Every now and then my loyal readers email me inquiring about where R&B Diva Monica purchases her vintage Porsche, Gucci and Burberry stunna shades.

In the past, I couldn't answer that question since Mo was so busy putting the finishing touches on her album. But yesterday, while out & about, I ambled into the ultra trendy Moda404 Men's Boutique on Pharr Road in Buckhead and ran into co-owner Kwessi (pictured above with Monica) who informed me that regular customers Monica, Devyne Stephens and Usher often cop their vintage shades at his boutique.

As a matter of fact, Monica recently visited Moda404 and snapped up the last pair of off-white vintage Burberry hater blocker shades that I wanted.

The prices range from $250-$1000 for these one-of-a-kind shades that are purchased in Italy and other far flung places around the world.

If you own a pair of vintage shades from Moda404, you are guaranteed not to see anyone else in the Atlanta wearing them!

Moda404 Men's Boutique is located at 254 Pharr Road, below the Eclipse condos in Buckhead. Store hours are Mon-Sat: 12pm to 10pm or Sunday by appointment only. Call (404) 869-3398 for more info.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertisement, nor did I receive compensation in the form of merchandise. I'm doing this for the love because me and Kwessi go way back!

  • http://myspace.com/rayne215 spongebobfan

    Ive been waiting all day for this? lol


  • Anna

    1spongebobfan Says:

    Ive been waiting all day for this? lol


    Me too! Clapping hands together. We finally get a new post and it's about Monica's shades.

  • Charles

    R&b nobody and flop the nmost irrelevant girl in the game since 2000. Monica can't even get buzz for a album her single on the radio can't crack the hot 100 which she is a feature her kool aid wig is a mess,

    If I was her id work on investing what little money she and rocko makes, and taking night classes or go to school fulltime

    But that's just me, most black people probably don't even know what a degree or credit score is...

  • http://twitter.com/LaydeeJustice LadyJustice

    lol @ sponge :rofl:

    welcome back sandra!!!

    monica is sooo pretty

  • Daisy

    Chilli is boring on V103 :yawn:

    I don't like those shades but I :heart: Monica!

  • Shalala26

    @charles... u can be so lame at times!! sandra where have u been?? u got some explaining to do!!

  • iscream

    @ Sandra

    The dead has arisen.

    @ Topic


    @ Monica

    Drop a great album and shut these haters up. @ least you have a label to flop on. (Not that I want you to flop. Just stick to the formula of the 1st two albums. I need some real R&B in my life. Some bone chilling notes.)

  • mizzdallas

    well welcome back sandra....

    anyways, those shades are nice!


    what is chilli talking about? I hope not those thrift store bags she was trying to sell a couple of years back...

  • Daisy

    @Ice NB has a new song posted by Mo posted today.

  • http://myspace.com/rayne215 spongebobfan

    But that’s just me, most black people probably don’t even know what a degree or credit score is…

    "Most black people"?????
    thats the issue....why are black people ALWAYS pigeonholed and sterotyped?!? SMH..if you not part of the solution you are part of the problem chuck

  • Daisy

    @Mizz she is talking about her D Blanks photo shoot. She is boring I am about to put on a cd!

  • LovelyLady

    Ummmmmm Hmmmmmmmm..where u been Sandra????

  • Daisy

    @lovely you had me laughing as usual on that other site..lol

    Chilli needs to be talking about Frankie trying to fight/push her a few weeks back but she hasn't thus far

  • iscream

    Chilli looks boring. That same hair style from 20 years ago. I mean really color it, cut it. Wig it or weave it. Whatever you do stop with the baby hair. In the words of Tracey Morgan in First Sunday

    "You know its called baby hair because its for babies."

  • http://myspace.com/rayne215 spongebobfan

    chilli was boring in TLC only time i was checking for her is when she was with usher... she has a album coming out or something? why she on radio anyway?

  • mizzdallas

    I wonder how come she wont talk about frankie getting all up in her face?

    And why would a person need to go on the radio show to talk about there Derek Blanks photoshop I swear atl let anybody come on the radio to talk about nada

  • coaretained

    effin :yawn: love monica but could do w/o this post

  • luvly1957

    Dang Charles that's harsh. Monica is still bangin after all these yrs. She stole the song her and Key Coles have out and @ the BET awards she was da best!!

