As most of you know, NFL great Steve McNair lost his life on the 4th of July when his mistress, aka jumpoff, allegedly shot him before turning the gun on herself. He was 37.

The star quarterback played 13 seasons in the NFL with the Tennesse Titans and two years with the Baltimore Ravens before retiring last year.

McNair was found slumped on a sofa in the living room of his rented condo in downtown Nashville, Tennessee. He was shot four times - twice in the head and twice in the chest. His 20-year-old mistress, Sahel Kazemi, was sprawled on the floor a few feet from his body. The murder weapon was found under her.

Kazemi, known to her family and friends as Jenny, had plans to marry the professional ball player whom she had been dating openly for months. He promised her the world. But even though the McNair's $3 million home was up for sale, there is no evidence that a divorce was filed in Nashville, where McNair lived with his wife Mechelle and their four sons.

Americans tend to glamorize professional athletes and place them on a pedestal so high they are virtually out of reach. These athletes can do no wrong in the eyes of their adoring fans who often look the other way when the athlete runs afoul of the law. The rules for professional athletes don't apply to normal folk like you and me.

That is why when an elite athlete of McNair's caliber is toppled from his throne in such a public manner bringing shame and dishonor to his city -- the praise, eulogies and tributes are endless. His football stats are repeated ad nauseam. There's barely any mention of his indiscretions. And no life lessons to be taught to his adoring child fans.

The life of a professional athlete has its upside: the large salaries, the flashy lifestyle, and the women. As I've written so many times in the past, it is extremely difficult for the married baller to turn down the advances of a beautiful Kim Kardashian-type woman.

So many of our women are comfortable in the knowledge that their men would never cheat on them. And so many women are proven wrong.

McNair didn't just cheat, he violated his vows in the most reprehensible way. He showed extremely poor judgment by courting and dating a waitress who wasn't even old enough to drink. There are rumors that he paid the rent on her Nashville apartment and was putting her through medical school.

McNair met the then 19-year-old Kazemi at the Dave & Buster's his family frequented in Nashville. Kazemi exchanged numbers with McNair after serving his wife and children dinner. Family and friends of Kazemi recalled the trips, dinners and expensive gifts he bought her. Before giving her the Escalade, McNair let her have the keys to his Bentley.

Neighbors of Kazemi say they saw McNair at her apartment so often they thought he lived there. For her 20th birthday in May, McNair bought Kazemi a late model Cadillac Escalade. Last Thursday, the police pulled them over in that Escalade. Kazemi had been driving erratically and she reeked of alcohol.

Still, she refused to take a breath test, saying, "I'm not drunk, I'm high." The cop said she was belligerent and running off at the mouth -- spoiled by her rich, famous boyfriend into believing she was as above the law as he was. Kazemi was arrested on the spot for suspicion of DUI.

McNair, the passenger in the Escalade, was allowed to leave the scene in a taxi. Despite the fact that he was legally liable for the underage drunk driver at the wheel. Once again, his celebrity status got him off the hook.

Meanwhile, across town, McNair's wife Mechelle McNair was holed up in their 14,000 sq. ft. mansion with their four sons. Married for 12 years, the couple hadn't spoken to each other in two days. Police say when Mechelle heard the news of her husband's homicide she was "distraught" and "in and out of it."

McNair promised Mechelle the world 12 years ago. He gave her all the material wealth she could ask for. He put her through nursing school and bragged that she had her own career. All the while he cheated on her every chance he got.

All professional athletes wives have stories to tell about the groupies on the road. Many of the wives were once groupies themselves. They know the game well. Some athletes' wives put up with cheating dogs as long as their husbands are discreet and their AMEX black card is not declined at Neiman Marcus.

But even one-time groupies have their limits. When another woman's child is brought into the picture, the NFL ballers and their wives usually agree to an amicable divorce citing irreconcilable differences. The wife gets custody of the kids and all the material possessions they amassed during their marriage. Her life comes full circle as she sets her sights on another baller.

