Director Tyler Perry’s movies are steeped in the gay culture. From the music to the down low men, it’s all there on the screen. Most of Tyler’s fans are unaware of the down low/gay theme that runs through his movies because most of you are in relationships with down low men and you don’t even know it. The tire tracks in your man’s drawls don’t even raise a red flag. You miss the clues every time.

A loyal reader wrote:

Is it me or do all Tyler Perry movies feature the same women in drunk, abusive, or unhealthy relationships who find a cute homo-erotic looking man, usually played by Hollywood’s elite suspect brothas, and get saved by going to church and finding Jesus at the end? Oh yea, and throw in his drag alter ego Madea and some other negrodian “funny” characters and you have a script for the next Tyler Perry movie in a theatre near you. That must be the formula because thats the ONLY thing I ever see with his movies and this new one is no different.

Is he real? I’m not mad at him making that money but the funny thing is people buy into this crap. My question now is why Taraji? why girl? You fought so hard to get White Hollywood to respect you and even nominate you for an Oscar and you sink to this? I’m so disappointed in her for this I don’t think she can ever revive her career in White Hollywood again after appearing in a Tyler Perry movie. It’s back to Babyboy part 2 and Shawnequa and Rayray straight to DVD movies for her acting career after this movie. Think I’m playing? look at Vivica Fox’s acting career these past couple of years. Jennifer Hudson and Halle Berry knew better lol. Oh and Brian White and Adam Rodriguez *lips perched eyes?low just like Wendy* How U Doin? Awrrrriiiight!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nina

    Are tire tracks…doo doo stains?

  • Nina

    If so…thats a flag for me and very nasty.

  • scorpio

    Wow! The negativity is permiating.

  • Daisy

    :popcorn: So over ppl painting with such a broad brush!

    Kathy Bates and Alfre Woodard

    If you don’t like it then don’t go to the movies :shrug:

  • brenden

    Oh Sandy you got it all wrong. Tire tracks in a mans drawls just means that he don’t wipe properly,,,,Who knows maybe he got arthritis or sumthin,,,whats the big deal? that’s why they make tide with bleach! Its when you find the dookey stains in the front of his drawls that its time to worry.heehee Unless of course youre the freak whos been lettin him ride that hershey

  • aqtpie

    finding Jesus at the end?
    Find Jesus? Jesus was never lost!!! I like Tyler Perry movies, my sister doesn’t. So guess what she does not watch them and I do!

  • brenden

    Too bad the loyal reader didn’t know that this movie had completed filming long b4 Taraji was even nominated for an oscar.lololol. As if she was supposed to know? How could she have known? Ms cleo been outta service since the 90’s.heehee

  • eastpointvet

    sounds like what tyler perry was talking about in black in america part 2

  • iscream

    Well I know my S/O refuses to go see Tyler Perry movies with me. He says he doesn’t like the way Tyler is always painting professional men (white collar) in a bad light. :shrugs: who knows. He has octopus hands and there aren’t many movies we can sit thru anyways.

    Let me go back and read this letter. It looks like somebody may have tried to be funny.


    im sorry my Gaydar just doesn’t go off while looking at Adam Rodriguez…

  • Daisy

    @east I saw that as well. I will say this I have always felt that Tyler needs to listen to the crtics a little more. I support his movies and I hope they keep improving and his storylines/plot grow and develop over the years cause they do seem to have the same flow/tone. Now as far as his tv shows go they are beyond WACK IMO so therefore I do not watch.

    @Ice The Prof. men in Why did I get Married were not painted in a bad light please let your s/o

    I can’t wait for Why Did I Get Married Part II!

  • iscream

    I think he saw it Daisy. But wasn’t the Jill scott new love a blue collar worker?

    & I agree with you about Tyler Movies having the same story line. & the TV show is beyond wack with all that cooning going on.

    LMAO @ Brenden so true. & I guess Tarajii should wait another 3 to 10 years before Hollywood decides to put her in another film. I guess she can continue to fed her son on a hope and a prayer.

    Halle won that Oscar and the critics have eaten her alive since.

    Jennifer IMO just lucked up getting a singing role about an artist overweight who could blow but gets overshadowed by a skinny less talented singer…. yeah that role was a stretch for her.

    Vivica played in a Tyler Perry movie? I thought she got caught up in the 50 curse.

  • pointhimout

    well ive been saying for the longest i’m not a tyler fan. i commend his success, but the formula has been exposed. trust me, you will never catch will smith in a tyler perry movie. when he goes off and direct or produce someone elses script that’s not along the same 3 dimensions as his, and it goes over well, I’ll bow down.

