You know you're in trouble when members of your own party refuse to go along with you on an important piece of legislation.

Let me rephrase that: you would know unless you were a narcissist like Barack Hussein Obama who doesn't care what anyone thinks of his ridiculous ideas.

At this point, Obama's administration can best be described as a runaway train -- everyone is jumping off.

House Democratic leader Steny Hoyer is open to the idea of leaving without voting on the health care bill before the House breaks for recess on July 31.

Other dems -- along with Republicans in the House and Senate are voicing the same idea. Democrats and Republicans have their own concerns about the proposed new taxes and the cost of the bill adding to the deficit.

Dems are concerned that a proposed tax on employers may end up penalizing the employers without affecting the rising medical costs.

But Obama couldn't care less about any of those concerns. His only concern is socializing medicine and making the citizens of this country dependent on big government like they are in Russia and Germany.

In other words, Obama knows this bill will destroy the economy (and health care as we know it) but he doesn't care. He just wants the House and Senate to 'Get it done' regardless of how adversely it affects the economy or jobs.

North Dakota Democrat Earl Pomeroy said the health care reform bill "will not pass the House floor" as written.

This is shaping up to be the biggest defeat of Obama's presidency.

According to, the Feds have raided the Houston office of the last doctor to see Michael Jackson alive.

It is believed that Dr. Conrad Murray, a cardiologist with offices in Texas and Nevada, unlawfully dispensed and administered the potent sedative Diprivan to Jackson without a license.

Diprivan is used in anesthesia and is rarely administered outside of a hospital setting.

Jackson had reportedly begged doctors over the years to administer Diprivan -- a short-acting sedative -- to put him to sleep. Diprivan was used during his numerous plastic surgeries.

Dr. Murray was with Jackson when he went into respiratory and cardiac arrest on the morning of June 25 in his rented Bel Air mansion.

After speaking with the LAPD on two occasions following Jackson's sudden death, Murray ceased all communications with the police. The LAPD asked the local DEA office to help them serve the sealed warrant on Murray's Houston office today.

Convicted woman beater Chris Brown is back in the studio a couple of days after begging his fans to listen to his music again.

Unlike millions of you, I did not click on the video link to hear what bitch boy had to say to Rihanna or to his fans. I am not one of his fans, and furthermore, who wants to hear a silly bitch whining?

What's clear is that his career is in the toilet and he will never regain the superstar status that he enjoyed before he kicked, punched and bit Rihanna into submission earlier this year.

What his mama didn't teach him about life, he will certainly learn in the coming months.

Chris patting his pocket looking for loose change

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NBA superstar Shaquille O'Neal rushed to his wife Shaunie's hospital bedside after she was involved in a head on collision with another vehicle.

The accident occurred in Orlando, Florida around 6 a.m. yesterday. Shaunie was driving to an airport when a teenager collided into her car at full speed. Shaunie and two others were taken to a hospital where she was treated for minor injuries and released.

Shaunie, took to her Twitter page yesterday to let her followers know she was alright. Sorry, I don't follow her on Twitter so I have no idea what she wrote. But at least we know her fingers are okay.

Photo: Wireimage/Getty

Last night, pop legend Whitney Houston thrilled and regaled the industry elite at a listening party for her sixth studio album "I Look To You." The J/RCA Records listening event at the Allen Room at Jazz at Lincoln Center in NYC was well attended by everyone from Alicia Keys to Martha Stewart. The only one missing was me because a RCA rep repeatedly hung up on me when I requested credentials to cover the event. The rep kept asking who I was as if she'd never heard of me before. That's fine with me since I'm not trying to be famous anyway.

Whitney pretended to be excited to see singer Alicia Keys. We wish we could read her mind to see what she was really thinking.

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It's hard being a Kool Aid sipping Barack Hussein Obama cheerleader these days.

Since February, BHO's ratings have slid sharply -- dropping 12 percentage points -- since Americans figured out that he is nothing but a jive talking snake oil salesman.

Tonight, Obama faces the toughest challenge of his 7-month presidency when he goes before the nation to push his lame duck health care reform bill that nobody wants.

Obama, a true narcissist in every sense of the word, has effectively shielded himself against the naysayers who predict his health care reform bull will not pass.

Obama is even ignoring members of his own Democratic party who oppose the bill because he thinks he is The One.

The public attitude toward Messiah Obama and Congress is reflected in the major polls which show that Americans disapprove of the way he is handling the economy.

Americans are tired of Obama ramming costly bills through Congress without bothering to read them first. They are also wary of Obama's empty promises and his outright lies.

Unemployment within the black community is at an all-time high. Obama's Porkulus spending bill didn't put a dent in the unemployment numbers nationally as he promised it would. In fact the numbers are fast approaching double digits for the first time in 3 decades!

Yet Obama wants members of the House to vote on a health care reform bill in 2 weeks that will certainly result in even more job losses.

Enough is enough!