The rumor mill is cranking back up again now that the 2nd season of RHOA is right around the corner (actually I'm not sure when it airs).

There is no truth to the rumor that Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter Kandi Burrus ("No Scrubs") gave her fiance Ashley "AJ" Jewel his walking papers after the show's taping wrapped in May.

The couple's wedding is still on. I even hear that Kandi gets along really well with Ashley's six kids and his assorted baby mamas. Do I have to remind you that Kandi didn't buy her engagement ring -- Ashley did?

AJ will be a guest on the 2nd season, as will his kids and a couple of his baby mamas. Is that good enough reason for me to tune in? Um -- Yawn -- no.

  • ELove

    So THAT'S his real name ... Ashley Jewel ???

  • LadyJustice

    wow. sandra did u make his name up??? :rofl:

    6 kids?!?! wooo lawd


    dang! i know she can do better than that!

  • melinla

    Elove you took the words right outta my mouth....he probably got beat up a lot as a kid...Ashley LMAO!

  • mizzdallas

    He look real thuggish, like he would cut somebody....

  • attorneymom


  • kwallace577

    that is why he look like that elove. he got that dayum WISH FACTOR like cedric the entertainer said.

    he is WISHING somebody WOULD say sumthin bout his NAME.

  • Mspeng

    A man with the name Ashley Jewel....ummmmmmmm...ok

  • spongebobfan

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! file this under "Nobody Cares"

  • spongebobfan

    lol he do look like he killed 5 folks for questioning his name


  • attorneymom

    @ spongebobfan, thank you for posting a well wish on my blog. That was touching. Even Sandra posted and told me to keep my azz off the internet for awhile. As you see, I can't. I need a 12-step program for my blog and facebook addiction. LOL


    Sandra stated: "I even hear that Kandi gets along really well with Ashley’s six kids and his assorted baby mamas."

    LOL, y did u have to make this a valid point? Once again, u r so wrong Sandy! :)

  • Mika

    Six kids, assorted baby mommas and his name is Ashley Jewel?
    sounds like a keeper. way to go kandi.

  • musicluvher

    Whatever!! :roll:

  • Kymystry

    what's the smiley for tappin fangas ... or who cares

  • iscream

    Well lets watch the show and see why she is so in love with a man with so much baggae. Everybody has a story and it could be 6 kids two baby momma's. And as long as he is supporting them kids, and Kandi is happy then I don't see the problem.

    When does the show air?

  • Alana

    Ummm...I'm still trying to figure out why she is even on the show since she is obviously the breadwinner in the relationship. Is the heterosexual male pickings THAT slim in Atlanta?!?!?!? He's not even handsome...ughhh.

  • masonmom

    i feel ya iscream...hoooooowever! i aint messin wit no man wit no 6 kids! hellll to the naw. i will definitely tune in becuz im addicted to the housewives lifestyle. REAL HOUSEWIVES OF PG COUNTY, MD coming soon, lol.

  • Daisy

    The show starts next month and I will be front and center as I always say if Kandi likes it I love

  • masonmom

    JULY 30th or the 31st atlanta housewives comes on. i love NJ wives too. they are the realest housewives thus far.

  • pointhimout

    i guess. they're not together anymore. you'll see. it was just for the show. again, you'll see.

  • http://XSCAPESIGHTINGS.COM crystal

    @pointhimout diddo