Police have found the baby girl who was cut from her mother's womb. The baby is alive and being treated at a local hospital. New Hampshire police arrested a woman and her male companion late yesterday after receiving tips from the couple's friends.

The woman had pretended to be pregnant for months. But friends alerted the police after hearing about the murder of Darlene Haynes, 23, and noting that the suspect came home too early after giving birth. Haynes' body was found beaten and mutilated in a bedroom closet in her Worcester apartment on Monday.

Pregnant women at or near the end of their term (third trimester) are advised not to tell strangers (or friends for that matter) the gestational age of their fetus.

  • Daisy

    Morning Fam! Hey KC!

    Praise GOD that the baby was found alive!

    I wonder how mentally challenged the victim was.

  • shunda

    Good Morning! That is so scary. I remember when I was pregnant with my son this lady followed me around the hair store asking when I was due. She claimed she sold Mary Kay and I was dumb enough to give her my address. Luckily I told my mom about her because she came banging on my door and when I didn't answer she got really loud and weird. People are creazy out her

  • kcicero

    Hey Daisy!!!! Morning all! I've been doing well! Most of the symptoms have subsided and I'm actually looking forward to my little girl in December :-) She's already 14 oz...on track to be a really big baby!

    I am sooo happy they found the baby as well!! I hope that there was no permanent damage done to it. I'm also glad the boyfriend didn't have anything to do with it...well at least at this point he didn't. He wasn't looking to good there...

  • Daisy

    Hey Shunda and you are right ppl are crazy.

    KC I am glad to know that you and your baby are doing ok. You got MIA and somebody asked where you were.

    Another thing to worry about when I get prg. always something.

  • http://twitter.com/LaydeeJustice LadyJustice


    the woman they arrested was her friend right? thats what it said on another site i read. this type of stuff makes me sad :(

  • shunda

    Yes it was her friend. Things like this are why I believe in the quality over quantity of friendship. That poor baby is in my prayers.

  • kcicero

    I know between going back for the M.A., pregnancy, and working forty hours for the first time in three years (especially) becuz the schedule is crazy i have little time for SR...but I'm always reading after everyone else has logged off for the day. You guys have really been cutting up lately! I see you Charles & Krisi, :lol: !

  • Daisy

    @KC I have class tonight and mid terms next week so I feel your school pain. Well I will have to shout you out next time you get MIA since you lurk in the background..lol

  • ELove

    I'm sorry but am I missing something...
    So FRIENDS murder you and RIP your child from Your Womb ???
    THAT is a friend that I ABSOLUTELY don't NEED or WANT !!!

  • kcicero

    lol yes Daisy, send a wave my way every now and again!! :( Good luck on midterms!

  • iscream

    HEY KC (waving madly) :hug: I was asking about you last week. So happy to hear everything is going well. You can't be going MIA like that.. Had me worried, Lol.


    What a horrible story but so happy the baby is alive. Hope she makes it thru. I pray that these people get exactly what they deserve. The bytch is going to get hers good once she gets behind bars.

    The messed up thing is there are THOUSANDS of unwanted babies out here to be adopted and/or needing a home. Why kill a woman for her unborn child. & who in their right mind has the stomache or expertise to cut a baby out of a womb.

  • leat

    DAMN thats some Lifetime Movie ish right there!!! Thank GOD the baby is ok!!!

  • browni007

    After they are both incarcerated they should SEEK HELP!

  • missmiami

    Thank goodness! They need to burn in hell.

  • miamore73

    Well I'm very happy the baby is fine.

    Even though Sandra said not to mention the gestational age of your baby it wouldn't have mattered in this case. They took the baby to early. That's what tipped off they're friends. If you have a premie it isn't coming home after the usual 2 days or so they typically keep you in the hospital.

    I'm so sorry such a young girl had to go through that. You have to be completely crazy to inflict that kind of pain on another human being.

  • http://www.twitter.com/t3pps Mika

    it never fails to amaze me that people can fake a pregnancy for 9 months & no one catch on because they're smart enough to sell that lie. but then be dumb enough to show up with a kid right around someone gets killed & is missing a fetus and think people wont connect the dots.