Those of you who get your news from conventional sources (rather than the blogs) already know about the brewing scandal surrounding ESPN and one of its reporters.

According to online reports, ESPN’s Erin Andrews, a wildly popular, curvaceous, flaxen haired reporter was filmed surreptitiously through holes drilled into the walls of at least two hotel rooms.

The pervert posted footage of Andrews beautifying herself and stepping out of the shower, etc., on YouTube. believes the culprit is a member of ESPN’s own production crew who was familiar with Erin’s travel itinerary.

In all, there are said to be 6 videos filmed of Erin in different hotel rooms around the country. The police are actively investigating the case.

This puts ESPN in a very bad position. And as you can imagine, the sports network doesn’t wish to draw anymore attention to the entire sordid affair as it relentlessly hunts down the sicko, while pretending not to know he’s one of their own.

So when the NY Post ran 3 images taken from one of the grainy videos in its paper yesterday, ESPN’s top brass took immediate action.

According to the AJC, ESPN banned all NY Post reporters from appearing as guests on its network. ESPN regularly uses Post reporters as guests to provide sports analysis on its shows.

“While we understand the Post’s decision to cover this as a news story, their running photos obtained in such a fashion went well beyond the boundaries of common decency in the interest of sensationalism,” said ESPN senior vice president of communications Chris LaPlaca in a statement released Wednesday night.

Click the link to see what all the hoopla is about (NSFW)

  • emily_merlin

    I do not know why but something about this whole incident screams publicity stunt!

  • eastpointvet

    if you gonna be a stan at least get a better camera

  • iscream

    Yeah well I hate the NY Post.

    They once published a cop carrying the dead body of a lil girl with her bottom exposed.

    Another time a man got killed at the Cariibian day Parade. The published that brain everywhere.

    So this lily flower picture being run is nothing. These are the same people who published Obama as a monkey.

  • Krysi J

    OH oK, talk about a white woman you get banned, comparing Obama to a fukking monkey, you get more readers…

    I see what it iz America…

  • Anna

    1emily_merlin Says:

    I do not know why but something about this whole incident screams publicity stunt!

    I’m with you. Doesn’t everyone assume they are being watched while in a hotel and who does all that she did in the nude, the maids love to barge in.

  • Smokie

    A lot of us like to walk around in the nude doing various things, especially when we think we’re alone… I’ve never thought I was being watched in a hotel room. A motel room, maybe, but not a hotel room.

    I think they infriged on her privacy without her knowing.