I had to steal this headline from a comment on Rodney Ho's Radio & TV Talk blog because it fits these chicks perfectly!

The Real Foreclosed and Evicted Socialites of Atlanta are back for a second season. The first season was a ratings bonanza for the Real Housewives series. But the buzz about RHOA's 2nd season was trumped and totally obscured by "Real Housewives of New Jersey" which just ended its run.

Newcomer Kandi Burruss as the fifth housewife, and regulars Lisa Wu Hartwell, fashion wannabe Sheree Whitfield, Kim Zolciak and NeNe Leakes will all be back for the 2nd season which premieres on July 30.

According to Bravo's standards, it doesn't matter that only one of them is actually married.

I didn't tell y'all that Kandi Burrus called my cell phone back in May (I still don't know how she got my number, although I can guess). Anyway, I missed her call because those who know me offline know that I don't care for all that drama (plus, I don't do interviews).

Anyway, drama is the main reason why I won't be watching this countrified scripted mess this season. Nothing about these chicks is real. I hear some of them have already blown through the $168,000 raise they each received from Bravo network, and now they are broke b*tches again.

  • iscream

    & that fake behind fight on NJ wasn't scripted Sandra. I don't watch but heard people saying that the lady came in the place with a small clutch bag and pulled out a big book at the table...

    RHWOA I will be there front and center with my :popcorn: ready.

    I can't stomach watching yt on realty shows unless its a lil flavor mixed in...

  • ELove

    The ONE standing up in the middle...
    ARE those Bey-Baby Fake-Hip-Pads for Video-Performing
    PURPOSES she's wearing !!!

  • miamore73

    I can't wait to watch the reunion show on New Jersey tonight. Theresa was FADED when she flipped that table over. Hilarious!!

    I'll be tuning in for the ATL Housewives also.

  • Daisy

    Two of them are married

  • http://twitter.com/joycejustice LadyJustice

    i cant wait for the new season. wonder how kandi will fit in with these girls.

  • pinky2083

    I'll be watching!! I'm curious to see how Kandi gon act on the show... Sheree gets on my damn nerves. Kim PLEASE DOWN!

  • pinky2083

    I meant PLEASE SIT DOWN!! All that dayum barbie hair..

  • mizzdallas

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHhh lawd!!! I hear shots busting the air!!! Damn! I died @ countrified ROTFLRLMBAO!!!! IM dying, iM in tears right now!!!

    Somebody help me....?

  • kcicero

    I will be watching against my better judgment. My fav is hands down NeNe with her ghetto arse... :wink: ?

  • iscream

    Oh & Sandra that comment about you not liking Drama.... yeah okay

    & you don't give interview or you don't do interviews of other people. Cause I could've sworn you interviewed Lisa Raye something or another. I know I've read an interview on here before.

    I think an interview with her would've been a good look considering you was trying to throw her under the bus.

  • ELove

    AFTER reading your comment, I went back and read the post
    She has her "I'M STRAIGHT BLASTING FOOLS" mantra going today

    And Kandi is probably the ONLY ONE making Moves-n-Money
    (Meaning HER OWN & ENTIRELY by her self MONEY-n-Fame...)

  • http://myspace.com/thegameoncw Bird

    Daisy Says:

    Two of them are married

    That's what I was thinking.

  • http://charactercorner.blogspot.com attorneymom

    @Sandra, now you know you will be watching. LOL

    Sidebar: So let me make sure I have this correct: you will watch Tiny's show, but not the Housewives of ATL. SMH. Please help me to understand your rationale behind your decision.

    By the way, did Clifford call you collect yet??

  • radioalexander

    sounds to me... like there are some other individuals that really need to tap into reality TV, while it's still relevant. i have to wonder... why you will watch Tiny, and not them tho? spill it...

  • Daisy

    KC even Anderson Cooper loves him some NeNe she makes the show her n Dwight

  • KaraZ

    I'll be watching and be disgusted at myself every second I spend watching this mess :)

  • trina@atl

    I wish they would have had the cameras rolling when they came to serve Sheree with her foreclosure notice and NeNe with her eviction notice from her rented house.
    We always call them the Really Broke Housewives here in the ATL.

  • aqtpie

    I can't wait!

  • kcicero

    @ Daisy, I know!!!! I was laughing so hard when he plugged NENE on his show and then again on the Ellen show! I was like I guess the gay rumors were true, lol. Still love me some AC 360 though.