The glamorous life of the NFL baller usually doesn't end this way. At the hands of his immature mistress, who was barely an adult with nothing to lose.

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  • mizzdallas

    Thats sad... But he made his bed and now he have to sleep in it... :(

  • Shalala26


  • spongebobfan

    Shame....smh nothing more to say

  • Shauny

    Sandra cracks me up with all of her "extraness" in her stories. "he promised her the world", "Americans glamorize atheletes and put them on a pedestal and they can do no wrong"<<<<since when? Giving jumpoff 101 lessons SMH

    RIP Steve McNair. You f!cked up and paid for it with your life. It SHOULDN'T take away from the fact that you were one of the best NFL quarterbacks ever.

  • spongebobfan

    i always ha a fantasy of being a ballers girl lol i Served allen iverson in tgifridays but he's a ass and i served andre igodoula....and his pregnant girl, in my resturant days... always the 'entourge' would be getting at me not the actual baller....but dang even if that did happen and they were married i would know my place that rule #1 to being a groupie /mistress..know your place..he not leaving your wife regardless of how many time he say he is in the throes of ecsatsy....

  • Daisy

    That was way to much to read but umm she does NOT look like Kim K at all

    RIP Steve McNair prayers to the family

  • spongebobfan

    yeah Tell Vick..Stallworth...plaxico etc etc etc Americans glamorize atheletes and put them on a pedestal and they can do no wrong........they do wrong but more than anything MONEY talks thats most celbs

    Remember awhile ago wasnt there a football player that killed his pregant jumpoff? than went on the run? i think he played in carolina?

  • Bird

    Despite the fact that he was legally liable for the underage drunk driver at the wheel.

    Now what now? She is not under 18. She is not his daughter. She is not his wife. Now tell me again how he is legally responsible for a grown azz woman?

    And why the heck is this story so damn long?!?! So what, the nigra cheated. That's common place enough that it doesn't require a book to be written about it. You were ok with it when Sara Chapman was doing it. Why you being all hard on these two?

  • LadyJustice

    Shauny Says:
    RIP Steve McNair. You f!cked up and paid for it with your life. It SHOULDN’T take away from the fact that you were one of the best NFL quarterbacks ever.




  • spongebobfan

    anyway i think its more to story im not buying murder sucide......

  • cutiechica

    The "jumpoff" is from Orange Park outside Jax, FL. the comments here's what her sister told the local news station here: "Salmani says her sister told her in a recent phone conversation that McNair was planning to file for a divorce in the next two to three weeks. Salmani says her sister had dated McNair for quite some time.

    Salmani says her sister moved to Tennessee several years ago to "be on her own."

    Here are some of the comments from the local news website: "She's 20, he's 36. She lived in OP until she moved to TN 4 years ago with her then boyfriend. My math says she would have been 16 at that time. What kind of parents let a 16 year old move to TN with a boyfriend"

    "That poor girl gotten too spoil rotten with McNair gifts and attentions. I bet the main thing is she caught that "jungle fever" messing with him.(Remember,he's a big,black physical,healthy dude-6'2",243 lbs.) He was putting something on her behind everyday(LOL!). She probably couldn't imagine being without that anymore so it drove her to kill."

    "Well again, she was a very attractive young lady, these are not her best pics.
    Every report i have read states they were 'dating" including the pictures of Steve and her on a vacation in some beach location where they were double parasailing together. I also have read several statements by someone claiming to be her "ex boy friend" and he sounded pretty jealous and bitter as well, stating that Steve was just playing her a fool and leading her own and she deserved better than that.
    Which leaves me to wonder, it the reason the police have not confirmed her as the shooter is because they ARE still looking with an open mind at other areas, i mean come on GSR tests are usually pretty immediate and at least would give the police a start on if she even FIRED the gun.
    I feel for both families whatever the results may be, and as for judging him for "cheating" on his wife, again, i would not judge until you KNOW the facts, the "vacation" seemed pretty public, as did the purchase of the vehicle and separate condo, you never know what the agreement was with him and his wife."

