• starr

    The interview he gave to matt lauer..made me tear up

  • Anna

    I know Star. It's like I could feel his pain.
    I see Larry King in the last pic. I wonder if he will be on the show tonight?

  • Krysi J

    Damn Jermaine, I ain never seen him dressed like that, he looks nice. Gucci down I see....ok ok ok I see you. That dress is cute too , Mrs. Wifey

  • Daisy

    Krysi- Jermaine said he still got it lol don't be mad

    If I can ever be freed from this damn hair dryer I will watch the interview tonight while I pack for new orleans Maxy I'm coming baby lol

  • Kymystry

    Krysi beat me to that Gravi ... lol :laugh:

  • http://myspace.com/rayne215 spongebobfan

    ok JJ...Gucci down to your socks... is that a louis pouch tho? I even love the mrs sun dress.... but JJ btw you and me, its 2009...cut that shit off your head bruh...

    i wonder how they feel with all the paps now(again)

  • http://myspace.com/erikamagaly Hermosa

    if elvis is buried at grace land, why cant Mike be buried at neverland?

  • Anti-believer

    if elvis is buried at grace land, why cant Mike be buried at neverland?

    From the local LA news this morning...

    A part of the land in Neverland has to be claimed by a church to have him buried there. Otherwised it is illegal to buried people on private land.

    but also found this...

    Bob Achermann, the executive director of the California Funeral Directors Association has told Suite101 that in California, unless they are cremated, human remains can only be buried in a licensed cemetery.

    Michael Jackson’s family had wanted Jackson to be buried at Neverland, and according to the LA Times, a source close to the situation says Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger had agreed to help clear any state bureaucratic hurdles.

    However plans to bury Jackson at the 2,500-acre estate in the hills of Santa Barbara County had to be abandoned after officials failed to find a way around legal restrictions around burials at private residences.

  • Daisy

    @Hermosa CA law says you must be buried in a cemetary(sp) per Jermaine on larry king. He went on to say that the same ppl who make the law can change it as well.

  • speaking da truth

    Minus the "Ken doll" hair he looks good :-)

  • SunnyPA

    Where's Jackie?!?!? That's who I want to see.

  • SunnyPA

    Ken Doll hair ... ROFL

  • iscream

    Thanks to CNN and Lary King for doing the special. I hope the positive press is just the begining of many to follow.

    They are going to have many services around the world. I think that's what he said. Neverland must be beautiful as heck if Larry King was impressed like that.

  • Anna

    iscream Says:

    Thanks to CNN and Lary King for doing the special. I hope the positive press is just the begining of many to follow.
    Hubby and I just watched "Larry King". Nice interview. And such a beautiful view of "Neverland". I had never seen all that before. Part two is tomorrow night. I can't wait. I love Larry and his fairness in interviews. My daughter loves Larry because her wears suspenders. We have watched Larry every night like "clock work" My daughter gets to see old video on many stations of Mike with "suspenders". I grew up on "The Jacksons" music and my kids benefit from it. Music to me has no color but ralp will always be crap to me.

  • Daisy

    Yes that was a nice interview and Larry King was def. impressed with Never Never land..lol

    Ice I am so glad you got your positive story tonight.

  • Anna

    You all know what I was trying to type.
    He not her and rap not ralp. Micheal was much more than we thought the was. I love to see the "positive" side. I will now use my tears for joy and not my own pain. No onw will ever come close to what he has accomplished.

  • Charles

    Hey krysi

    What's your twitter ?? Id love to have a conversation with you not on this blog =)

    You too coretained and iscream

    Im @cbann88 =)

  • masonmom

    omg charles..a 3some..the looooove boat

  • ELove

    WWWhhhyyyy Doonnnn'ttt Theeeeyyyy ...
    Do what they do When they did what they did (To MEEeeee)
    OOhhhhhhh, OOHH, Oh-Oh (Strumming guitar)

  • kcicero

    Darn, I missed the interview but I know they'll replay it again after or before the second part airs. You can tell Jermaine really loved his brother. I just wish they were able to help him more while he was alive but you can't help those who don't want to be helped.

    I hope that they are able to make an exception for Michael to be buried at Neverland, if it was any major YT star those residents would be jumping at the chance.

    California's in debt they need all the revenue they can get!

  • Daisy

    @elove I :heart: u I JAMMED to that song last night after that interview lol

  • diamonique70

    what in God's name does he have in his hair? is that shoe polish?