  • pointhimout

    i can't wait. the headline is priceless. stop the flossing is all i can say. i'd rather love the life i have than hating the life i wish i had. a person has to miserable with that existence. So Sandra y u aint answer when Kandi called? hahahaha. like someone has already said, she's prolly the only one making her own money and got her own shyt, takin care of herself.

    sheree, love the lil townhouse you're renting as you drive your range rover up to the steps. hey, we all have to start over. just because you've downgraded doesn't mean you need to sell ur car. phuck that. all jokes aside.

    kim--dallas called. that's all, he called. said he was looking for a singer, but had the wrong number.

    nene--hmmmm, we'll have to see. i liked her for her honesty, then that report came out bout her and greg. on top of that, when they went to the dealership and pretended to buy that 40,000 $ truck I lost respect for her...and the $5,000 for one suit for her teenage son. bytch please.

    lisa--i like her too, but it goes back and forth. i do wonder if they'll feature deshawn snow at all. she seemed like an airhead at first, but by show 4 i realized she was really a sweetheart with really good intentions. i dont care what Sandra Rose say about u Deshawn, u r alright with me.

  • Daisy

    KC AC has a cute latin or light skin boo TMZ caught them n the airport a few mths back but we all knew what team he has been on lol

  • licia

    i love the show and i will be watching . the atl wives don't act any different then all the others before them and after them . the new jersey ones were just as bad .

  • KayCeiSoul

    @point - clowinin' all day huh? LMBO @

    "kim–dallas called. that’s all, he called. said he was looking for a singer, but had the wrong number."

    Would you just let Kim entertain us with the finished version of "Tightrope"!?! I've been waiting on that what seems like 4ever. LOL

  • Shauny

    I don't understand how the RHOA are the only Houswives show that gets clowned. Folks really be contradicting themselves. All of the shows have castmembers that aren't married, lying about what they have, etc.

    Just like Lisa said, the RHONJ was WAY more ghetto then ATL but they're entertainment not ghetto messes. I SO agree. Same actions, different colors, different results. SMH

    Speaking on NJ, Teresa has a damn 2 head. I've never seen someone with their hairline almost touching their eyebrows. Teresa and Caroline are messes. Caroline is Carmela Soprano. Dina is a start chit and act innocent fake biotch (with that disgusting azz cat). I only like Jacqueline and Danielle from that show. Danielle at least knows that you love her or hate her and she didn't try to please those trolls.

  • ELove

    Just to ADD to @shauny's point of contention ...
    I RARELY watch ANY reality tv But I'll occasionally channel-surf and I've seen some of the YT housewives shows

    My Verdict:
    The YT Housewives are FAR MORE Uninteresting, FAKE-n-Boring and Silly-er than the Sistahs Housewives IMO
    AGAIN I haven't NOR will I watch enough to become an expert


    Sandra said:"...those who know me offline know that I don’t care for all that drama (plus, I don’t do interviews)."

    Y i find this hard to believe????

    Attonery mom says:"Sidebar: So let me make sure I have this correct: you will watch Tiny’s show, but not the Housewives of ATL. SMH. Please help me to understand your rationale behind your decision"

    LOL,Good point. 'Cuz if she's gonna watch the Tiny/Toya Show, u know she's gonna watch RHOA. There's no sense of faking it Sandy!

    Shauny said:"Speaking on NJ, Teresa has a damn 2 head. I’ve never seen someone with their hairline almost touching their eyebrows."
    --lol, That is the most f*%ked up ish (or lace front) I have ever seen and scary 2."

    Anyhoo....I can't wait for tonights reuion of the RHONJ. And I will be front-row-center for the premiere of RHOA. And i doubt if Kandi will be more interesting than DeShawn was. If you're going to replace someone for being themselves/less dramatic, (wasn't that the reason y she was kicked off the cast?), at least find someone who is more dramatic than NeNe, 'cause I can't see Kandi being dramatic at all. Like Dwight, even though he's not married, I think he would have been a perfect fit for the cast.

  • pointhimout

    I think the underlying concensus is we have enough negative stuff depicted in the media, so why add to it? I guess all in all it's entertainment. I'm not sticking up for any of the other casts, but have any of them lost houses and got evicted and stuff? THey're all a hot mess, believe me. What we're saying is how are you elite and a socialite and fulton county sherriff is sitting outside ur gate putting shackles on it? IDK.

    i've seen the other casts lose a husband or relationship end. again, they're all a hot mess, all the casts. i know of 3 prominent women in Atlanta who could've been on this show, but bravo aint checkin for that. they want drama.

    we'll all tune in, including the evasive, yet in demand, Saaaannnndra Rose.