  • Daisy

    Chilli is filling in today for the afternoon guy. She is talking about more than her D Blanks photo shoot. That is what she was talking about when I answered the question. I hate when Ryan is on VAC I have nothing to get me through the afternoon.

  • mizzdallas

    yeah she did steal the spotlight from key-key I like both ladies but key-key will always be a studio singer. jmo

    Anyways Brandy is working on her sixth studio album and this time I hope that she bring the FIRE, her last album was really what she was going through at that time. But this time around I want that old feeling back from her. Nevertheless I still will support her...

  • PAHairston

    Hello All. It's after 3 and this is the second post for the day? Sandra must be busy gettin' her freak on! (Ain't nothin' wrong with that, day or night.)

    As for Charles saying "most black folks don't even know what a degree or credit score is", please speak for yourself. (Last time I checked my score is 760 and I earned my degree in Social Work over 30 yrs ago.) And what about your grammar: If I was her? It should read: If I were her. I'm just saying...............Peace

    Be not easily offended so you won't slow your flow of joy.

  • Daisy

    @Mizz I wish Brandy the best this go round cause Lord knows she needs it.

  • http://twitter.com/LaydeeJustice LadyJustice

    monicas last cd got slept on she had some good tracks on there. getaway, why her, hell no. still nothing like her second cd "the boy is mine"

    I really dont like that song i just heard on NB site though. /sigh good luck mo

  • iscream

    Imo Brandy 1st CD was okay. 2nd CD Fire after that she lost her flare. I don't know if it was the baby or that she needed to use a different producer than Rodney Jerkins but I lost her after 2nd CD (which I love).

    Darn shame Sandra. We waited all day for a post just to still go :offtopic:

  • Krysi J

    Yeah I definitely agree with number 1

  • anti-PC

    Auntie! Glad you're alive.

    This post, not so much....

  • http://twitter.com/LaydeeJustice LadyJustice

    i was listening to brandy's "never say never" today. that is by far her best. i have her other cd but they didnt stick out like "never say never" afrodiasic wasnt too bad though. i love brandy and monica :heart: i miss those days of r & b

  • LovelyLady

    @ DAISY



  • anti-PC

    Charles you are nuts if you prefer Brandy's generic, questionable at best, totally lacking at worst talent over a powerhouse like Monica.

    Monica is one of those rare people in the industry these days with actual TALENT. She could sing about chicken wings and rusted toenails and she would have me speaking in tongues!!

    I like Brandy and all but c'mon. Be serious.

  • Daisy

    Lovely that is not me I am not daisy on nb lol somebody beat me to that name yes I am a Rihanna stan though lol

  • LovelyLady

    @ Daisy oh lol my bad

    whats ur name

    *just whisper* lol

  • masonmom

    please..i can cop those same "vintage" shades at the flea market in bmore or new york for $20!

  • mizzdallas


    aint nothing lackable about brandy, please utube her live performance chick has mad vocal ranges just like monica they both are the same but with different styles of singing which I can appreciate that. :)

  • Black Bauer

    Didnt Rick Ross get called out for some s#!t like this..........

  • Charles

    Please yall know most black people don't know what a credit score is and if u don't realize this u are ignorant!

    Monica is a hoodrat who sings hoodrat songs about hoodrat topics, dresses like a hoodrat talks like a hoodrat and attracts hoodrat fans who pirate and bootleg her albums

    Monica has the same tired way of singing no versatility and is a flop

    25 mill >>> 8 mill

  • dallas214

    Charles take yo TIRED a$$ on somewhere! Mo is relevant for you to hop ya happy ass in this thread and comment on her! YES MO! They say u aint made it unless they talkin bout ya! And u got one ole tired hatin bit%! in this thread raising ya approval rating!!!

  • keely107

    LMAO!!!! Got love for Mo, but aint nobody hardly checkin for where she buys her shades!SMDH!

  • KaraZ

    I agree keely, I don't know that people are checking for Monica's miscellaneous style.. The only thing that she seems to understand about her style is her hair cut, rarely the color.


    I could careless about her shades, can we get an album already!

  • http://charactercorner.blogspot.com attorneymom


  • http://myspace.com/katgirl33 katgirl33

    I see you took a day off Auntie....to go shopping! LMAO

    Did you buy your nieces and nephews something????

    LOL Good to have you back