    Notice how Tyler only hires pretty guys or pseudo attractive men? Rockmond Dunbar was a surprise. Dont get me wrong; he’s fine as hell, though I’m still disappointed he ddnt even kiss his lover in his gay role in “dirty laundry.”

    I read movie critic reviews where they all say the same thing. I guess Tyler’s saying if it aint broke, dont fix it–all to the tune of 80+million a year, yet we’re not progressing with any of his projects.

  • pointhimout

    now that I’ve watched the clip, I still feel the same. But I do wanna know why Adam’s accent is so heavy. On CSI, it’s almost non-existent. I guess. I wont be seeing it. I gotta stick to the formula.

    #7 I agree. this movie was already in the works when Taraji was nominated. I guess it’s hard to stay away from TP when you[‘re gettin ur quote or you continue to work. Sandra, who’s Brian White’s boyfriend? I’m sure you know.

  • Zuley

    I heard about the casting for TP movies and how most of the male actors get picked this should NOT be a mystery. There is a reason why he wants TOTAL control over his movies. Walk on a Tyler Perry set and see for yourself any of you living in ATL. I have a friend in LA who has done a Tyler Perry play and he said all them have to sign some confidetiality contract and he himself out of his own mouth complained about all the down low gay ish going on behind closed doors. So I don’t doubt it for one bit if he said it because I asked him why he isn’t doing any of the movies or tv shows and that was the reason.

  • Anna

    Too bad I just now figured out what s/o is. LOL. Tyler is laughing all the way to the bank. He knows times are hard and ppl want to see a “feel good movie”. (That’s why he keeps making the same kind of movies). His movies make more money opening day than some can make in a 3 day weekend. If he is gay who cares. If he knowingly hires gay actors, so what. You gotta love and respect his hustle. He is truly a “rags to riches”, only in America.
    I do have to agree with his television show, it’s more than “Wack”. You can easily see that the actors are use to doing plays, for one they talk loud. LOL.

  • Daisy

    Zuley glad to see you are alive and well

    @Ice Luck/blessings have helped J Hud BUT she has TALENT as well when it comes to acting IMO

  • Krysi J

    eh?…… I have no comment, Im still a little scarred from the whole Terrell Carter thing. SMH…


    no comment. :shock:

  • leat

    OMG what the hell is this post talking about. call me slow, i didnt see nothing about Down low! if jamie can do Skank robbers @ BET awards, Taraji will be OK! people lover her. the movie looks good! Brian White shouldnt have cut his hair off!

  • The Divine Ms. K

    Who cares if TP is gay?
    Who cares if he hires dl or gay people in his movies?

    I mean, what does that have to do with someone who was abused as a child and grew up to be the ONLY black person who owns and runs their own studio??

    If you don’t like his work – don’t watch it. Simple enough. But, for what he has done and accomplished in this lifetime as a black man – how can you knock it? Nowhere does it say that he has to “up his game” and “do more” to appease those who don’t like his films. You don’t like it – DO BETTER yourself.

    Sorry for the late rant, but if a brother is doing his thing, I’m not going to knock it. Brothers get it enough, especially on SR. According to this, every woman on here in a relationship is with a closeted homosexual and sorry – it gets old.

  • Daisy

    I don’t think because ppl want to see Tyler take it to the next level that’s knocking him but I cld be wrong. I give him props for all that he has accomplished and I support his movies but there is always room for improvements IMO

  • Shauny

    Amen #20. I absolutely agree

  • Hermosa

    Good to see he is starting to have Latino actors in his movies. Aint nothin like spreadin the love to all minorities. And my my my….Adam Rodriguez…I havent seen you look so good in forever. I think I just might go see this one bc of you.

    LOL Cutie…!

  • intensemocha

    if people don’t like his movies-simply don’t watch them

    I enjoy his movies because they are hilarious but typically have a very good message.

  • ChokLitFactory

    @eastpointvet exactly. People need to stop with the hate. Find something better to do with yourself. First off, this will be the second TP movie Taraji has appeared in. Secondly, it worked for Angela Bassett, Cicely Tyson, Janet Jackson, Sanaa Lathan etc etc. So far their careers have not been vanquished.
    I don’t have a down-low man, nor do I live in Atlanta, nor will I have a down-low man (God-willing). And last time I checked, Boris Kodjoe isn’t gay.
    That is all.