It's hard being a Kool Aid sipping Barack Hussein Obama cheerleader these days.

Since February, BHO's ratings have slid sharply -- dropping 12 percentage points -- since Americans figured out that he is nothing but a jive talking snake oil salesman.

Tonight, Obama faces the toughest challenge of his 7-month presidency when he goes before the nation to push his lame duck health care reform bill that nobody wants.

Obama, a true narcissist in every sense of the word, has effectively shielded himself against the naysayers who predict his health care reform bull will not pass.

Obama is even ignoring members of his own Democratic party who oppose the bill because he thinks he is The One.

The public attitude toward Messiah Obama and Congress is reflected in the major polls which show that Americans disapprove of the way he is handling the economy.

Americans are tired of Obama ramming costly bills through Congress without bothering to read them first. They are also wary of Obama's empty promises and his outright lies.

Unemployment within the black community is at an all-time high. Obama's Porkulus spending bill didn't put a dent in the unemployment numbers nationally as he promised it would. In fact the numbers are fast approaching double digits for the first time in 3 decades!

Yet Obama wants members of the House to vote on a health care reform bill in 2 weeks that will certainly result in even more job losses.

Enough is enough!

  • attorneymom

    Keep his azz in America and that should help his ratings. : - )

  • anti-PC

    This post is on POINT Auntie!

    'Americans are tired of Obama ramming costly bills through Congress without bothering to read them first.' That is what bothers me about this unqualified President most of all. Senator DeMint was on the TODAY show this morning and he showed Matt Lauer the health care Bill Obama wants on his desk to sign by August. That thing looked like an original copy of 'War and Peace.' Yet Obama uses Bush-era scare tactics to get everyone to sign this bill without giving anyone a chance to go through it sufficiently.

    Obama just wants this pushed through now because he knows next year Republicans will once again take over the House and Senate and his spend-crazy, foolish ideas won't even see the light of day.

    What an AWFUL President we have now. And we thought Bush was bad.....

  • KaraZ

    Obama's presidency is just 6 months old... anything else in your post that is somewhat incorrect?

    btw: I'm not an Obama fan, never have been I just prefer complete truth at all times. Obama is not Jesus, neither is he Allah or a leprechaun or genie; anyone expecting their life to go back to how it was in 1999 automatically shows that they clearly don't think straight.

  • Daisy

    Unemployment within the black community is at an all-time high

    That has ALWAYS been the case! When america has a COLD black folks have the FLU!

  • spongebobfan

    enough is enough?? do you know how politics work? we are 'stuck' with him at min of 4 years...unless something happens and... *gulp* Biden is in charge....which makes these post pointless

  • LadyJustice

    how do they do these ratings anyway? hmmmm

  • PAHairston

    Hello All. For Christ sake, give the man a chance. Hell, we gave Bush 8 yrs and look what he did, he f*u*c*k*e*d up royally, and now we all paying the price. As for the black unemployment rate, it's been high since they been keeping track. Like I said, give Obama a chance. Peace.

  • Kat

    *sigh* :yawn: