfriend, rapper Diamond; Luda's manager Chaka Zulu, Verse Simmonds, DJ Holiday, DJ Infamous, DJ Don Cannon, comedian Lil Duval, Kandi Burrus (of Xscape and RHOA), the sexy J-Dub of CTE; rapper Q DA Kid, and promoter and AG Ent artist Chubbie Baby, among others who shall remain nameless.

Thanks to Prince Williams of for the hawt pics!

Kandi Burrus and Rasheeda

Diamond and Lil Scrappy

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Photos by Letta Hernandez via AJC

A Riverdale woman is in serious condition in Grady hospital this morning after her Cadillac fell on her and dragged her the length of a football field down a busy Clayton County road.

The incident occurred on Wednesday afternoon when 20-year-old Dana Jones crawled under her car at a Shell station on Jonesboro Road.

Media reports say she was changing her tire at the time when the vintage Cadillac suddenly fell on her, crushing her. Witnesses say they heard Jones screaming for help as the Cadillac -- with Jones pinned underneath it -- slowly rolled down Hwy 138 toward a busy intersection.

Raquel Hernandez, 27, whose sister Letta Hernandez took these chilling pictures while Jones was still trapped under the car, told the Atlanta Journal she heard Jones screaming. Hernandez caught up with the car and put it in park before retrieving the car's jack out of the trunk and attempting to lift the car off of Jones.

But lifting the car with the jack only caused Jones' leg to become more entangled in the car's chassis.

Letta Hernandez told the AJC she grabbed Jones' 8-month-old baby out of the back seat along with jones' cell phone which she used to call 911 and Jones' sister. “She kept asking how her baby was doing,” said Hernandez.

When police and paramedics arrived, bystanders helped put the car up on 4x4s to stabilize it. Police blocked off the busy intersection so an air ambulance could land. Jones's leg was freed from under the car and she was airlifted to Grady Memorial Hospital.


According to celebrity blogger Necole Bitchie, Rihanna and her so-called assistant, Melissa, "kissed and made up" after falling out recently.

NB knows more about these things than I do since she came out of the closet and is more into "the life" than I am.

Anyway, how did RiRi and Melissa's relationship get past me? This is the same Melissa whose name is tattooed all over Rihanna's body. That fact alone would usually serve as a clue to most, but somehow I missed it.

I'm usually the first to notice a chick with lesbionic tendencies, and while Rihanna gives off lesbionic vibes all day long, I just never got that from her assistant Melissa.

Now everything kind of makes sense. For instance, that explains why Rihanna suddenly dumped Chris Brown (Melissa probably told her: "him or me bitch") or why RiRi is covering for the gay rapper Drake as his beard (probably as a favor to that other gay rapper, Jay Z).

See what you learn when you read the blogs?

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Last night's performance by newcomer Jeremih was supposed to be an intimate industry affair at Luckie Food Lounge. Instead, the night ended with 3 men being transported to a local hospital with stab wounds.

According to witnesses, a brawl broke out between Grand Hustle's DJ Drama and Young Jeezy's crews around 2:30 am, moments after Def Jam artist Jeremih left the stage.

Furniture was thrown and as many as 20 men were involved in the fracas as frightened patrons scattered for cover. The altercation spilled out into the parking lot across the street from the Georgia Aquarium where gunshots were heard.

No one was reported shot, but the most seriously injured man was Jeezy's personal security, the popular "Bama," who sustained multiple stab wounds to the face.

Most of Young Jeezy's bodyguards and entourage were arrested at the scene. Also placed in handcuffs was Akon's brother Bu, A&R for Konvict Music, who was rolling with Jeezy's camp last night when they showed up at Luckie's 40 deep.

Word is that the fisticuffs had to do with some old beef involving a mixtape that DJ Drama put out last year.

Other celebrities in the spot included rapper Ludacris, British singer Estelle, Eboni Elektra and Nicole Brown from 3 Brown Girls.


They're now saying that Young Jeezy was one of the men stabbed during the altercation last night. He is supposedly hospitalized in stable condition. But I can not confirm that. Also, the "Boo" who was arrested along with members of Jeezy's CTE camp was not Akon's brother, Bu. We regret that mistake.

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Woman beater Chris Brown took his case all the way to the Supreme Court and lost! Now bitch boy will be forced to face Rihanna in court on Monday, June 22.


The California Supreme Court on Wednesday rejected an appeal by Chris Brown's attorney Mark Geragos to postpone what could be an explosive preliminary hearing set for next Monday for the R&B singer, who's charged with threatening and beating his then-girlfriend Rihanna. That sets the stage for the dramatic reunion of the two former lovers as both are expected to appear in court Monday.

Geragos appealed to California's highest court after a lower court judge, Judge Patricia Schnegg, denied his motion to access the confidential personnel records of 25 Los Angeles Police Department employees. Gergaos was seeking the records prior to the preliminary hearing, hoping to find out who leaked a shocking photo of a badly-bruised Rihanna taken after she was assaulted, allegedly by Brown.

Since being indicted on domestic abuse charges, CB's attorneys have worked diligently to get the case delayed, especially now that Rihanna is set to take the stand against him.

CB has also been working hard to repair his public image in the weeks leading up to his trial.

The judge presiding over Monday's hearing will decide if there is enough evidence to proceed with a jury trial. CB faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted.

Don't you wish you had the King of Pop Rock's Michael Jackson's sense of style? He must know a thing or two more about style than we do. I just wish we knew what he knew 'cause it would sure help explain what the hail he was wearing during a trip to his Beverly Hills doctor's office.

Jackson went to his doctor's office supposedly to get shots and skin bleaching treatments. You know, the same skin lightening treatments that Lil Kim gets done... unless you think she has vitiligo too? Lol.

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This is the biggest entertainment story on the Internets today (in case you were wondering).

Kate Gosselin, mother of 8 and wife to none (now that Jon has flown the coop), is under fire from women's groups for viciously spanking her child after the kid refused to stop whistling while she, Kate, was on her cell phone.

I can certainly appreciate how annoying that can be, which is why I don't have any kids. IMO, women who know they can get moody at times should avoid having children whenever possible.

Anyway, it's not so much that Kate spanked her child (because all moms pop their kids on occasion), but it's the fact that she did it right out in the open, which makes one wonder how severely she punishes her brats behind closed doors.

Anyway, after the little girl dried her tears, a uniform cop wandered onto the property. It's not clear who called him. One blog says it was the paps who called the cop to investigate an incident of child abuse. While another blog says Kate called the cops to shake the paps out of the trees and bushes surrounding her property.

It's times like this when I am glad I am not an attention seeking whore like Sheree Whitfield or Amber Rose.


Rich Girl, the new girl group that is basically a total rip off of Beyonce's singing and style (if you can call it that) is going out on tour with Beyawnce, according to a tweet on their Twitter page.


The four member group, buzzing on the single "He Ain't With Me Now (Tho)," confirmed the news via Twitter Tuesday night.

"Okay...I just confirmed GREAT news!!!!!! RICHGIRL is officially opening up for BEYONCE!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH! GOD is sooooo good," Audra Simmons wrote.

This means the dumbing down of the music industry is almost complete. Don't expect to hear real music anymore as more and more labels roll out their Beyonce clones. Sigh.