    There are some additional photos of her on:

  • Bird

    spongebobfan Says:

    Remember awhile ago wasnt there a football player that killed his pregant jumpoff? than went on the run? i think he played in carolina?

    His name escapes me at the moment, but he is in prison and has a few years left on his sentence. The wife of another carolina football player just got out of prison for killing her husband. NC seems to be very lenient with pro sports related killings. No one it getting life.

  • lovezoe

    RIP to the bruh. OO-OOP!

  • Anna

    Now what now? She is not under 18. She is not his daughter. She is not his wife. Now tell me again how he is legally responsible for a grown azz woman?

    She was under age and who would have given her the booze?

  • Daisy

    Ray curuth is his name and that was a friend of mine he killed we went to college together.

  • anti-PC

    My guess is that he was trying to break it off with her and she wasn't having it.

    **OFF TOPIC** Auntie, can you post some pics of MJ from back in the eighties. He was one fine specimen at that time......

    I miss him.

  • spongebobfan

    Ray curuth is his name and that was a friend of mine he killed we went to college together
    that story was so sad....may he rot in hell......

  • Bird


    She was underage to drink, not underage. She is still an adult responsible for her own actions. Why is he responsible?

    Yes Ray Caruth. Thanks Daisy. He only got like 17 years and he has been in there for about 8-9 I guess. With good behavior he'll be out before you know it and still a young man.

  • Charles

    Sandra ijust woke up and am definatley not here for the novels this morning

  • LadyJustice

    anti-PC Says:

    My guess is that he was trying to break it off with her and she wasn’t having it.

    me and my husband both said the same thing. "if i cant have you, no one else can either"

    thanks for this post sandra, this is more info than ive seen on the local news channels.

  • spongebobfan

    17 yrs for a double murder....smh........ if i was the family as soon as he got out i would take him down F*** that stuff like that burns me up......

  • pointhimout

    yeah ray carruth was a conehead clown. as for mcnair, sad story all around. four sons and daddy's gone. i dont wanna believe the murder suicide either, but not forced entry or none of that has been reported. if she aint blast him, someone they knew blasted them both then dipped.

    he 36 and she 20. he's lame for that bs right there.

  • Alana

    Beautiful? She's no where near beautiful. Her nose is crooked as hell...

  • jrzy_girl

    Wow...that was kinda extra dont ya think but I will say I am not surprised to see the LSLH jump-off. Is it confirmed she did it? I thought there was speculation HER boyfriend did it? Sandra chill out until we get the facts. And who is the baby in the pic?

  • spongebobfan

    yeah she looks mad average...but thats not the point She was NEW P**** thats all that matter sometimes

  • daninicole

    Don't feel like scrolling up, but whoever said jumpoffs need to know their place, I cosign 100%. At the same time, if these men wanna have a sidepiece, jumpoff, sideline ho, whatever, they betta start picking chicks who are fine in and with that position. Once she wanna start being the wife, that is when all hell breaks loose!

  • brooklynisis

    Could have been framed to LOOK like a murder "I cant have you noone else will" suicide. They ruled his a homicide instantly but are waiting for her. CSI - ballistic testing etc. It looks that way BUT watching enough CSI and Lifetime it could be something else... The wife, someone hired to make it look like that whatever!

    I wish my husband would... an underage server at Dave and Buster's?!?!?

    BTW - Hey Sorors! Was he a Bruh? Sad sad sad story...

  • Kat

    i can't wait to see the outcome of this story. if it was indeed a murder/suicide...what da hell for? i'm sorry, but it's no d*ck in the world good enuf to make me kill you, and then myself! *smh* :shock:

