The separation rumors swirled around Atlanta for at least a year, but someone from either camp routinely denied the obvious.

The signs were there: The bi-coastal lifestyle, Usher's luxury pad on the west coast with the Ferrari parked in the driveway. Partying in Atlanta without Tameka. All signs that Usher was living the life of a single man.

Eyebrows were raised whenever Usher sent a friend to collect his first-born son Cinco from Tameka's home and deliver the child to him in L.A. Or when he sent word to Tameka to pack a bag so he could take the boy with him on vacation.

But then there were Tameka's busy friends, who spent a lot of time in the comments section of popular urban blogs painting a rosy picture of Usher and Tameka's relationship.

But now the rumors have been confirmed by Usher's official act of filing for a divorce from his wife of two years. A wife who has spent the last 5 weeks on online social networking sites living a lie.

From In Touch Weekly:

In Touch can exclusively reveal that Usher and his wife, Tameka Foster, are divorcing. “The Grammy winner has been living apart from his wife for nearly a year after almost two years of marriage,” an insider exclusively tells In Touch, adding, “Usher’s primary concern is for his children. He is a great father and just wants to do what is right for them.” The soon-to-be exes have two kids together, Usher Raymond V, 18 months, and Naviyd, 6 months. And the insider says that it’s more than just talk — the divorce papers were filed in Atlanta this morning. READ MORE...

Above photos: Getty Images and INF Photo

Usher tooled around L.A. in his brand new black Ferrari while his wife sat on Twitter fabricating lies about their relationship

Photo: Splash News Online

  • Liyah74

    Yup, I knew there marriage would not last more than 2 years. That's call Karma for all the dirt she did to get Usher. It will be interesting what hell she will put him through before she becomes his ex. I know her ex-husband laughing at her dump ass.

  • h0tsauce

    I'm just laughing (and smh) at all the people (who post on this site) that were trying to justify how Usher and his wife still had a good relationoship even though they weren't seen in public together and then sayin because Usher was strolling around town on his own didn't mean him and Tameka were having problems....I see those are probably the people getting played by their spouse as Tameka (probably) was/is!!!!

  • Alana

    Only 50% of marriages last. I would figure that only 15% of Hollywood marriages work. Usher wants to sell records, which is a little harder to do when you wear a ring on your finger. Well, hopefully she really does get to keep the house. I also feel its safe to say that Usher will NEVER remarry and that he will probably be going back to the usual LSLH girls.

  • ELove

    Ms. Sandra (LMAO in Tears...)
    YOU R SO WRONG with the pics you are using LOL LOL
    The Fist-PUMP of excitement & the LAMBO w/ Usher driving

  • Daisy

    Ryan on V103 said this story is not true ajc paper checked the court records no divorce on file the saga continues

  • Sandra Rose

    Daisy Says:

    Ryan on V103 said this story is not true ajc paper checked the court records no divorce on file the saga continues


    If the divorce papers were filed this morning, would they be in public record already? I don't think so. So we'll have to wait and see. :)

  • spongebobfan

    im with sandra on that!

  • Daisy

    They called the clerk she said usher did not file any papers this am

  • Shauny

    Usher needs to release a statement then. I bet he wont because he's too busy enjoying this.

  • iscream

    Well if the papers were filed this morning & not available to the public. How did the story get out. If someone is spilling the beans I would think that they should provide some type of proof. When Kelis filed for divorce they had a motion to go with it.

    Not that I'm doubting you Sandra I'm just saying. Why is everybody runing with a story with no hard proof?

    Don't worry if/when Bey and Jay file I'll make sure to email you proof. My courts cover divorces for Scarsdale. (Damn did I just incriminate myself?)

  • ELove


  • Bird

    While it is pretty obvious that he has not filed if they have actually broken up Usher may want to consider becoming a single parent like Busta rather than trying to live seperately while remaining married. The longer he is married to Tameka the more she will get in alimony. Wasn't it reported he didn't have the common sense to get a prenup? As long as she has those children he's going to have to break her off something proper. Then again, maybe he needs to come out the pocket. The fact remains that he is a homewrecker who carelessly stole Tameka from her husband and children.

  • Liyah74

    It must sucks to be Tameka Raymond, knowing people really do not like you and can't stand you. She brought this upon herself and now she has to deal with it. If Usher hasn't file for divorce, he will soon be. You man can't even stand to be in the same state with you. SMDH

  • iscream

    Can someone copy & paste tameeka tweets. Sandra how do you know what she is tweeting, I thought she banned you? Again, you are keeping the goods from us non tweeter. Sweeters, is what I call us.

    Usher dated LSLH women? Chilli? No Tameeka? Hell No. Puffy? Double wood No.

    @ Shauny
    You know he aint releasing no statement this is the most publicity he had since he stopped the first wedding. This is his confessions part 3.

  • Daisy

    I never dogged Tameka Usher can marry whoever he wanted to

    I still wish them the best

  • anti-PC

    That's sad to hear.

    I wonder what Usher's mother is doing?? Serving up a hot, steaming dish of 'I told you so'?? She was the one that didn't approve of the relationship in the first place.

    Still, I hate to see marriages break up.

    But then again, didn't Tameka leave her other husband for Usher....hmmmmmmmm

  • ChokLitFactory

    I read most of SR tweets to that poor Tameka...I couldn't stop laughing for a good 5 SLAUGHTERED her!

    I for one, did not know Tameka just delivered another Child, thats crazy!! How many she got all together now?? If they lived apart, why is she getting knocked up again?

    SMH @ people who think a baby will save your relationship...Dare I say it, I feel kinda bad for Tameka :*(

  • ELove

    I hate Non-Sacred & Non-Love Inspired Marriages even More

  • Krysi J

    SMH @ people who think a baby will save your relationship…Dare I say it, I feel kinda bad for Tameka :*(

    I know that I don't know what the hell Im tom bout and all...but was I the only one who noticed that the distance began after her second pregnancy. I wonder if Usher was ready to drop 2 kids back to back like that...He probably saw Tameaka for the possible GOLD DIGGER she was??

  • KaraZ

    Why does Usher like older and married (or otherwise involved) women? He's going to get worms!

  • Daisy

    Why is the damn power at the salon I rarely come to the salon but the few times I do its ALWAYS something UGGHHH does the toilet still work when the power is off I have to potty shoot lol


    if you havent seen the papers dont report about what everyone is reporting about. get the facts right first cause for all we know.... no papers are filed to we see them.


    i hope she doesnt try to get all his money

  • Krysi J

    the toilet still work when the power is off I have to potty shoot lol

    yea it should still work as long as they paid the water bill...LOL!

  • Daisy

    Krysi we had a real bad storm that knocked the power off but the power came back on now so I can potty n the light lol

  • pointhimout

    im not believing he didn't have a prenup. mom manager wouldn't dare let it go down like that. he can't be that crazy. dude worth like $20-30M. he can't possibly not have a prenup with someone who has absolutely nothing. if so, shame on him. the only reason she left her husband was because usher's rich. that's it. she had a family with her husband and they both had flourishing careers. y give that up? money.

    all those nights usher griped about what wasn't right tween he and chilli, she swooped right in. even that wasn't the case, being his stylist and dressing/undressing him for shows and shyt. you know she was feelin him up (ok, i woulda been, but lets stay focused) and being slutacious and ish. the saga continues.

    i'm waiting to hear what the experts 'think' she can get out of this business venture of two years.