  • http://talkingwithtami.com talkingwithtami

    The mobwives of NJ is good Im always on twitter talking about Teresa's hairline!Thats the hairiest chic ive ever seen in my life. Use to like Caroline no more,use to like Dina no more,Jackie is still cool and the heathen in heat Daniel needs an ice bath,Sit yo ass down!

  • http://charactercorner.blogspot.com attorneymom

    Did you see the reunion show for the Real Housewives of NJ? I did not get a chance to watch it this season, but that red head wife is my hero. I have attended many functions at the Brownstone on West Broadway in Paterson. I lived within walking distance of the Brownstone all until I moved to GA. Don't f with women from North Jersey, especially Paterson. I can't wait until tomorrow night. Presidential Blvd. where you at??? LOL Riverview Towers represent.

  • http://charactercorner.blogspot.com attorneymom

    Shoutout to all the mobsters holding office in Northern NJ. Represent.

    Shout to my Pastor who is on lock down in a federal prision. Keep your head up!!

    Sidebar: Besides American black folks, I love me some Italians, Jamaicans and Puerto Ricans.

  • Anna

    The NJ reunion was kind of calm. I missed the previews for tomorrows show. Not sure how heated it will get because two of the HW are with child.

  • Krysi J

    Sandra lets talk about it ok.....whats wrong? You been going real hard at people lately......somebody caught you coming out of Lenox and cursed you out or something....Im picking up on ah "dis shyt just got serious" type vibe from you....foreal.... don't stay mad like that its unhealthy mentally, when think about somebody that has tried to clown or whatever. and undoubtedly pissed you off..go to that person stra8 up don't hold those type of feelings in and loose control on SR..you have wusah......don't let it build up...

    Im just saying...

    Please don't ban me... :ban: :sad:

    Your sister in Christ,
    Krysi J

  • PAHairston

    Hello All. Admit it, black folks are entertainers. We've been such since we played the fiddle, grinning and dancing for our masters, on a Sunday night after all the field work has been done. We're entertainers still as that black man throws that ball down the field and the predominately white stadium crowd roars with glee. We're entertainers when our hip/hop genre sells records by just by hollering, cussing and grabbing their d!cks. We're entertainers when Queen Oprah introduces white dr Phil on her show that she's about to make a millionaire. That's what must colored folks do to make BIG money: entertain. I'm just saying, for what it's worth. Peace.

  • http://charactercorner.blogspot.com attorneymom

    @ PAHariston, yesterday, I had to tell a house negro to stop snitchin on us field negroes because she is a negro too. I know they call me a house negro because of my position on the plantation (Corporate America), but I have field negro tendencies. I set her azz straight.

  • starr

    I have admit that the housewives of nj got me hooked!!!! lol I luved. Last nite reunion was calm, but i'm thinking that tomorrow's nite episode is gonna have the goods.

    The drama may be between caroline and daniel....so the preggers women are just gonna have to sit on the side

  • http://charactercorner.blogspot.com attorneymom

    I just had an light bulb moment. I know I am slow on this one. Only 2 of these women are married. WTH??? How can you be a housewife if don't have a husband???

    Why is Hip Hop the highest grossing genre of music today??? Because it fosters and perpetuate the sterotypes of baby moma drama, pipin and drug selling!!!! What happened to classy R&B music??? No, they rather promote Sasha doing lap dances and rolling on the floor like some ho or stripper.

    Why can't women like me get a reality show?? Because we don't fit racist and sexist sterotype!!! Selah.

    Attorneymom is getting off her soapbox and going to plantation. How long??? Not long.

  • http://charactercorner.blogspot.com attorneymom

    Pictures of me and my friends at the Greek Picnic are up on my blog. Check them out. Alpha Kappa Alpha represent!!!

  • Daisy

    @Attymom your mob wife hero Caroline would KILL you and I and NOT think twice about it..lol I don't trust her far as I can see her. I saw the last 30mins of the reunion show last night. I will be watching Thurs when the drama really goes down. I wonder what they are accusing Danielle of doing now all crying and carrying on you so tough Caroline what cha crying for..lol

    Morning Fam!

  • http://myspace.com/necee518 yvonne79

    Morning all!

  • http://XSCAPESIGHTINGS.COM crystal

    Will be watching both Tiny and Kandi shows. Will updating both shows updates @ http://www.xscapesighting.com or xscapesightings dot com

  • Kat

    i'll be watching tiny & toya and atlanta housewives just for laughs! these shows are for entertainment purposes only. i trip everytime i see the preview for tiny & toya though! hilarious!

  • http://charactercorner.blogspot.com attorneymom

    @ Daisy, that other chick that red head don't like is going to turn up missing. You watch.