  • sexyma078

    she seemed a bit obssessed i mean her sister was saying how they were going to get married soon (really)....but like many have said the saddest part is the fact that four boys will grow up fatherless cause chica didnt know her place...I don't condone extramaritial affiars but damn its 2009 how long men been kickin im gonna leave her for you so even if a man says it jumpoffs take it with a grain of salt especially in a case like Mcnairs its cheaper to buy you (the jumpoff) an escalade and rent you an apartment than to pay child support for 4 kids and alamony to an angry ex wife...but with all that said the man was a GREAT football player and that is all I will judge him on the rest is Gods job!!! As far as life lessons I've said it before and I'll say it again LIFE LESSON ARE UP TO PARENTS AUNT UNCLES GRANDMAS ETC TO TEACH MY KIDS ADMIRE SOME ATHLETES BUT HAVE BEEN TAUGHT THEY ARE HUMAN TO JUST CAUSE YOU CAN THROW SHOOT CATCH A BALL DOES MAKE YOU WORTHY OF THE TITLE ROLE MODEL...but i will say STEVE CAME VERY CLOSE!!

  • LadyJustice

    @ 23

    i THINK she did it. the gun was found UNDER her body. she shot him, shot herself and fell on top of the gun.

    i wish i was a police decetive

  • chocolatedrop

    Just don't cheat on your wife!
    Get a divorce for crying out loud.
    Hopefully now all these men who want to have jumpoffs will pause before going any further.
    Jumpoffs are crazy!

  • Anna

    I am not buying the wife did not know he was cheating. If he is not home on a holiday or home at a specific time you know what's up. It has to hurt to learn your husband was killed suspectedly by his 20 yr. old gf.

  • trina@atl

    he was very wrong for dating this chick and then taking his family to the restaurant that she worked at. I really do not feel sorry for him, but I do feel for his kids, b/c now everyone knows that there daddy was messing around on his beautiful black wife for some ugly white or whatever she is slut, and he paid for it with his life. when will these men rich or poor learn to stopping trying to f*ck everything woman that looks their way.

  • hellava10

    This Rambo Jumpoff just changed the world. Sidepieces around the world are turning in condo keys, cars are going back to dealerships, vacations to the islands are being cancelled, dates are set up to renew vows with the wifey, Disneyworld here comes daddy. The unemployment lines just got a little longer this morning – Sandra may need to set up a hotline. 1-800-sidepiece recovery hotline, how may we help you?

  • KaraZ

    The sad thing is that men are still not going to learn from his death; they will still keep messing with these cheap hos and thinking their story will be different. Too bad that some men fail to realize that they'll never be centered and satisfied or reach their fullest potential when they're splitting themselves between multiple women.

    BTW Sandra, the 4 sons are not all Mechelle's, he had two of them with his wife.

  • Lemondrop

    *dead* @ 34

    Her X-boyfriends homeboy, had a message posted on his myspace on 7-2 two days before the murder.

    It said: The caucasion persuaision riden with Keith. F*ck a quarterback. Who is Mcnair in 09? RIP Sahel Kazemi.

    Keith is her X boyfriends name, and Sahel is Mcnairs jumpoff.. someone at another site saw it and reported it and was told they were already looking into it.

    I saw a screen shot of the page, but when I went to go to the actual myspace page it had been deleted... Keith's page was set to private yesterday.

  • kwallace577

    hellava!!!!!! where you BEEN???

    actually it is "rae" and i watched erry single second of that trial. the young lady was named cherica adams. and it came out that charles shackleford a nba player was cheating on HIS wife too during rae's trial. smdh. rae is the one who ran to TN and was pissing in bottles while he hid in the trunk. steve harvey lit into that azz during the kings of comedy show.

    sadly the baby cherica had that ended up being rae's son has ALOT of problems now. he was born with a lot of birth defects that coulda been AVOIDED if his daddy wouldn't have been a coward.

  • intensemocha





  • kwallace577

    is that a black escalade behind mechelle in the pic? or is it a navigator? hmmmmm.

    anywho steve RIP. i hope that it was worth it dawg. he was still one of the greatest to cosign on who said it...

  • kwallace577

    34 is right.

    for a long time steve is gonna be used as the poster boy on what COULD happen to your azz when you cheat. wives gonna be shouting...

    "gone head then. CHEAT. i hope her or her crazy azz ex-boyfriend getcho AZZ!"